Gift for a Special Friend

I should have known better when Angel said she had a surprise for me. When I woke up after a round of sex with her, I found my set of bondage cuffs around my wrist tied to the wooden headboard of my bed. Although I was supposed to be happy that she initiated the second round, it was the unusual look on her face that I was worried about. She had put on the pair of bowknot bra under the sheer crop top, and wearing a panties that I did not knew she owned.

Me: ‘Angel, what are you going to do?’
Angel: ‘Giving you the surprise?’

Her hands went to my shrunken dick and massaged it all over, letting it grow slowly. After a minute or so, her phone by the side lit up and she pulled my blanket over my naked body, leaving the room to myself and going into the living room. The familiar sounds of door opening and closing made me ponder and when she entered the bedroom again, her good friend, Rin, was behind her.

Angel: ‘This is your surprise!’
Me: ‘I don’t understand, you are sharing your boyfriend?’
Angel: ‘Listen to me first. Rin’s birthday was a few days ago, and she told me she wanted a special present. I know she liked you since the three of us met. So, can you do me a favour?’
Me: ‘Rin, you really want it?’
Rin: ‘Yeah.. ‘

She placed her bag down by the door and followed Angel to the bed. Rin then sat beside me while Angel took the bottle of strawberry flavoured lubricant out of my drawer. A few pumps into her hands coated her fingers and Rin rubbed both her hands together in excitement. From then on, I had intended to remain silent since it was someone else beside my Angel pleasuring me. Rin was Angel’s best friend since primary school and she was about the same height, but I knew her to be more conservative.

The birthday girl placed her hands on my half-awakened dick and started playing with it, while Angel lubed her hands and joined her shortly. Four hands on one dick. They were laughing and having fun while working up and down my rod, making me groan with confusion. Was I supposed to enjoy it? Or feel like a toy?

Nonetheless, the girls were enjoying themselves and my balls were coated with the strawberry scent.

Angel: ‘You want to taste the strawberry?’

Rin wiped some of the liquid off her fingers on a beach towel she brought and packed her fringe behind her ear. I watched her head went towards my dick and her tongue poking out of her lips for a taste. After she checked the sweetness, her mouth opened and my tip disappeared into it. Her tongue licked hungrily off the wet cock and Angel used the same towel to clean her hands too. After that, Rin’s off shoulder shirt, loose tank top, shorts were pulled from under her feet and she was in just the set of normal black lingerie.

Her mouth did move up and down, but she did not go to deep, since she was just after the strawberry. After Angel got both their bras off, she went to my side and showed Rin how I liked my blowjob to be done. Angel went down on my shaft and pumped her head down, shaking her head occasionally to make me moan. Rin copied her actions and did the same, but her tongue was making more effort and really did made me felt like cumming after she sucked and thrust harder.

It was truly a competition between the girls. And I was the lucky beneficiary. Once the lube was more or less gone, Angel pulled Rin’s panties off and let her sit between my feet. Angel sat on top of me and slowly brought her pussy backwards, slipping easily over my raw dick and riding it gently.

Angel: ‘You just do the same later k?’

Her hips could not stop moving as my dick stroked against her vaginal walls. She had never taken me raw more than twice in our relationship and this was the third time. I could feel her wetness soothing the ride and she took a great deal of determination to get off me. Rin’s turn came and she sat at the same spot, moving her body back with Angel guiding my dick into her pussy.

Angel: ‘Sit slowly k? It’s just your second time doing it.’
Me: ‘Second time?’
Rin: ‘Yeah. First time was given to my ex.’

It wasn’t too bad to be number two. For a girl who looked so innocent and demure, I had never expected her to give her virginity away so easily. She must have loved him much more than he did. As soon as her pussy sat firmly over my dick, her butt started grinding in a much skilled belly-dancing move than Angel. The tip of my dick kept brushing on her g-spot and she was moaning ecstatically to the motion.

Angel was all smiles when she saw how Rin was enjoying herself. She helped too by wrapping her arms around Rin’s breasts and rolling her nipples like how I did to her.

Rin: ‘Can he move on his own in this position?’
Angel: ‘Can you?’

I nodded and asked Rin to sit on her heels facing my feet. She understood how it worked and sat in that exact position, lowing her butt down my rod and lifting it just inches away. I grabbed the poles where my hands were bounded to and started thrusting my hips upwards, ramming that rod into the tight hole in high speed.

Because it was just constant wriggling of my body, I used little energy but felt a great deal. Her feet together was squeezing her pussy so tightly that I was truly blown away. Clear, yellowish fluids were flowing down my shaft and she just couldn’t stop herself.

Angel, who was sitting in front of her, held her face in her hands and kissed. The unexpected turn in events pleased Rin and she made out while I fucked her. After some time, Rin sat over my groin and immobilised my movements. She placed her arms by my waist and raised her body up, allowing me to resume the thrusts. The sudden wave of orgasms shivered her arms as more fluid gushed out of her pussy.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum soon. Get off me before it’s too late.’

I paused everything and Rin dismounted off my body. Finally, I had a chance to rest and watched the two, engaged in some whispering conversation.

Angel: ‘Okay!’

Her face lit up and they freed my hands. I was hushed aside and the girls got into missionary, with Rin on top and Angel below. Both their pussies were in view and I was asked to take Rin in doggie. I happily obliged and parked my dick into her, ramming into her before she got ready. Angel’s hand had gone to her own pussy and rubbed her pussy while they made out.

As I felt my cum building up, I slowed down and warned the two again. They swapped positions and my dick went into Angel, thrusting much harder into the fitting pussy I had been doing for a long time.

Angel: ‘Pull out and shoot at our parts when you are shooting k?’

I confirmed their request and went on fucking Angel’s brains out, going faster and faster until the cows came home and I yanked myself out. The streams of semen coated over their pussies in a graceful air show, leaving the girls kissing fiercely as they felt my warmth on their bodies.

Angel fell onto the bed beside Rin and they crossed their arms to masturbate each other, spreading my cum over their genitals like lotion. I stepped off the bed and walked to Rin, where she opened her mouth to let me in, sucking and licking me till I was only covered in her saliva.

Me: ‘Rin, like the surprise?’
Rin: ‘Yupp. If only Angel can let me join more often.’
Me: ‘Can she?’

Angel’s finger sank into Rin’s pussy in reply and whispered ‘of course you can‘ softly into her ears. Angel borrowed the borosilicate G-spot dildo from me and I went into the kitchen to get some drinks for them. When I returned, they were in missionary again, but with the dildo connected, thrusting and moaning like no one is watching. Well, I did not interrupt them and let them get each other off, watching quietly in a corner.

Angel: ‘If Rin wants it when I am not around, just do it for her k?’
Me: ‘But I want you too.’
Rin: ‘I can join you guys whenever you meet, and leave after that. I know you two will need some time alone.’

They went on for half an hour before tiredness got the better of them, and they rested for a while before the three of us went on a dinner date together. For that night, Angel wore her blue bra I bought under Rin’s off shoulder shirt, and Rin wore just her black bra under her loose singlet, both leaving their panties at my place for washing.

Since then, Rin always had the wireless vibrator I gave her inside on the days the three of us met, and Angel slowly picked that habit up too, so I could ‘control’ them in public.

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