Do girls wearing such complex bra straps turn you guys on?


  • Totally! I love strappy bra those tie string type as well like bikini. Actually I think I have fetish for exposed bra straps.

  • Haha. I think many guys have that fetish too. If you find any tops you like, please do send me an email. I’m looking for a model and she might just fit that exposed bra outfit well.

  • Sure I will. Do you want me to physically post a top to you that I can find which is sexy enough to expose bra?

  • Thanks for your kind gesture j0n, but I would most certainly not want to trouble you. If you have a photo or a source where such an outfit appears, I can get it for my photoshoot. I just hope it doesn’t appear too slutty or suggestive. I would want to reserve some room for imaginations to fill up.

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