Sitting on it

Sister: ‘Kor, You want some?’

*Sister handed me an opened box of chocolates*

Sister: ‘You are looking for a model? For what?’

The tweet I sent is no more secret, one of her friends was interested and asked her to approach me. But seems like my sister herself wanted to be the model instead.

Me: ‘Yeah. For my blog. Not like you don’t know I have one, right?’

Sister: ‘Huh? The blog with the photos of the card for made for that girl? (she meant my normal blog)’

Me: ‘Not that one lah.’

Maybe she doesn’t know that I write erotica yet, neither do I have the intention of telling her. But she insisted to try out modelling for me and so I had to gave in, never intending to pose her pictures on my site. Posing in her favorite night dress, the photos turned out pretty erotic, exactly the way I wanted. But being my one and only sister! I’d never portray her as a girl hungry for sex. The shoot was quickly finished and she leave me to edit it, which I did till late into the night.

Sister: ‘Kor, are you done?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Most of them. You want to have a look?’

I showed her a few of the sexiest and artistic ones. There’s no way I will hand them to her though, cause no one knows what she will do with them. She sat on my lap scrolling through the images and started to wriggle about.

Me: ‘Hey sis, I’m going to keep the photos for you. I won’t want these to land on the wrong hands.’

Sister: ‘Huh! Hmm.. okay. But you will need to ‘pay’ me for the photos.’

She got off my lap and knelt on the ground between my legs. Placing both my hands on the armrest, she asked me to give her a minute. Something kinky is about to happen again, how could I not pay her right? It has been about a week before I last unloaded anyway.

She came back into the room with handkerchiefs. Tying both my forearm to the chair, she wasn’t that difficult to guess. Pulling my boxers lower, she didn’t take long though to blow me till it was super hard. Simple in out action with her mouth, along with the special deep throat I loved. As I yearned for her to go faster, she gently let my cock exit her mouth and pulled her night dress up, sitting down on my lap.

Sister: ‘Sit lower a bit, I can’t get it in.’

She knew what was wrong, and how to fix it too. After I adjusted my position, she sat down gleefully and sucked my whole shaft up her tiny little hole. It has been too long. This was what I hoped for every night during the period I wasn’t home.

She started moving forward and backward, which I was quite numb to, and then up and down, pushing against the armrest to keep going.

There was no way I could control the pace, nor the timing when I cum. Worse, there was no condom between us.

Me: ‘Mei! No condom. Stop stop.’

Sister: ‘I’ve started taking the pills while you are away.’

Hearing that, a little worry stilll stuck onto me. She wasn’t worried, but surely happy. She kept going beyond my limit of shots and rode my hard dick till it softens, then hard, and finally lifelessly soft.

Every time was the same, she rode till I came into her, and kept going, working her vagina muscles, squeezing every drop out of me, but she always makes the second time more fruitful, knowing that I would last longer, so she focused more on my ‘sensations’ after the first round. It was then she likes to explore how I react with each grind and each bounce over my rod.

With the dick still in her, she untied my hands and got up, dripping some of the mixture of cum and juice onto my lap. She licked them up and luckily, she didn’t turn around while I was about to stiffen again.

We went into the shower and had a nice bath. Nope, no sex in there, cause we were tired, and wanted to simply soak ourselves. Hands couldn’t resist touching each other though.

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