Below is a SMS conversation with Danielle. And yes, she is the one you think you know. (:

D: Heyyy. You there?

Me: Yes?

D: I’m so horny right now~

Me: I dunno how to help you. Rub u off?

D: Make me happy? :)

D: You know~

Me: Okay. I’ll try.

D: I’m soooooo wet holy crap. LOL. Okay so wrong hehe :P

Me: Haha. Did u see sth? What’s in ur mind now? Rubbing urself?

D: I didn’t see anythingggg. Haha i’m touching myself hehe :B

Me: Haha. Should u be imagining i’m all over u?

D: Should I? Tell me what would you do to me?

Me: I’d be prying open ur legs. Licking you all over.

D: Horny wet slut for you right here~

Me: My fingers will do the 2nd attack, rubbing on ur clit and sinking them into your pussy. In and out, quickly and deeply. Making sure, u’re nicely stimulated inside out.

D: I moan loud for you baby. go on. P.S really wish you’ld give me a good fuck now ;)

Me: Ur wish is my command. I’d lie atop u, and position my dick right where the head would touch a little of ur pussy, and while ur legs were trying to push my hips in, i’d force it hard the way u’d want it, pumping in and out, milking u of all ur energy and juice. Thrusting u deep, pounding u loud, ramming u hard.

D: Oh yeah that feels so good. Can you hear me moaning so loud for you? Fuck me hard.

Me: How i’d wish u to be here. To hold the magic wand that would disappear into ur dark unknowns. My balls is slapping hard on ur pussy, i want to be w u right now.

Me: U’re going to get it little D. U’re doing great. U’re making me feel great. I’m going to push it all the way into u and let’s see what would happen.

D: Oh yeah, go faster, go harder. Fuck me really hard Mr J. I wanna get an ‘A+’ for the test.

Me: Goodnight. Asleep alrdy yea?

And she is sound asleep, tired from the little work out. Hope you guys enjoyed this brief tease.

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