Raped in School

Adeline was like any school girl, having one too many piercings, skirt length way below the regulation, long flowing hair with a tinge of brown and brightly colored bra displayed through her white top.

She was in secondary three express that year. Yes, she was a smart girl, one that was so excellent that teachers would nicely tell her off about her attire in school only when she crossed the line. Carrying a military style alibaba bag, she had everything she needed inside. Lunchbox, books, her trusty iPod classic with soft soothing music, and her white Monster Beats headphones.

It’s your choice to like or hate her, it was easy to be her, but not around her. Often, guys would get turned on by her undone first button of her school uniform, but it was that far despite being just right next to her. Any guys would be super lucky to have her, imagine her satisfying all of his demands, and doing what she wouldn’t even imagine herself in it.

For as long as it seems, it was all ‘see no touch’, and Ryan was quite pushed to the limit. Adeline was in his class, and sitting one table away next to him, he was in the best spot to see everything. From the shimmering sunlight blazing through her top, revealing the silhouette of her beautiful S curve figure. Many times he had wanted to be the one holding that slim waist and pounding her hard. Her usual cross legged seating position also gave him more eye candies, it wasn’t a fat thigh bulging out of her skirt. Her firm toned thighs were always in the light, out of the skirt which was designed to cover such indecency. It looked smooth, waxed, fairly tanned, firm, yet soft to the touch. All looks. No one could come any closer to her than a glance.

Never before she was seen going out with any guys. Of course, many guys would want to be in the same group with her for any projects, yet, a group of girls would always protect her physically and academically. Being in the same group would mean fast work, precise and A+, nothing less.

She had friends, her casual happy character makes her enemy-less. Sure, a few are jealous of her looks and body, yet couldn’t help but admire her spirits, never once she had broken down.

Ryan on the other hand, was quite an average kid. He did his work, partnered with Adeline a few times, and like every other boys in his class, mesmerized by everything about her.

It was June and everyone was dreadful about the camp that would be coming up. The goal has never changed since a few years ago, to get students from different classes to know each other better. No one went through the camp and regretted, that’s why the camp is still running.

It was a good start for Adeline. Rooms for girls and guys were far apart, and the girls basically had their best times sharing all they know. It wasn’t any different for Adeline, everyone knew her. And none of them would leave her out. Everyone played and was literally tired out before dinner. But still, food and shower couldn’t be missed.

If you have ever attended a camp, you know remember. Guys take an average of ten minutes to shower. And girls? No known figures to show. Adeline wasn’t someone who would rush so she had more time to herself.

It was close to twelve midnight when she decided it was time to shower. Soaping down her young subtle body, the cubicle next to her slammed and the last girl was out. It’s just her, and her singing. Humming a tune from ‘Les Choristes’, she missed the light creaking sound from the door.

*long mechanical squeal*

Shit! I’m busted!’

Adeline: ‘It’s late. Shower quickly.’

She waited for an answer, but there was none.

Splashing sounds were heard from the cubicle and she didn’t gave it much thought, thinking the girl must be too tired to reply.

Humming went on, till her water was turned off.

Adeline: ‘I’m going first. Stay safe.’

Just before she could pulled her door fully open, it swung itself hard and a guy with a paper bag over his head barged in.

Placing his index finger on his ‘lips’. He had a shiny sharp Swiss Army knife in one hand, it was clear she was at a disadvantage. Adeline may be smart, sporty, fit, but nonetheless, she is still a girl, and fear pressured her into desperation.

Adeline (whispering): ‘Please don’t hurt me. I’ll do anything you say.’

The masked man then held her by her shoulders and pressed her downwards, and she fell on her butt onto the wet floor. The guy was in a PE attire, and right away, he pulled his stretchy waist shorts down.

Man: ‘Hmm!’

The rough growl sent the signal Adeline needed to start. She took her shivering hand and cupped over his dick, giving unwilling strokes up and down. As she was doing that, he stuck the knife on the cubicle’s divider and bent over, lifting her kitty printed shirt up, and off her arms.

She did not stop to make his adversary happy, but she was far from it. Grabbing a large part of her long brown tinted hair, he pulled her face so close to his throbbing dick that if she breathed any harder, she might have smelled it.

The angry man growls again.

Adeline (whispers loudly): ‘Please. I beg you.’

Another growl.

Having no options against this hostile, she separated her pink luscious lips and let him use her mouth in any way he wanted. Which of course, he did. Plunging in and out, the snot out of her nose seemed more like lubricant, her gag reflexes was somehow pushing the right spots on his dick that he changed the blowjob to a deep throat. Who would imagine this beautiful girl would now be in this situation, taking a guy’s dick down her throat.

After a agonizing ten minutes, he pulled her by her hair to stand up, and out of the cubicle. Was she free to go already? No, the male hasn’t cummed, there’s no way it would end just like that.

Despite Adeline having no boyfriend, her fair share of porn collection have showed her more than she ever needed. Those toys in her room was just part of a large collection which is on the way from the States. And now, this shit has to happen.

Pulling her hair over the sink, Adeline followed and is now in a position so awkward that she couldn’t bear to see. Her B cup boobs were on the ledge, just a few inches from touching the ceramics of the sink. Wet, messy tangled hair couldn’t make her look and worse.

Forcefully pulling her boxers down, it went off with her lacy white panties. Oh no. Turning a rapist on was the worst thing to do.

He could not wait any longer, it was all hard and ready for this.. hole. One that he could only fantasize of having for a long long time, and to lay his hands on her boobs was another fantasy fulfilled.

Taking a whiff of her pussy, the soap she used was simply irresistible, Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby shower gel. It made her smell like a freshly bathed baby, ready to be caressed, hugged. But it was a little different for Adeline, for she was to be fucked, pounded, humiliated for being herself.

It was her worst nightmare come true. No, she was too pleasant to even have any nightmare close to this. The few seconds of a disgusting tongue running up and down her pussy was simply too much to bear, that she had broken down in tears.

Immediately when the tongue disappeared, a warm hard rod pushed her pussy lips apart, inching its way in, bit by bit, impatiently but helplessly. Soon, more than her pinky’s length were in.

Omg! How much more?!

Three more inches, and it stopped. The thing stopped for a few seconds, presumingly enjoying her tightness and just the sight of this sweet girl having a dick so huge in her. It was definitely the largest thing she had ever had inside her. No, she wasn’t turned on. The only reason why he could slide it in was because she was still wet from the shower. It couldn’t be that she was enjoying this.. could she?

Adeline then felt a vacuum built up down below whenever he pulled it out. It was accidental. She didn’t mean for vacuum to be there, it was making him thinks that she wants more, and he went on.

Ramming and thrusting her so deep and loud, hammering and pounding her so quick and mercilessly. It was too much for Adeline to take. Her mind had long given in to the abuse. Lust had overtaken her body, and she was wet beyond control. Knowing this was all wrong, she had chose not to make a single move and survived it.

Minutes felt like hours, and hours felt like days. Adeline felt exactly like two days had past. And she was close to dead, in terms of energy. By then, the assailant had enough of her and left a feeble weak body there.

A long while later, she regained consciousness. Dressed in her school PE attire, a few of her good friends were seen around her.

Dear readers, how do you want the story to continue? Or shall I try to write all the endings?

1. (cont.) Endless Blackmail

2. (cont.) Transformed Personality

3. (cont.) Mega Gangbang

Maybe I’m too lazy to write any. xD Looks like not.

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