Amber 6

Rule 1: No underwear allowed for Elson.
Rule 2: Only panties outdoors for Amber.
Rule 3: Always shower and sleep together.
Rule 4: Must play at least once a day.

While she explained the rules to the two little kids, she reasoned it so it would be acceptable. Well, there was shopping, swimming and fencing lessons to go for.

First was shopping for new clothes. It was made fun by the fact that they weren’t shy about each others’ bodies, changing clothes in one room, fondling and teasing each other whenever possible. The two girls even challenged to make Elson cum as many times as possible to make him ‘die’.

Whenever any of them sleeps out of nap time, the other two would tease him or her awake. On bus, Cheryl would choose the back seats and let Amber lie on her lap while Elson suck on her nipples. She would then get wet enough for Cheryl to finger her.

What about swimming? The three of them will go to little corners and get naughty underwater. When they are done, Cheryl would leave them to shower on their own and Elson would always appear more tired than Amber, wonder why.

Fencing? Elson had this girl who always liked to partner him. She was about two years older, and for the first time, he touched her and had a little fun in the changing room.

He was taking off his suit and putting on his pants when Eliza realized he didn’t wear his underwear. Being a Caucasian, she spoke to him without hesitation.

Eliza: ‘Elson, don’t you wear underwear?’

Elson: ‘Nope. It’s too stuffy. My babysitter says I’m at a age which I cannot allow it to affect the growth.’

Seduction was in the air, she took her suit off and reveal her well-toned fair curvy body to him. With her waxed pussy looking as good as a peach. He had to know how did it taste.

With an inevitable hard on, he approached her and pulled her into the toilet cubicle. There wasn’t much talking, but she let Elson did whatever he wanted, attacking her pink nipples, licking, sucking and fingering. Finally giving her the unforgettable penetration. Elson got himself a girlfriend every guy could no get. She was made horny, and addicted to Elson. Who himself was slowly becoming a master.

The three of them had a whole lot of fun for the few days their parents were away. About the rules? It only applies when Cheryl is around, or when theit parents are not around, which is more frequent than Cheryl being there.

So, as this two kids grow into maturity, how they handle things will be up to your imagination. But I can tell you, this is not the end of it all.

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