Inviting Neighbours

At last, the days of hardcore renovation of the unit next to me had ended and my new neighbours came knocking on my door a few days later.

Man: ‘Hi, I’m James. This is my wife, Janet. What’s your name? We just got married and this is our new home. Will your family and you be free to come over tonight for a small meal?’

Me: ‘I’m J. I think I’ll be the only one home today. Perhaps some other time?’

I saw his wife, Janet, giving him a nudge and he made me go over at 6pm, for a light dinner with them. Since I had nothing on that evening, I made my way to their new house and was fairly impressed with the d├ęcor. It was traditional yet stylish, with none of the clutter, at least not for a new home.

The dinner went well with simple fare and we chatted heartily about the neighbourhood. I wasn’t someone who spent a lot of time at home, having work and my hobby to work on. They did find out about my website and took the URL down. That night, I drank a little with them in front of their huge LED television mounted on the wall.

Janet had sat between us and was asking me about my place, since I had been living there for a long time. As the night came, we found ourselves comfortably drinking and singing on the cable box’s karaoke channel. James seemed fine with his wife sitting so close to me and I couldn’t be bothered with our proximity. My mind was telling me to calm down from the alcohol in my system.

James got up to dim the lights so the ambient would not be ruined, and his wife had something up her sleeves too. Placing my arm around her neck, I felt like her husband instead of neighbour and the drunk lady’s face was making its way to my neck, pecking on me while she took my hand and rested on her folded legs.

James: ‘Just make yourself at home yeah? We are glad our neighbour is someone so fun and adventurous.’

Janet’s lips went on mine and we made out, exchanging saliva. With her face so near me, her husband found the chance to roll her shirt up and unclasped the bra from her back. She responded willingly when he tugged at her shorts too, leaving only a loose shirt to cover her modesty. Seeing that the couple wasn’t really concerned about my presence, my hand on her lap went under her shirt and wriggled between her legs.

When James pulled her thigh that was nearer to him wider, I knew they were looking for someone to spice things up for their new home. I was the lucky one I guess. My fingers were quickly wet from massaging her pussy, and her husband’s hands were under her shirt playing with her boobs as well.

My fingers dipped into her soaked pussy and she grabbed James’ hand in shock.

Janet: ‘Dear, can he do it with me?’

James: ‘Of course. We must make sure he is pleased with his new neighbour. Plus, we have troubled him enough with the days of construction of our place.’

Janet got on her knees with her pussy facing James and I had to reach further to keep her pussy lubricated.

James: ‘J, leave her pussy to me. Just sit back and relax.’

I stopped fingering and laid my head to rest. Janet undid my shorts and peeled my underwear back, before feasting hungrily on my rod.

James: ‘She always has the same dessert after dinner. The change is good for her.’

Like a slut, her expertise in blowjob drove my mind blank as her lips gently pressed around my girth, and slurped in a steady tempo up and down. It was most sensual to see my dick appear and disappear into her mouth. Saliva was oozing from the sides of her lips and she kept sucking them up, not wanting to dirty their furniture. As her mouth sucked me off, her body was jerked back and forth as well, from the thrusting of her husband’s hand. Her gapping neckline had her braless breasts in full view, jiggling and hitting against each other.

After a few minutes of heavenly goodness, she took a pause and turned around to James, poking her butt out at me.

Janet: ‘Would you like to put it in?’

I eagerly got up and stood by the armrest, so James could lie on the sofa and let her mouth blow easier. I held her waist in position and brought my dick towards her hole, letting myself into her juicy oyster that forced more cream out as my dick filled her piehole.

Pumping gracefully at her, James was groaning loudly from her mouth. He mentioned that it was her first time having another dick and even initiating to invite me to their place. My throbbing dick was ramming non-stop into her and she had to stop sucking just to catch her breath. That one moment when I picked up my speed, she had sunk his dick down her throat and groaned in a muffled voice while her body trembled.

The tight grip on my dick was all I needed to know she had climaxed, and it was an intense one too. A few more violent thrusts later, she reached her arms back to slow me down to a stop, and politely asked if she could let her husband take her for the final lap. It seemed that there was a limit for her and James explained the sudden unconsciousness she would experience when she had about three orgasms.

So, she turned around once more and I let her sit over his dick before her mouth silenced itself with my rod. James started pumping her hard and made sure to thrust so deep that I would go deep throat on her. True enough, the small distance we had between her gave Janet no space to back away and she just took my thrusting rod without complaints.

James managed to give her another climax which greatly drained her energy, leaving us to support her and complete the rest of the work. I increased my pace to dip lower down her throat and James did the same for her pussy. My body knew the end was near for me, and I couldn’t stop from then on.

Me: ‘James, I’m about to shoot.’

James: ‘Just go all out man.’

I held her cheeks firmly and let him jerked her body to get me off. A small percentage of energy came back to her and she formed a little vacuum so I could enjoy to my heart’s content. Finally, I groaned the word ‘cumming’ and James paused inside of her, collapsing his chest over her back as I felt my cum pushing her cheeks opened. The slime coated tongue kept teasing my pee hole until I was utterly exhausted.

I pulled out of her mouth and stood in front of her, watching James pick himself up and yanking his wasted dick out of her pussy. Janet’s hand went between her thighs and plugged her fingers to hold his cum, while she laid on her back on the sofa. She then opened her cum-filled mouth and let James helped himself to use her mouth for a quick clean up. Janet slurped him clean dutifully and James signalled for me to have a look at our cum in her mouth.

The hot wife then swallowed all of it without batting her eyelids and continued fingering herself. The only two males in the house dressed up and he shook my hand after we washed up, while the wife was still moaning in the living room.

James: ‘Bro, I’ll need you to help take care of my wife when I’m busy at work. I’d rather you fuck her than some other guys who might take advantage of her nymphomaniac addiction. Here’s a duplicate of my house keys, and my number.’

Me: ‘Okay. I’ll call you if I have any questions.’

James: ‘Or if she doesn’t want to let you go home.’

We laughed and I nodded, still with a doubtful expression as I had never came across anything like this. I left their place and went back to my work, bearing many questions unanswered from the earlier conversation. From that night on, it was Janet who rang me up as early as nine after her husband went to work, and having wild sex all around the house. For James, all he asked of me was to take some photos or make a short clip for him whenever we did it. It was an assurance to him and a reminder to his wife that I was trusted for her to go all out with.

James got to enjoy her at night, and I became a paid wife-sitter, working full time from 8 to 5pm at their place. For the time I worked for them, I had never came once in her, or had always used a rubber when she wanted me to empty inside. I’m a considerate worker right?

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