(cont.) Endless Blackmail

Part 1

When Adeline was awake, she was dressed in her underwear and woke up with a bump on her head.

Friend: ‘I think you hit your head and fainted.’

Adeline knew that wasn’t the case, the bump was.. minor compared to what she had been through. In any way, she recovered and school resumed, as dark as that night was, she tried to keep it from affecting her studies. Her skirt was still of the same length, her character was of the same energy, but there was no more undone-first-button.

It was after recess one day and she went back to class like everyone else did, opening her back to take out her homework for Maths. A brown Manila envelop was also among her sheets of paper. She took it out and looked around for any names or messages, none. Feeling inside the envelop, there was something bumpy, like clothing, and something hard, like a thumb drive.

She had to wait till school ended before checking out the envelop. Having no choice, her persistent friend, Cindy stayed with her and so Adeline took whatever is inside out. A photo of her sprawled on the bathroom floor, in bra and panties in A4, her worn panties covered in cum in a zip lock, a slip of paper and an unlabelled thumb drive.

We have you on a leash. Try anything funny and all these will be online. Thumb drive contains more images and videos. Hope you will enjoy yourself. Stay in class after school.

Oh no, why are they still in class. And this time, Cindy is in it.

A little about Cindy, she is one of Adeline’s good friend. The both of them are ‘toilet sisters’ (whenever girls need to go to the loo in pairs), eat and does their work together. Same age as her, fifteen, but way more demure. She bid by every rule and her grades were not as awesome as Adeline’s, but not too bad either.

Just then, two guys stepped in.

Adeline: ‘Ryan! You were the one behind all these?’

Ryan: ‘Chill girls. I’m not behind all these, I’m still in it. Oh, Cindy is here too. Looks like we will need more guys.’

He asked the other to keep watch outside the class, and sat on a chair in front of the two girls.

Ryan: ‘Cindy, do you want to stay?’

Cindy: ‘To hell with you Ryan. I’m staying with Adeline.’

Ryan stood up and whip out his dick, disregard for the ‘new’ girl in class.

Ryan: ‘Adeline, you don’t want the pictures to go anywhere right? Be the slut. Be a bitch.’

Adeline didn’t have any choice, she was already way dirtier than this. Giving a guy a blowjob wouldn’t make anything worse. She can’t ask Cindy for help either right? Her good friend whispered something into Adeline’s ear and she looked better immediately, taking out her water bottle for a sip before the meal.

Like a pro, she took Ryan’s dick into her mouth and right down her throat as deep as she could get. Adeline didn’t slow down unless she was gagging, she kept going fast and swiftly in and out. Cindy couldn’t just sit there and watch her good friend get tortured. She slid her fingers up Adeline’s skirt and driving towards her panties, she started to ease her of the ache by giving her a sensual massage at the right spot.

What did Cindy say to Adeline?

Cindy (whisper): ‘Just make him cum quickly and we can go le. Focus on that.’

If you can imagine, Cindy, Adeline and Ryan was in this act so dirty no other would win them. Cindy masturbating Adeline, Adeline giving Ryan a blowjob. He wasn’t that great either. Within minutes, she managed to make him cum and had to swallow every drop as he held her head over his dick as he ejected his sperms. Knowing it wouldn’t just end there, the two girls watched as the noobish Ryan cleaned up and made his next demand.

Ryan: ‘Cindy. Your turn. You want to help Adeline keep the secret?’

Adeline: ‘Nono! Keep her out of this!’

Ryan: ‘No. She knows, she’s part of the deal now. Cindy, stand up and bend over the table.’

Adeline immediately stood up and did, not going to sacrifice her good friend. Her perky butt lay protruding for Ryan and he didn’t wait long before helping himself to her juiced pussy, thanks to Cindy. He held her firm ass and stuck it in. Going for a little tease first, he took a whopping minute to slid his dick in. Adeline almost cried out for him to stick the whole thing in, that she needed it badly, but she’s still under control, not sure for how long though.

He drove his dick in like a pile driver and kept going, like a desperate overloaded useless prick who couldn’t get a girl since he was born, he was speaking like one too. Pounding and cursing all the vulgarities, it was degrading to the max. Another few minutes and Ryan was at his peak again, pulling out just in time to spray his ‘dripping’ dick onto Adeline’s back. It was literally dripping, 3-4 drops. That showed how lousy he was.

Ryan: ‘Tomorrow. Same time. Same place. Cindy, you stay as well. I’ll bring Zack.’

Zack? Zack was Cindy’s crush. And since they met in secondary three, her mind had been fucking him everyday. Would Ryan really bring him tomorrow? It’s totally wrong, but Cindy’s body and mind wouldn’t say no to his assault on her body and pussy.

With that, Cindy got a little wet and Adeline couldn’t say no or risk her future. The two girls cleaned up fast and left the failure in class, still fumbling with his lifeless dick. Adeline has got her good friend into this, even if she doesn’t mind giving it to Zack, still, Cindy’s her friend.

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3. (cont.) Mega Gangbang

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