Amber 2

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Amber was getting bored at recess. Despite in different levels, the breaktime was the same across her brother and her level. She had taken a heavy breakfast and couldn’t finish her lunchbox.

Amber: ‘Elson, are you hungry?’
Elson: ‘No. Where are you now? How come you can call?’
Amber: ‘I am in my classroom. There’s no one else here. I am doing duty (making sure no one comes in to steal anything).’
Elson: ‘Still got thirty minutes, want me to find you?’
Amber: ‘Come quick. There’s no one here.’

Her brother walked into the classroom and went to the corner his little sister is sitting.

Amber: ‘Want to play?’
Elson: ‘Here? What if we are caught?’
Amber: ‘We won’t be caught. I make you happy now, then go home you help me can? Yours easier to do.’

She unzipped his pants and took his brother’s dick out. Going under the table, she sat on the floor and played and took her ‘toot toot’ in her mouth, like a good girl doing homework.

The excitement simply couldn’t be contained and it didn’t take too long for Elson to squirt the warm juice into her mouth.

Elson: ‘There’s still time, you want me to help you now?’

Amber came out under the table and sat on the chair, pulling her shorts to her ankle before she sat down.

Elson: ‘Luckily you are wearing skirt. But why your skirt is so short?’

Without waiting for a reply, he spread her legs open and licked her wet pink slit, like a thirsty kitty, quick small laps. She got wet in seconds, and followed by a new feeling overwhelming her. One which was triggered after he pushed his tongue between her slit.

Unable to restrain herself any longer, she moaned and squirted quite a mouthful of sweet cum into his mouth. He sucked on it and drank all her love juice. Elson quickly got dressed and left before someone sees them. And Amber? She was there rubbing her clit at her own pace, cumming at least once before recess was over.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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