Eat here

A young lady sitting along the long cushion seat in Mcdonalds’ slid up to me.

Girl: ‘You’re alone?’

Me: ‘Yeah’.

Girl: ‘Sit with us.’

And I slid myself with the tray to the empty seat beside her, filling the fourth seat. It was easy to feel as though you knew them for a good long time. The three girls were jovial and all lively, it somehow kept me distracted from the staring eyes. After a long hour of chat and laughters, it was time for them to go. The three of them were good friends who worked in the vicinity, today, they finally managed to make time and caught up with each other. One of the girls, Clora, wasn’t working yet. So we coincidentally went in the same direction as well.

A casual chat along the way to her bus stop revealed that she had no plans for the day, which set my mind thinking hard for something interesting to do. A fresh 17 year old just graduated from a neighbourhood secondary school couldn’t be more than any guy’s dream. Wearing a pair of black denim shorts, it wasn’t just of decent length, but also a little wide on short at the thigh area. A 100% girl-next-door no one can not fantasize about. Our chat told me more about her though, at her ripe age, she hasn’t a single boyfriend and thus could expect her to not know anything about the sexual side, apart from masturbation.

We walked to her bus stop and having no need to go home and bear the naggings of our parents, I decided to hop onto the bus with her. Smiling innocently, we haven’t stopped talking until I was at her door.

Clora: ‘There is no one at home. You want to come in for a drink?’

Me: ‘Are you sure it’s fine?’

Clora: ‘Yes it is.’

She left the door open for me and went into the kitchen to make milo. I wasn’t that idiotic to let everyone see what I was going to do to her no? Don’t worry, I meant no harm.

Clora: ‘Feel free to treat this like your home.’

Do Not Enter without Permission of CLORA!

Who else’s room could that be? I pushed the ajar door and there it was. Never before four walls could be covered with so much posters, drawings, sketches, photos, that not much of the walls are seen. And along the longer side of her room, a wardrobe obviously designed overseas filled with beautiful dresses and clothes. Shiny, shimmering, to dark, black coloured, some were so large that they flowed out of the sliding door.

On the other side, was a long white table, a Mac, iPad, iPod classic was all it held. Other than her bed, there wasn’t anything else that was lesser than neat.

Clora: ‘You can come out now. Sorry about my bed. I don’t make them.’

Me: ‘Haha. It’s alright. Your room is pretty.’

We watched a little TV in the living room, silenced by the awkwardness of a guy in her house. There wasn’t much to do though.

Clora: ‘You want to see my work?’

What work could she be working on? She’s just 17.

We went into her room and she turned her laptop on, showing me her work, the photographs she took. It wasn’t like any other could take, not even I could do it. It’s a genre of photography that would turn many heads, and arouse many negative responses, but heck, she’s good. Then she stopped on one image, and sat beside me on her bed.

Clora: ‘The drink.’

She gave me a kiss and I tasted her strawberry lip gloss on mine. Her tongue then slipped into my mouth and started searching for a reply, and my tongue gave her one. As we kissed, she stood up and took off her shorts, allowing it to fall along her smooth fair legs, gently landing at her ankles. She then pulled her arms out under her shirt and left it around her neck. Her halter bra couldn’t make me any harder in my pants. Taking her pussy into my two fingers, I slowly twirled my fingers around, spreading her wetness all over a bigger patch on her light blue underwear.

Kneeling on the bed, we kissed and her body just got warmer and wetter by the seconds. Somehow, ‘the drink’ had done something to her. It was literally a cut to the chase with her raging hormones. We were naked in a minute or so, and the next moment I remembered, she was on top of me, riding me as hard as my length allowed her to, ramming her pussy downwards so hard I was almost sure she was getting an orgasm with every bounce. Her tightness was overwhelming, but bearable. It felt like her first time, but it was wet like she had been preparing for this the whole day.

A simple Mcdonalds’ turned of event. Half an hour of mindless fucking, and we’re still at it. She would be tweeting and I would be replying SMSes. Of course, this thirty minutes, I would have cummed – right inside her. It wasn’t on her mind to take it out and end the enjoyment. We kept pushing ourselves, and making sure my load was as deep as it could be.

Every good ten minutes or so following, we would change to a random position from her iPhone’s sex app. A mental note I made added my cumshots to about four, and it took a whole seventy or so minutes. Which after everything ended, she fainted on her bed, presumingly from overdose of pleasure. No way I would leave her there like this. What if she was assulted while out? I pulled her over myself and stuck my dick back into her ever-tight hole, with a sweet moan from her as ‘nice’. We fell into a good sleep and woke up close to a day later. Which was a hell of a fuck again, but she was still tired from the activities the day before. I had to work my magic.

No one could have ever forgotten a 17 years old’s tight pussy, in a body filled with so much vigour and sexcitement. It was pure sex and endorphines flushes. Knowing friends, and understanding them is different. (:

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