Old Experience

Written by J. On behalf of a friend, a lady.

I was in my school band in my secondary school, which often had seniors from upper secondary to guide us one to one so as to play our parts well. It was just another sectional, one to one, with James. The two of us were given an empty classroom to practice and it all went quite well, with some laughters and of course, learning what I should be learning.

Out of the blue, he asked he could touch me. I was puzzled. I guess it was too mature for me to understand, since I was only secondary 2. I nodded innocently and he placed his hand on my thigh, on top of my skirt. I didn’t know if he knew, but I wasn’t wearing anything else below my skirt. He slowly slid his hand under my skirt and ran up my thigh. I was a little dumbfounded about how to react or even what to do.

Not wanting to stop the gentle waves of pleasure running through my mind, I let him did what he was doing and my eyes were on his arm, imagining his fingers as I feel them wriggling, teasing my clit, going up and down, getting pinched and flicked.

James paused for a moment and unzipped his pants, struggled for a few seconds before whipping his dick out into the open. It was pink, red, with veins running across and everywhere. He did not do anything, but continued to stroke me. I was staring blankly at his throbbing dick, wondering if it would explode or some magic would happen.

James: ‘Can you hold it?’

Shyly, I took my right hand and wrapped my fingers around his member. Warmth – was what I felt. The weather was quite cold then, especially after a shower. It was my first time touching a dick, it felt kind of weird, and I have no idea it would feel any good to him. I simply held on to it.

His fingers went fast and caused a huge orgasm to hit me. It was my first time to be masturbated by someone else. I’m not sure if it applies to both gender, but it feels good to be masturbated by someone other than yourself. The whole feel of it was different, and I cummed easily too, with a foreign finger probing around.

He took my hand and moved it up and down, getting warmer by the minute, probably caused by friction, he let go of my hand once I went ‘auto-pilot’ and his head fell back, as though he is high on drugs.

I kept my pace as steady as I could until he stopped me and quickly zipped his pants.

Me: ‘Why stop?’
James: ‘I am going to shoot if you continued.’
Me: ‘Let me see how you shoot?’

He released his grip and let me continue, but this time, he changed his position. He stood in front of me, facing his body towards my left. Using my left hand, I stroked him fast and as smoothly as I could, until I felt his penis grow larger in my hand and his pipes pumping. Thick sprays of cum fired from his pee hole onto the classroom floor and it just kept going. About a long fifteen seconds later, his pipe dried up and stopped.

I then took a piece of tissue paper and passed it to him, he was busy squeezing out the remaining. Somehow, I was interested if he felt good, since he made me felt great.

Me: ‘You like it?’
James: ‘Yeah. It was too much for me to take though. For my first time.’
Me: ‘Can don’t tell anyone this? It’s my first time touched by a guy too.’
James: ‘I won’t tell anyone.’

Hope he did enjoy it. And there is where I begin my sexual journey.

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