Amber 5

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After their exams, long holidays came and here is the time when both Amber and Elson’s parent goes for their long business trips. Knowing the kids likes Cheryl and wouldn’t mind her over, mum and dad left their house keys with her and would send her money to help care for the children.

So, immediately after the family split up at the airport, Cheryl brought them home and tucked them into bed. She had finished her Os by then and awaiting polytechnic enrollment.

At 3 am, when they are in the deepest of sleep, she pulled Elson’s pyjamas down and sucked on the little bird. Pleasure kicked in not long after and he turned to his sister, slipping his naughty fingers under her night dress. Pushing his hand into her mini shorts, he spread her pussy with his index and fourth fingers, attacking the clit with his middle.

Being under the same blanket, Cheryl could feel his hand on her. Holding his middle finger, she pushed it deeper by the centimeters into her. To reduce the pain, she used her thumb to massage Amber’s clit while pushing Elson’s hand with her palm.

Probably because Amber was so relaxed, there wasn’t any signs of hurt and his finger was in as well. Nudging his finger in and out, Amber was wide awake and enjoying every stroke. Cheryl woke the dazed Elson up for the next part.

Cheryl: ‘Remember what you did when you lie on top of jie jie? Can do it for your sister?’

Elson lay on top of Amber and the two kissed. Right below them was Cheryl, making sure he went into the right hole. And he did, with a push from the back by Cheryl. He was in and out and in. Everything transferred to Amber, be it force, depth, speed. The little girl was feeling every part of his brother. She was happy, so was he.

Cheryl could only watch and masturbate to the innocence of the two kids feeling and exploring the most intimate parts of their bodies.

She came once and it was not enough.

Cheryl: ‘Elson, stop stop.’

She carried Elson off Amber, leaving her lusty body in need. Hugging Amber off the bed, she turned around and lay on it, with the little girl on top of her.

Cheryl: ‘Elson, you can put into any of us now. But must remember to swap k? Keep both of us wet.’
Elson: ‘Okay. I’ll try.’

With that, he pushed his ever big little dick into Amber and pumped. It was a new position, and it sounded better to Elson in this. Now, Cheryl’s and Amber’s lips are locked, tasting each others’ warmth and wetness.

After Amber cummed, Elson switched to Cheryl’s. Placing his legs between her and his sister’s he sat on the bed and moved his butt across the bedsheets, going in and out of the bad girl. He wasn’t big enough to make her cum, but she was more than contented for that little piece of him.

She asked him to put it back into his sister while she masturbate herself, being herself to climax many times with Amber.

Elson learnt one thing though.

Elson: ‘I’m shooting!’

Yanked his little birdie out and fed it into Amber’s mouth. She sucked him and Cheryl licked. Filling her mouth up with so much cum, Amber could not hold it in and allowed as much as half to leak into Cheryl’s mouth. Not too bad huh?

The three of them slept till late morning and who knows what will she do to them?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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