Written by J. On behalf of a friend, a lady.

The second time I was at it was a few days later, James asked me out to discuss about band camp. Since it was something important, I didn’t expect anything kinky to happen.

After school, I went to his classroom to meet him. There wasn’t anyone else there and he was there at the back of the dark classroom. The lights weren’t turned on. Having all the right elements to do the wrong things, my body gave a tingle, ready for things to happen.

I sat beside him and sticking out of his pants, was his dick. It appeared larger than the last time I saw it though. Taking his stiff meat into my hand, I stroked him and was so close to kissing him.

Holding my head with his left hand, he placed his hand on my neck and even asked for more.

James: ‘Can you lick me?’
Me: ‘I don’t want.’

I wasn’t prepared to give him more than I already had. To keep him from asking for more, I continued to stroke him until a cleaner walked pass the class, giving the two of us a shock.

We packed and went to lunch. Thereafter going to his place to discuss about the camp. Sure enough, most of the 3 hours I spent there was for the discussion. Save for the last hour. It was pure pleasure.

He led me to his bedroom, and I followed. Silly huh? He sat me down on his bed and then bent over, helping me to take my skirt and panties off. I’m doing it again, with him.

He sat on the side of the bed beside me and started fingering me. I didn’t know how he stuck his fingers in, but I had already broken my hymen from masturbating then. He kept going without rest and then like under hypnosis, my body responded with my hand reaching out for his ignored dick.

We kissed violently while our hands massaged each other’s privates, clumsily, random, unpredictable strokes. It was sure thrilling to have someone controlling the speed and intensity.

I wasn’t moaning alone, he couldn’t hold it back and longer and let himself free too. Within minutes, we got all wet and wild, sprawled in positions for non-penetrative sex. Once, his head disappeared behind my hips and I felt a soft wet object at my clit. ‘His tongue feels good’ I thought.

He licked me for a while, but stopped probably cause I cannot pleasure him in that position. Tongue was quite fun, but I couldn’t imagine what was running through his mind when he looked at my…

His fingers pulled away from my hole and I slowed my jerking too.

James: ‘I’m shooting.’
Me: ‘Huh? Where?’

Before he could give an answer, warm thick gooey cum exited and forced themselves onto my hands. Surprise huh? I didn’t know what to do, simply holding whatever I could and try not to let any of the liquid hit the floor.

He ended the spray and right there we were lost for a second, ┬áme holding his cum with my hands and his fingers revolving around my clit. This time, I wanted him to stop. I had enough, I’m sure he had enough too.

He took a few pieces of tissue from the box on his computer desk and helped me to the toilet, let the handful of little soldiers get wasted into the sink. We washed our hands together and left his house after that.

We parted at the MRT and this was the moment I thought it was alright to be helping guys and for them to want to help me. Silly silly me.

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