Amber 3

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Mum: ‘Amber! C’mon, we’re going to leave now.’

Amber is going to a field trip with the school and she is going to bring her mum along. So dad having no time to take care of Elson for the day, mum asked the 17 year old neighbor, Cheryl to take care of him for about 7 hours.

After Cheryl got the keys, she changed out of her pyjamas into a checkered long buttoned boyfriend shirt and went over to where Elson was.

Cheryl: ‘Hi Elson. I will just be doing my work. Need anything tell me yeah?’
Elson: ‘I’m going to sleep for a while. I’m tired from school.’

She couldn’t get an easier job. Watching him fall asleep on the sofa, she decided to have a look at their house. Going into their rooms, she found Amber’s diary and secretly flipped through it, clearly missing her childhood times.

And then, one phrase caught her attention.

‘My brother made me felt good today. And I made him feel good too. His toot toot gave me a sweeter drink today.’

What did all that mean? Have they been doing those things?

Cheryl: ‘Elson, elson. Wake up.’
Elson: ‘Yes jie jie?’
Cheryl: ‘Can you tell me what have you been doing with your sister? Are you doing something which you shouldn’t?’
Elson: ‘I don’t know. We make each other feel good once in a while.’
Cheryl: ‘What did you do?’
Elson: ‘I touch her below?’

By then, Cheryl already had thoughts of exploiting this opportunity for her own pleasure. She had wanted to feel how was it to do with a little boy long time ago. Imagine ruinning a young boy sexually.

Cheryl lifted up his shirt and pulled his pyjamas bottom down. Feeling a bit shy, she didn’t start until his eyes was closed.

Cheryl: ‘Elson, keep your eyes closed okay?’

Elson nodded and did as told. She took a deep breath and went down over his unerected penis. As she gently suckled on it, he got bigger in her mouth and she knew her body wanted more. Slurping him up and down, Elson could tell Cheryl was more skilled. Feeling every bit of her tongue and mouth on his dick, his mind made a mental journey. So that he could teach to his sister.

Increasing her speed, she kept her eyes on his face, sure that she would stop before he cummed. As his small hand grabbed her cheeks, she released her mouth off him and stared naughtily.

Elson: ‘Jie jie, why you stop?’
Cheryl: ‘You want to feel even better?’
Elson: ‘Huh?’

What was Cheryl going to do to him? Her offer was great to Elson. He could never imagine any other ways of making it felt different. She sat beside him on the couch and lifted her hips up, pulling her too-small-for-comfort boxers off her thighs. Lifting her shirt up, she spread her legs in front of Elson, leaning back on the armrest.

Cheryl: ‘How do you touch your sister? Show jie jie?’

It was similar, hairless, but it was longer, the slit. Gently pinching the clitoris many times in quick short presses, his tiny fingers held her enlarged clit so well, sending waves of indescribable signals to her brains. He realised that jie jie cummed differently, she wasn’t as wet as Amber, but her moans are sure arousing. He had to hold his penis to keep it from getting too excited. How could Cheryl not catch that?

Cheryl: ‘Why? Are you very hard?’

Shy Elson gave a nod.

Cheryl: ‘Want jie jie to help you?’

Another nod from him.

Cheryl: ‘Come. Lie on top of jie jie.’

It has been months since she received any sex. Her boyfriend was cheating on her, but she caught wind of that early enough not to fuck him. Her first time was when she was 16, giving it to her boyfriend before the recent jerk. As she anticipate the contact, her pussy got wetter and it all seemed ready to eat it up.

Elson lie on top of her, feeling her braless boobs but he was a little too high up. So, Cheryl moved him lower, mouth-to-boob level.

Cheryl: ‘Can Elson put his toot toot into jie jie?’

Dumbfounded Elson looked down and used his hand to aim for her woman-hole. Once positioned, he pushed his hips towards hers. It was again beyond his vocabulary to describe the sensation. Cheryl used her foot which is on his butt to push it as deep as possible, since he was still ‘small’.

Within a few thrusts, Elson grabbed her boobs tightly again. Oh no, Cheryl would not let him cum in her. She quickly pulled herself up and out of his dick. Quickly sitting him up, she squatted sideways on the floor in front of Elson and sucked on his weenie.

A few spurts and squirts later, she showed Elson what he gave her. A couple teaspoon of sweet goodness. Cheryl felt sure enough that her ex(es) never had cum this sweet. She gave him a kiss and lay on the sofa.

Elson: ‘Jie jie. Thank you.’

He didn’t know why did he say that. He was too young to understand. It still came to him to thank her.

Elson: ‘Can I touch your below?’

Cheryl couldn’t be happier. She only cummed once from the clitoral stimulation. Giving him a smile, she watched what he wanted to do.

Sticking two of his fingers in, she could feel the digging of his well-cut fingernails turning her on. Hitting her un-found g-spot for the first time. Immediately, her pussy squeezed tight and Elson’s fingers slipped out. Quickly putting his fingers back in, she was finger fucking herself – with Elson’s hand. He simply kept wriggling his fingers and she came again.

Limitations. Cheryl knew she had to stop. After wiping his hands clean, Elson suddenly went down on her, sucking and licking wherever he liked. It was like an expedition. He was wandering places that Amber had not grown yet. Finally, he decided that her pink, shiny clitoris was his favourite part, he sucked on it like a little baby on nipples.

Cheryl had no choice but to give in to her own lust, cumming for another good three times from his fingering and licking, before she had to stop him, before she goes crazy. Now, who’s next? Amber?

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