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Little Amber was ten when a pop-up window appeared while she was on her friend’s blog. It was a page with all the naked girls with a boy’s private in their mouth, seemingly enjoying it.

Amber: ‘Brother! Are you free? Come see this.’

Her brother, Elson was one year older studying in the same school as Amber. Their parents were working as directors in major companies, therefore teaching the children to be independent at a young age.

Elson went into his sister’s room and peered into her monitor.

Elson: ‘What are you looking at?’
Amber: ‘Are yours that big too? And why do they seem like they are enjoying it? Maybe it taste good?’
Elson: ‘I don’t know. I’ve got homework to complete.’
Amber: ‘Don’t worry about that. Mum just called saying they wont be home tonight.’
Elson: ‘Yay! TV.’
Amber: ‘Not again. Why don’t we try this?’

*pointing to the screen*

Amber then led her brother to her bed and asked him to lie down. The two of them took off their clothes and left their underwear on.

Amber: ‘Tell me how it feels okay?’

Sure, it was an act of discovery but they are on the path to boundless pleasure. With no clue of the consequences, she took her little brother’s weenier and pulled the skin back like how the blonde did it on the preview clip of the pornographic pop-up window.

Little Elson felt an indescribable emotion and excitement that he thought it would be embarrassing to tell his sister. As it become larger, she found it similar to her ‘toot toot’ she sucked on when she was younger.

Bending over her back, she took the middle finger long erected dick into her mouth, sucking it for something.

Elson: ‘Ahh’

Amber looked at her brother’s face but did not stop at what she was doing. After a few minutes of moaning from her brother, she paused and checked the video. It was at a scene where the guy was playing between the slit at a girl’s pee hole.

Amber: ‘Elson, watch this.’

He sat up and watched the guy’s action for a minute or two. Feeling adventurous about that guy’s act, he swapped places with Amber and used a pillow to raise her hips.

Elson: ‘Let me know if it hurts k?’

She covered her eyes in shyness and gave her brother freedom to do whatever he wanted. This was where Elson got so good after he was older, he explored his sister at a young age.

With both his hands, he split her small cut open and found another layer of thin flap. He went on, curious to find out what made the girl in the video act a little like him earlier. Poking at a little nub under the last leaves of flesh, her body jerked and she let out a gentle moan. Elson thought she felt what he felt earlier, so he went on doing it.

Amber: ‘Don’t stop. Keep going, it feels good.’

He pinched it, rolled it between his fingers, lightly probed it. As he made her felt closer to losing control, her hand went to his soften dick and stroked it.

Amber: ‘Brother, come lie down. I want to make you feel good, and you can continue to make me feel good too.’

Little Amber got over Elson and went on her fours. Sure, it was a doggie over a guy lying down, it was also known as ’69’.

Amber: ‘Do what you did k? I will suck your ‘toot too’.

He went on to play with her pussy while she sucked on his little prick. He realized a way to make his sister to suck faster, that is to tease her faster, so she will suck harder.

On and on they went, not tired by their new discovery. As Elson felt his sister working tirelessly on him, he wondered ‘how does her dew taste down like?’ Pushing his inquisitiveness about the moisture wetting her, he took a lick and another, only to find it sweet like diluted glucose water their mum always make for breakfast,

Amber stopped suddenly and quickly lie beside Elson. Through the silence, both of them were feeling something they never felt before. It was as though they are close to peeing, the natural response at their genitals were preparing for what they will know as ‘climax’ or ‘cumming’.

Amber: ‘Umm.. Elson. I’m sorry. I felt like I was almost going to pee.’

Elson: ‘When you stopped, I felt that too. I felt great.’
Are they going to stop here? Or are they going to carry on?

Looking back onto the monitor of Amber’s laptop, they replayed the last few minutes and watched in disbelief as the guy sprayed something into the girl’s mouth – and she swallowed it.

Amber: ‘Do I have to do that?’
Elson: ‘I don’t know. But what is the white thing? It just came out of his ‘toot toot.’
Amber: ‘I think I should carry on. It looks like the best part is at the end.’

She went on her fours again and sucked him, this time harder and stronger as she had an objective to meet.

In mere thirty seconds, Elson felt the pee-urge and tried to hold it in but to no avail, he unleashed the wave of warm yogurt into his sister’s mouth. Wave after wave, he couldn’t control. After he felt the urge going down, he checked on his sister and saw her contented look on her face.

Elson: ‘How did it taste? How did it taste?’

Amber: ‘A little sweet, like the drink mummy made for us every morning. My ‘below’ is also wet, so much saliva!’
Elson: ‘It got wet before I use my tongue. It tasted like the drink mummy made too. I just let the pee-feeling take over and the white thing just came out. You should try.’
Amber: ‘But I felt more like losing control instead of peeing.’
Elson: ‘Let’s try and find out. Don’t hold it in k?’

He went between her sister’s legs as she lie comfortably, still with the blanket over her shy face. He licked her and went as fast as he could.

Right at one moment, a stream of liquid came and it was simply more of the sweet tasting juice. Elson quickly lapped it up like a puppy and managed to get, most, if not all of the drink down his throat.

Lying on the bed naked, both of them hugged each other to bed, and slept till the daily alarm sounded. How could they ever forget the fun they discovered from each others’ body? One round, and they were off to school.

Was it that bad? When was it that you learned about masturbation?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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