Simple Meeting?

Through the net, she was sure it was just a simple meet up. To hand me the cash and collect the little toy. How her mind and heart wished it to be different. Or will it be? We met up at United Square after her facial and I was there, sitting and reading a book on my iPod touch. She appeared before me and took a seat.

Her: ‘Nah.’

She reached out her hand and held the money straight out for me. I took another sip from the Grande and placed it down before standing up, grabbing her hand with the money. She followed me out and we slowed our paces. It was just a pavement by the road. It could easily be a thought that I usually deal at less crowded areas, since it was a sensitive trade. So she followed on until I crossed the road and walked along a stretch of closed roads.

Her: ‘Hey, where are you bringing me to?’

She was trying to pull herself back, so it would slow me down. But why would anything slow me down? I’ve been training a lot. I dragged her during the last lap to the lift, but it was something else that showed me I could pull her along. Every moment someone walks past, she would walk normally like a girlfriend walking with a fast-paced boyfriend. Then when the public was out of sight, she would ‘resist’.

In the lift, I was sure of what I was doing. It was time for my next instruction for her.

Me: ‘I want you not to make a single sound.’

There was no ‘or’ part following it. It’s an order. And she understood well. We got out of the lift after it stopped at the highest floor of the carpark. I pulled her out of the lift by her hand and she followed quite willingly. We turned into a staircase landing which totally reminded me when I was with my ex. We walked into there and closed the door. What would happen?

I pushed her to the wall and covered her mouth with my palm, running my other hand between her thighs and between. The pink waist hugging skirt was too much to handle for my eyes. Forcefully, I wrestled with her thighs and she finally gave in, spreading her legs a little wider for more. She was wearing a lacy panties, probably a matching bra too. I kept rubbing her to get her wetter than earlier, and couldn’t stop myself after hearing her sexy moans.

After a good ten minutes, my hand was already off her mouth and she was sitting on the tiled flooring, tired and high. Taking out my scarf and laying it on the floor, I shoved her to the doggy position over it and she did so obediently, totally ready for anything pounding. I aimed for her love hole, and dived in. There, her unwilling body took it full length, lubricating it without missing any area. She was squeezing me like a cow, any everything time I went with her way – out, she would pull me back in, quite out of her control.

I went on for as long as I could think of. She wouldn’t expect herself to be taken in so easily, what about all those things she told me about ‘nothing more than a transaction’? Everyone changes their minds, so did she. We changed from doggy to missionary, and finally to cowgirl, where she happily rode non-stop until I could not take it, nor she heard me telling her I was cumming. Every load of mine went into her, and the kinky sight of her slit dripping of my cum was unable to exit my mind.

The blur girl was still high, but she knew what was happening, and didn’t show any signs of worry. Her casual fiddling with my dick brought me back quickly and I couldn’t leave without another one.

Me: ‘Lie down.’

She sat herself down on my scarf and lay down on my bag. Lifting her legs with her hands, this girl knew what to do, and what made her felt best. I pinned myself over her and started the hammering, slapping and piaking sounds, no doubt seconds are suppose to last longer, but not with her. She was so wet, horny and seductive that I didn’t have much of a session with her. In a good twenty minutes, I cummed into her and she showed her satisfied and pleasured expression once again.

We took a long while to dress up and walked to the bus stop. We didn’t speak. But I knew what I did. She was taken against her will, forced into sex without consent, and cummed into without knowing. Only when I was chatting with her later that day, she has always fantasized to be raped. And today, she¬†accomplished¬†that. She even wanted more.

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