Love Playing

Joline had secretly been texting Royce using the excuse of Alina knowing about it and because of the trust he had in Alina, he didn’t questioned her.

After an arrangement, Joline went over to his place and did her schoolwork there. Knowing Royce would fantasize about her, she dressed herself up in a sheer blouse, showing the world her black lacy bra as she made her way to him.

For her bottom, it was a small pair of denim shorts. She had a plan in mind, to own Royce behind Alina’s back. Joline had no intention to win Royce’s heart or anything. However, both Joline and Alina were attracted by his huge dick and gentlemanly attitude.

He sat at the table with Joline working  on his upcoming projects.

Joline: ‘You looked stressed. Difficult project?’

He rotated his notes to her and she gave him a blur look, hoping it would earn her some points.

Royce: ‘Like you, it’s exactly how I feel. This is my first time looking at it. I’m so lost.’

Joline comes from a well-to-do family, and at her age 19, she had a car to herself. Using that to her advantage, she had a spy camera in the form of a car remote, ready to record whatever that will happen.

She stood up and gave him a back rub complete with shoulder massage. Hugging him around his waist, she gave in and asked.

Joline: ‘Can you take off your pants?’

Royce: ‘Sorry Joline, I can’t. Alina..’

Lifting him up, Royce stood up and Joline took his seat. Pulling his blue navy colored shorts down, his dick wasn’t hard. It might seemed weird why isn’t he aroused by her, but to Joline, she understood.

Royce is thinking of her. Joline knew what little she could do, but that ‘little’ might also give her a good fuck. She wouldn’t miss that chance even if she could.

Joline: ‘Close your eyes.’

Royce is in a dilemma. He wouldn’t mind Joline, but the guilt is stopping him. Which guy could resist a girl if she offered herself?

As he felt her warm mouth overtake his little brother, thoughts of Alina blowing him came into his mind. It felt different, but isn’t that acceptable for a chance? He let Joline did all she wanted to him, and just as he was about to cum, he held her head.

Thrusting his hip deep down her throat, he took control and choked her on his meat. She definitely felt scared, but this mixed feeling heightened her pleasure, triggered her sensitive body even more. She simply gave up struggling and became Royce’s slave, even if it lasts for just a moment.

Finally, the pause came and he held her with his dick deep down her throat. Warm thick substance seeped down her gullet, but her body response of trying to get that thick piece of meat slab out was most stimulating for Royce. He didn’t let go until Joline was almost breathless.

Royce: ‘Oh my god. I’m sorry.’

Joline’s make up was smudged by her tears. But she had so much fun. Catching up on her breathing, she could only smile back at him.

Royce carried her like a baby to his bedroom where he laid her down under his blanket. He helped her remove her blouse and shorts, keeping her bra and.. There wasn’t any underwear below.

Still in his shirt, he lay above her and placed his dickhead right at her door.

Royce: ‘I’m going to make up for it. Sorry k?’

Joline replied with her feet on his ass, using whatever little force she had left to push him inside. Royce wasn’t too bad either, he went along how she wanted and shoved his dick up her pussy, which was all ready to receive.

His pounding was strong and forceful, he knew the g-spot is somewhere and he wasn’t worried about making Joline happy either. Her body was moving in rhythm with his, shifting and moving to make sure his wand touch on all the pleasure points.

It was Joline’s first time to experience over ten orgasms in one single fuck session. As more came, her pussy was memorizing his size, his texture, speed and heat. It lasted a good thirty minutes before the strong Royce had to pause.

Joline: ‘Are you tired?’

Royce: ‘Yeah. A little.’

Joline: ‘You can cum if you want.’

Royce: ‘Where?’

Joline: ‘Come, lie down.’

He fall onto the bed and closed his eyes while she gave him a massage-like handjob.

Joline: ‘Don’t control k? Just let me know when you are shooting.’

It was the most relaxing three minutes he had before he felt it coming. Without rushing he told Joline he was ready.

Pausing for a short few seconds, she grabbed her light yellow panties from her bag and wrapped it over his dick, finishing the handjob at the same time. He shot hard into her panties, and there was too much to be contained on it. But there’s always a portion of a clothing to clean up with right?

She cleaned him dry and wore the panties in front of his eyes, rubbing to smear little Royces over her cunt.

Joline: ‘This is my favorite pair of panties!’

With that, she wore her top and bottom back, Contented with the little reward she had. By then, she was impatient to leave already. With the little video of their tryst, she would have no problem getting more.

He washed up and sent her to her car and she zoomed off quickly, for fear he would suspect her.

Alina trusts Royce a lot, so she doesn’t contact him unless it was important. Good that she didn’t call at the wrong time. Bad is that because Royce does the planning for dates, she didn’t had to contact him about plans.

Hope it doesn’t go too wrong on their part, all three of them.

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