New Pair

Written by J. On behalf of a friend, a girl.

I’ve received a package in the mail today, and it was quite a surprise, both good and bad. One, someone knew where I lived, and managed to send something to me. It was kind of scary since that person could just pay me a visit. Two, in the package is something I’ve never seen before.

It’s a pair of normal looking super comfortable panties, black in colour, but with a few hard electrical (I presume). Along with it is a remote control, with two buttons, ‘OFF’ and ‘Mode’, totally like my wireless vibrator.

I gave it a wash under some detergent and running water, since if it cannot withstand moisture, then it would be quite useless right? :P After that, I felt so driven to plan something for the day, since it was a beautiful Saturday. To go to the MAAD flea at Singapore Red Dot Museum.

Wearing my new panties, I dressed up in my flirtly white spagetti top, and.. a yellow dress over. Haha. Spoiler /: And my favourite flats with a flower on it. The feeling was definitely erotic, so afraid that someone would imagine what I was wearing inside, yet I want to be free and get as horny I can outdoors.

I took the train from Bishan to Tanjong Pagar. Hmm.. there was no seats. So I had to stand and ‘try’ the new panties on the crowded cabin. Getting it to start was troublesome enough, reaching into my little bag I had with me, just to realize I didn’t remember which button was the ‘ON’.

*What if the OFF button don’t work? Wouldn’t I be either horny for the whole trip or panty-less?*

The first button didn’t work, and the second did. Once it started working, a cold shiver ran up my spine. The vibrating nub on the panties was right at my clitoris, and I meant exactly pressing hard on it. My honey immediately accumulated around and the panties was absorbing up a lot of it as well.

Sad to say, none of the modes generate enough intensity to give me an orgasm, but still glad that I wouldn’t have to climax on board, couldn’t even imagine a moan escaping my lips.

I wonder if anyone felt the warm breathing from my mouth, or my flushed face. Obviously pretending to be busy on my iPhone wasn’t working. My other hand was in the bag, clicking through the various ‘morse-code-like’ vibration modes.

I didn’t turn it off during the transit to the other train line and I consider myself lucky to get a seat on the transit and crossing my legs to even place the vibrating point closer, pressing it harder. I simply couldn’t get enough out of it.

After an enjoyable ride, I finally reached my stop. I really did loose track of time, enjoying the waves of uncontrollable pleasure and immensing in my Kpop blasting through my new headphones. And so the day continued, turned the ‘panties’ off and went to the museum for the flea. Luckily the ‘OFF’ button worked.

I felt different the whole day, filled with confidence and energy. Probably because of the satisfaction that I got earlier in the day. No, I didn’t wish I had a dick inside me.

(Here is something she wanted me to highlight, a girl feeling horny need not necessary mean she wants a dick in her. It could simply mean she wants to have her time to herself.)

I’m sure I caught a few eyes staring at me. I didn’t have to dress sexy, just confidently. I’m not someone who clubs nor drinks. I spend most of my time at home or at work, doing artsy things like card making and occasional photography. A homely girl, like many guys described me to be.

Although I have a naughty side a little wilder few expected me to have. :P

Hope you guys enjoyed this recount of her little trip.

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