Up the Stairwell

As I walked up the stairs to my house, a girl sitting on one of the flights leading to my floor suddenly closed her legs and stretched her shirt embarrassed over her crotch. I kept walking without staring at her until she called out. I turned around and went back to her, which she then asked if I had a lighter.

Me: ‘Yeah. Hang on.’

I reached into my bag and fumbled the contents for that lighter I kept in case my customers asked for one. I handed it to her and she continued looking at me, without intention to use the lighter at all.

Girl: ‘Do you live here?’
Me: ‘Yupp. Just here. You live around here too?’
Girl: ‘Oh okay. Nope. I just passed by.’

I was waiting for my lighter that she held on to, reluctant to return it. Perhaps she wanted to keep it, which was fine by me too. I was about to let her have it when she tugged on my jeans, stopping me from taking another step up.

Me: ‘Yes?’
Girl: ‘Can you sit with me?’

Since I had ended work and had nothing else on, I placed my bag on the steps and joined her. Her bottomless butt showed a little of the laced panties she wore, but I did not want to make the situation anymore awkward, so I did not look any longer.

Girl: ‘How do I address you?’
Me: ‘J. You?’
Girl: ‘Stella.’

We spoke for a while about her activities earlier and she was shyly telling me that she had an urge to get herself off, so she stopped her and did it. After a few minutes, she boldly asked if I wanted to help her. The partly excited me could not reject the poly girl just graduated from secondary school. That small t-shirt on her had crumpled from her tugging to cover her panties, and she finally let go of it after I expressed some interest.

She leaned against the rails with her legs opened and I reached for her panties. I pulled the waistband open and let my fingers in, which met no objection from the quiet girl. Her hair was tied in a high ponytail and I saw that denim skirt right behind her head.

Me: ‘You’re okay with it?’
Stella: ‘Yeah. Just do what you like. I don’t mind.’

In my mind, I was wondering what was she really after. Sitting in public, masturbating, and even allowing a stranger to help her out so easily. I simply asked her those questions as I ran my fingertips along her slit, getting the answers I needed. Her replies came with soft moans while her pussy leaked more juices into her underwear.

She had just recently broken up and felt neglected, along with other sadness related emotions. Masturbation was her solution to temporarily forget all those bad things and thus explaining why she was here, and even so open to let me help her.

I pushed my fingers into her and her back straightened, delighted at another set of fingers that could reach deeper. In the confined space of her panties, I began thrusting my hand at her and the slight slurping sounds turned me on to know how horny she was. Her hands were gripping onto the rails while her tummy sank and rose, responding to my speed.

Needless to say, the hard on in my jeans was almost busting my zip. I went on non-stop till she climaxed twice, lubricating my palm with so much honey that her panties were totally soaked. She stopped me at last when my motion had gotten too stagnant without any space to change angles.

Stella: ‘You want to lower your pants? I can help you.’

I kneeled on two separate steps and she unbuckled my belt, bringing my jeans just below my underwear. She pulled my undies under my dick and then went on to remove her panties. Her face went to my dick and took a breath, while I was expecting her to be turned off by the sweat smell since I had been working tirelessly for the whole day.

Instead, she devoured my dick after that breath and shoved her head up and down quickly, sucking my breath away from the hard suction in my dick. Her blowjob was a weird one though. She was really blowing me, trying to force air into my rod, which made me question if it was her first time.

Me: ‘Shouldn’t you be sucking instead?’
Stella: ‘Let me continue and you will know why.’

Was there some trick that mankind had not discovered? As her mouth continued blowing, the high pressure in my dick was causing a little discomfort with aches. Soon, she stopped and held my shaft in her hand, showing me the result of her ‘blow’ job. Right before my eyes, was a reddened, swollen rod, with the veins expanded. I was shocked at my own size and how well she pulled it off.

Stella: ‘Do you have a condom?’
Me: ‘No I don’t.’
Stella: ‘Nevermind. You still want to do it?’

I went to the wall behind me and reached my hand out gentlemanly, pulling her to her feet. She turned around towards the rails and stuck her butt out at me. With so much excrement from both of us, there was enough lubricant and I parked my dickhead at her entrance. After she got her grip for balance, I shoved it into her pussy in one stroke and she let off a moan.

Her hole was so darn small that even more pressure was felt in my dick, worrying me that it might just explode. I parked myself inside her for a few seconds to let the bloodflow resume, but the girl wasn’t interested in waiting. Her body moved back onto my hips and was doggie-ing me instead. Well, fuck it. I just rammed my rod at her butt and the monotonous sex began.

Her pussy was dripping onto the floor as I banged her tiny frame, jerking her so hard at the railings. I sensed the contraction of her pussy and the following plea to slow down was granted, allowing her to take a break from getting a huge dick inside her. She turned around to lean against the railing and I went up to her, grabbing her neck and making out with her. The change in tempo relaxed the hardened muscles and she raised one of her legs to my butt.

Stella: ‘Do it in this position?’
Me: ‘Will it be painful for your legs?’

Stella placed her legs to my middle back and I knew she was trained in one way or another. I spent some time getting my dick into her and finally did it after she straightened her leg over my chest. She had one feet on the floor, while another was in the air. Her skilled split gave me the space and a little rebound assistance from the stretched thighs. I took her in this position and continued forcing the life out of this tiny lady.

I pounded her so hard and fast that she came within a few minutes, still far from my ejaculation. It only took her ten minutes before she let her feet down and we returned to standing doggie, making loud slapping sounds from my hip hitting against her butt. I pushed on for the remaining of the time on my countdown to detonation, weakening her legs during the long round of sex.

Finally, I could feel my balls squeezing and my rod all ready to unleash. I slowed down and brought my head to her ear, telling her that my bomb was about to go off. She reached her hands backwards to my waist and held me tightly, wanting me to empty it in her. Overwhelmed by the steamy situation, I couldn’t think properly and just continued in high speed thrusts.

It had taken me about another minute of furious pumping, aided by the adrenaline flushing through my body, before my cum – came. It was one of the hardest ejaculation I had experienced, forcing my cum into her little tiny vacuum. The opposing pressure sucked my sperms out and I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. The girl did not let me out even after I was done, and I didn’t mind the late check-out too. We kissed in that position for a while before I shrunk down enough to pop out of her, leaving her pie filled with cream.

Stella: ‘Can I find you again if I needed it?’
Me: ‘Yeah. But let’s not do here. Cause my family might see us.’

I gave her my number and she got dressed, only relaxing her pussy when her panties was on. Her calmed mood let me understood that she felt better and I went home a happier guy too, though more tired than usual.

She became a frequent visitor to my neighbourhood, sometimes even bringing her younger sister along when there was no one else at home. Stella’s sister wasn’t that young either, she was in secondary school then, and they shared the same genes that gave her a small body as well. Of course, her sister was deflowered by me when she was exposed to so much intense sex between Stella and I, accidentally making her an oral expert during the grooming.

A happier man has I became – at the various stairs we had our trysts at.

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