Just Imagine

Imagine it.

The girl you just met and brought home slipped a mild sleeping drug into your drinks. You woke up and found yourself tied to the ends of the bed, with her sitting at the corner in lingerie, waiting for you to wake up.

*running her pretty manicured fingers across your bare chest*

Girl: ‘You’re finally awake?’

With a grin, she lay on her stomach between your wide opened legs, with your balls and dick in front of her face. Holding a tube of KY lubricant, she dropped a few icy cold lumps and used her index fingers to tease your pee hole, going in small circles, spreading the jelly all over.

Girl: ‘Ready?’

You were captured, but escape was not on your mind. Feeling her hand closing onto your shaft, you felt the jelly spreading thin and then her warm fingers. Wrapped tightly around you, she wriggled her fingers, squeezing from the bottom up. You need her to move her hand up and down to relieve the pressure, but she isn’t going to listen to you. She’s in control, and you know it.

Slowly sliding her hand upwards, she stopped with a O shape ring formed by touching her index finger with her thumb just below the head, where the little arrow at the bottom of your penis is. In small and quick movements, she ran that ‘O’ up and down, about 1 cm across to the head, and back down. For about ten unbearable seconds, your leg twitched in respond and only stopped when she slowed down. You realised that wasn’t something you can control.

Holding it by your shaft again, she moved her body towards your testicles and cupped her mouth over it, as though sucking a lollipop. Your mind had always wondered how the lollipops felt in a girl’s mouth, now is your chance to feel it.

The tip of her tongue blocked your pee hole and she pushed hard, trying to go millimeter deeper, that simply sent your brain numb. She didn’t just did that, the suction she left in her mouth was constant, keeping you warm inside. After a short while of teasing, she sank her head down and it sure went deep. You felt warm at the base of your dick, it was a new feeling, and having that mixed with some wetness, all you need is for her to go up and down a little, and you will cum.

You can feel her tongue sliding along the bottom of your popsicle, where the weird vein runs.  Holding it in her mouth for a good 5 seconds before she lets it out. The few times she did, you just wanted her to go faster.

Girl: ‘Like it?’

Your answer would be no. Cause it is too agonizing. Weren’t slow enough for you to get soft, weren’t fast enough to make you cum. But she isn’t stopping. Her hands took over her mouth and she started a handjob. Slow. Steady. Fast. Variable grip. Slow. Random. Fast. Faster.

It followed no pattern. But she was enjoying herself. It wasn’t pleasurable at all, no, at least not to you.

Girl: ‘Let me know when you are cumming k?’

And just right there, you were about to load and fire.

You: ‘Shooting le..’

She slowed her strokes down and stopped. Leaving you there.

WTH? What does she want?‘ How could she just leave you there? She got up and started the electric kettle. ‘Oh no‘ Everything came back to you. She could be just toying with you, ultimately going to ruin you. What are the options?

*tick* the kettle’s sign that the water is ready.

Your girl took the kettle and poured it into a Nissin cup noodle. How could you be so silly not to see that? She took her bra off, sat between your legs and prepared to eat.

*huuu huuu*

Girl: ‘Too hot to eat.’

She put on her headphones and started stroking again, going fast suddenly to wake your sleeping penis. So fast, so hard. Here comes the good part! And she stops again. Eating her noodles. You could really do much. You watched as she ate, and slowly shrank.

After she was done eating, she wore a latex glove and squeezed more KY onto her palm. Resuming the torture, she jerked you slowly and quickly. You were tired of the teasing, you need to cum now, to let them out. She clearly had a different agenda. The waves of jerking and stopping come and go. Making you wish you were dead.

Girl: ‘I think you had enough.’

Finally huh? She should be tired too. You’re mentally drained. Now you realized those fantasies could go wrong. It’s finally ending. You learnt, you thought you learnt.

Girl: ‘But I haven’t had enough.’

She went super fast, and stopped. Resumed, and stopped. Went slow and sensual, and stopped. For close to an hour, you didn’t know what would happen to your poor little brother. This is definitely too much.

Girl: ‘This is for you.’

Her words couldn’t be trusted. She bent over in front of you and sucked you, her head going up and down, lips rubbing against your skin. As you come close to cumming, your body had expected it to stop at any time. But it doesn’t feels like it’s happening.

She went as fast as she could and you released those pent up soldiers into her mouth. Proudly, she showed you the ‘melted’ popsicle juice. It was almost dripping out of her mouth. There was so much in her, and none in you. You could feel it. Your body, and the sense of emptiness in your balls.

You had a sip of her Nissin soup and fell asleep. Only to find yourself awake late afternoon the next day. Still feeling tired. Looking around for evidence of being in a dream the day before, you saw the noodle cup. What happened? But you were proud of one thing. You outlast the torture.

Written by a friend.

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