Beautiful Girlfriend

I once had a girlfriend when I was fourteen, she was the same age as I, but different from the rest of the girls at her age. Normal looking, girl-next-door, with a super blur and dependent nature. I guess that’s what makes her attractive. I was knowledgable for my age, those IT skills and explorations I did during that time did pay off.

What was her name? Cassy. In class, a normal girl who does her best at work, but still had problems catching up. At least until she met me. We did our homework together, and it was also that time when she decided I was dependable enough for her. Countless nights spent on helping her do her work, projects, even little daily tasks.

Now, I’ll tell you why is she beautiful. Her blurriness makes her manipulatable. She can do anything, as long as I asked her to, with clear and precise instructions. She wouldn’t ask why, for that never once came across her mind.

It all started when I asked her to my place to do one of the smaller project, which I was paired with her for. She didn’t gave it much thoughts before agreeing, almost immediately. When we reached, she happily sat down on my bed and started up her laptop, and doing the research, constantly asking me what is the URL for google and which link to click on. A little irritating at times, but I could manage.

Me: ‘I’m going to change first.’

Cassy: ‘Okay.’

And I started stripping in front of her. I could tell on her face she wanted to ask or say something, but she couldn’t find the words to use. So, I was down to my underwear and I slipped on my faded Hush Puppies tee. Following that, I pulled my underwear off, and put on my boxers. All along, I was looking at her astonished expression.

Me: ‘You want to change too? You brought your outside clothes right?’

Cassy: ‘Yupp. I’ll change too.’

With that, she took her clothes out, lay it nicely on my bed, and innocently taking her top off. Nothing could turn a guy on more with a fourteen year old girl stripping in front of him. Her top, shorts, then her skirt. All left on her was her small cute pink bra and matching panties.

Cassy: ‘Why are you staring like that?’

She was blushing, but still couldn’t sense what was wrong. And while she waited for my answer, she fling her tank top straight a few times before looking at me again.

Me: ‘Looking at how cute you are.’

Cassy: ‘You want me to leave it this way?’

How happier can I get? I nodded and she sat beside in bed, facing the movable desk in front of my bed, tapping away on her keyboard at the same time pulling my blanket over herself.

As her boyfriend, how could I let her get under it alone right? Sitting behind her, I wrapped it tightly around our shoulders. A boner was there, but it didn’t touch her – yet. Having a new objective in mind, we finished the project in record time, one hour.

You guys should see the amount of work we churned out. An eight page report, inclusive of research and prototype sketches. Why would any girl not able to hand up her work with me around?

When she finally hit the ‘Print’ button, she leaned back and pushed me down onto the bed with her.

Cassy: ‘Yay! Finally~’

She turned around and gave me her first kiss, on my lips. This time, her body is over me, like missionary, just that she is the one on top.

Cassy: ‘Thank you boyfriend.’

It was mission time.

Me: ‘Can you feel something poking you?’

Cassy: ‘Uh-huh.’

Me: ‘Can help me take it out?’

She slide her body down south and pulled my boxers off. Staring blankly at my standing rod.

Me: ‘Hold it.’

And she did. Her mouth opened in surprise and it was a mixed of ‘ah’ and ‘yay’.

Cassy: ‘It’s so warm!’

So, what’s next?

Me: ‘Put some saliva over it.’

She bent down and took two seconds before she pouted her lips, letting a glob of saliva hit my dickhead.

Me: ‘Now, spread it all over and keep your hand moving up and down.’

Cassy: ‘Like this?’

She used both her hands, coating every inch of the pink with saliva and stroking it up and down, too lubricated by her fluid. I could only close my eyes, and forget to answer her. She liked what she saw, my happy, ectastic look. And it wasn’t that tough work either. She kept going without complaining of tiredness.

I couldn’t just let her end there. It was just beginning to get good.

Me: ‘Take off your panties for me.’

Cassy: ‘Huh? Can I don’t?’

Me: ‘Can you?’

Cassy: ‘Yupp.’

And she hid under the blanket while she took it off, strewing it onto her tote bag.

Me: ‘Lie down here.’

Pointing to the pillow, which then she shyly grabbed my blanket, covered herself up while she lie on it.

Cassy: ‘What are you going to do?’

Me: ‘Something good.’

No I wasn’t that bastard to have sex with her. I didn’t even know if she knew anything about pleasuring herself. So I had to find out. I went under the blanket and made myself comfortable, she won’t have to see me, so I couldn’t tell if she was blushing.

Lightly nudging her knees, I separated them far enough to let her feel a little more shyness, but not shame. Very lightly, I peeled apart her pussy lips, still unmasked by any signs of pubic hair. Tapping on her clit, her body shook.

Cassy: ‘What are you doing?’

Me: ‘You like it?’

Cassy: ‘A lot.’

I tapped for a few more times before finally placing my finger at the spot and gently rolling it around in a circular motion. Her body responded and I moved on.

Spreading her pussy even wider, I knew where my finger should go. Porn, easier to access than ever, was my teacher. I pushed my finger into that hole and it went in smoothly. Her legs reacted to the probe by closing in with every cm in.

Me: ‘Relax relax. Open your legs.’

I knew she wanted it. But her body wouldn’t know. Her legs opened up again and I pushed further in, until my index finger was enveloped by her warmness and wetness.

Cassy: ‘Oh my god. It feel good. Don’t take it out.’

Me: ‘I’ll let you know something better.’

I pulled my finger out and pushed it back in, once, twice, waiting and looking out for any signs of pain. None. So I kept up, getting faster and consistent, pushing my finger deeper with every move. Cassy was almost crazy. Her body shook non-stop and her juices kept flowing, hers was thick and clear. Gooey to the touch, but it was definitely smooth riding.

I gave the final ultima and she cummed, real hard and wet, squirting out little waves of water. She had her fun.

Me: ‘Nice?’

Cassy: ‘Yupp. Way better than when I do it myself.’

Me: ‘Doing it yourself? Tell me when did you first find out?’

Cassy: ‘One time when I was showering, the towel ran up my below and it feels good. So I pulled the towel back and forth under my below.’

Me: ‘Ohh.. I see. Haha. Listen to me k? You cannot do this alone, if you want, must find me.’

Cassy: ‘Okay. I won’t forget.’

Lying back onto the bed, she sat up and continued jerking me, seemingly knowing what to do. Maybe I shall teach her how to suck as well.

Me: ‘Can you lick it?’

Cassy: ‘I can try.’

She brought her head down and licked it. I’m not sure if it was the pre-cum that tasted nice, but she took my whole dick into her mouth, slurping up and down. There was nothing else I need to teach her now, her sucking simply took all my breath and energy away, going non-stop, deep and fast.

Within minutes, I felt the build up in my balls.

Me: ‘Wait wait! I’m shooting!’

Cassy: ‘Okay, I’m ready.’

Ready?! Ready for? Ohh. She thought I was asking her to be prepared to take it all in. Should I?

Me: ‘Nono. I’m going to shoot, and you don’t have to use your mouth. I don’t know how it will taste as well.’

Cassy: ‘I taste and let you know?’

With that, she placed her mouth over my dick again and resumed her skilful blowjob. In seconds, I sprayed everything I had into mouth with such force she gulped and drank every bit, without any drops getting out.

Cassy: ‘Hmm.. Sweet. it was so much. But I like it. I’m willing to do anything for my boyfriend.’

Me: ‘Are you sure it’s okay?’

She nodded and we lay naked on the bed for a good long time, occasionally teasing each other’s body and getting each other off. Her parents were working, and during that period we had our little fun project time, they were overseas.

Our relationship lasted a good two year, moving from an emotional lovey dovey one to a wild, sexy one. Never forgettable. [:

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