Amber 4

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This time, it’s Amber’s turn to stay home. While mum followed Elson for a post-PSLE field trip to have a hands-on science experience.

Now, which mum in the right mind would pick a male baby sitter for her daughter? Asking for trouble isn’t it? She rang up neighbor Cheryl once again and she agreed. It’s finally Amber’s turn. Cheryl liked Amber. She found a lot of similarities in Amber and her childhood.

A funny idea suddenly came upon her and it was to educate Amber on the proper techniques to satisfy. All sorts of weird ideas came and she found herself ready to go over, with a vibrator.

Cheryl: ‘Hi Amber!’
Amber: ‘Hi Cheryl jie jie. I’ve got some homework to finish. Can help me?’

And they spent a good hour on all her work and it was done. Given that Amber is a very smart girl and also patient. After they got her work done, the little girl challenged her to a game of sports on Wii and being fitter, of course Cheryl won. They went into the bath together and Cheryl took the chance to explore her small body, roaming everywhere she shouldn’t.

Cheryl: ‘Does it feel good?’
Amber: ‘Mmm.’

Her eyes were closed as Cheryl cleaned her bottom up, stroking and teasing her clit. Luckily, Amber weren’t too big in size, Cheryl could still hold onto her as she wobbled from the pleasure.

Cheryl: ‘Can you clean jie jie too?’

Amber understood to do what she did. Putting her tiny fingers between jie jie’s legs, she began cleaning her up, running it back and forth. Just like how Cheryl touched her, she did the same and made her moan as loudly to see how well she was doing.

As the shower got too long, Cheryl stopped her and took out the vibrator from under the stack of clean clothes.

Cheryl: ‘Can Amber sit here?’

She went to sit on top of the toilet and Cheryl opened her legs. Turning the waterproof vibrator bullet on, she placed it at her own pussy while licking the freshly washed little Amber. She went fast and slow, making sure to taste all of her juice, as sweet as Elson’s.

After getting enough fun from her toy, she placed it on Amber and smiled widely as the girl reached out to hug her. Too much for her little mind huh? Cheryl held her tightly, pressing their erected nipples together.

After about five minutes of playing with the toy, the two of them finally decided they had enough and dressed up. Carrying her to bed, Cheryl slept with her till it was about dinner time, when mum returned with Elson.

Now, where did Cheryl left the vibrator?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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