Drinking with Her

Girl: ‘Hey, are you allowed to drink with customers?’

Me: ‘Yeah of course. But if there are other customers I might have to tend to them.’

Girl: ‘Wanna ask your boss if you can join me?’

I went back into the empty bar and got myself a pint of Blanc, flavourful and sweet to my liking. Bringing the glass out, the gold tinted hair girl was waiting for me, glad that someone could join her for this quiet Sunday night.

She introduced herself as Michelle and we chatted over the beers. It didn’t take long for the both of us to realise we couldn’t hold our alcohol very well from the redness in our faces. By then, my shift had ended and the bar was just a few hours from closing, giving me my freedom for the night.

After she finished her beer, the payment was made and I was about to leave for home too.

Michelle: ‘Umm.. J, do you wanna hang out for a while more?’

Me: ‘You don’t have to go home early? It’s dangerous for a girl alone at this hour.’

Michelle: ‘You can send me home right? Anyway, I live around here.’

I went in her direction and walked her to a quieter stretch of road, before sitting down on a curb. Her tipsy head landed on my shoulders and I put my arms around her for support.

Michelle: ‘You know I have a crush on you? That’s why I try to come here when I have the chance.’

Me: ‘I guessed. I quite like you too, though we haven’t spoken much. I think you would make a good partner.’

Her breath kept blowing down my neck and the sweet fragrance from her hair was alluring. I did not want to scare her with any kinky moves but thankfully, she was the one who hinted at wanting it. She removed her black cardigan and her bra straps were showing brightly under her singlet tank top. After she saw no reaction from me, her hands went behind and her bra loosened out of her cups.

Michelle: ‘You want to help me take it off?’

My free hand went under her tank and pulled the yellow bra out, bearing her scent at a stronger tone. I had almost took it to my nose for a whiff but I remembered to play cool around this new girl. Although her bra was gone, I returned my palm to her A cups and massaged one side, feeling her breath getting warmer as her nipples hardened. I teased those pokey tips non-stop until she could not control herself anymore, running her hand over my pants.

Michelle: ‘You dare to do it here?’

The word ‘dare’ was more suited for me to ask her since a girl would have the most to lose if we were spotted. I nodded and she let me unzip my pants, lowering it just enough to let my dick breath. A pause from her signalled to me that it could be bigger than what she had came across, either that, or it was the first penis she had.

Michelle: ‘It’s big.’

Me: ‘Umm.. Thank you?’

She giggled sweetly at my answer and wrapped her fingers around it. The warmth slowly transferred into her hand and she held on to it for a minute. Do remember that we were sitting behind a row of private estates, lit with street lamps, and there was one just above our heads. If anyone walked past, they would be able to make out what a couple would be doing. Gently, she started stroking me and my hand was looking to return the favour too.

The pair of skinny jeans she wore was the hardest to take off, especially when things were so heated. She stood up and pulled them off her legs quickly, sitting back down and stretching her top over her crotch. I pushed her hands away after she grabbed my stick, and the first contact with her panties showed me how wet she was. I swiftly wriggled my fingers into her panties and rubbed on her clit, hidden between a small slit, about the old twenty cents wide.

Michelle’s jerking got faster after an inch of my middle finger went in, moaning softly into my neck. I could feel my rod hardening and her pussy pulsating, asking me to go deeper. Of course, I gave her pussy what she wanted and by the time I got my finger inside, her head had rolled down my chest.

We took a break while she placed her jeans under her knees, while getting into doggie on the tar road.

Michelle: ‘Can you still reach it?’

‘It’ referred to her pussy. With some adjustments, I dipped my finger back into her love hole and fingered her while her face neared my dick. The thick smell of saltiness from my sweat did not turn her off. Her mouth went down on it, going all the way to my base while I pumped my hand faster. Her bobbing head made me feel so horny and hard, with thoughts of my cock bursting with high blood pressure.

After a while, I stopped her and she climbed over my lap, ready to sit on my dick. I did not have a condom with me but apparently, she did not care. She held my dick upright and lowered her body, sitting down so slowly, trying her best to contain the slight pain from the entry. I leaned back towards the dangerous drains and watched her small slit swallow my rod.

It had taken her about thirty seconds to accommodate me, and it was the tiredness that finally made her gave up. Riding so closely to me, her boobs were in my face, and the top was treated as invisible. My mouth went over her breasts and bit hard down on them. The sudden groan from her shocked me, but she was already riding by then.

My mind had gone into a fuck-care state, ignoring if anyone saw us. She went on for a few long minutes, sending me into heaven and hell with that tight small cunt of hers. At the ten minute mark, I couldn’t take the pain from her bouncing and got her up. We went to a dark corner behind a three storey building and I made her part her feet so I could pump her.

The thoughtful girl reached for my dick under her pussy and guided me right in, filling her void with warmth. Once inside, I rammed her like no tomorrow, shaking the iron grill from time to time. Luckily, no one heard us and we just kept going. In our situation, there was no other positions we could try and so, we stuck to this.

The hard slapping sounds went on until her knees were shivering, and my sweat had covered my shirt. I knew I was about to cum, and the only nice thing I could do was to ask, ‘where?’ Michelle whispered ‘my mouth’ while her body was still jerking from my deep thrusts, and I pulled out shortly after.

She sat on the steps of the backdoor and led her mouth to my dick. I placed my hands on the wall beside the door and watched her mouth-fuck me. It was the most convenient ‘disposal’ I had wished for and she worked hard, taking her time to suck and explore my sensitive parts of my dick. She remembered that there was a task on hand and deep throat me a few times, which really drove me mad with lust.

Her tongue was tucked lightly under my rod and a small suction kept my dick in place. Once I felt my load coming, I tapped on her cheeks and she sank her mouth all the way to my balls. The powerful gush almost brought me to my knees if not for the iron door grill, and the suction maintained to empty my chamber.

The whole load had gone down her stomach and her mouth still had energy to keep sucking. The lack of gag wowed me and she continued pushing me to my limits by fondling my tip with her tongue.

Me: ‘Michelle, you can stop now.. I am.. ‘

My sentence was interrupted by her sudden tight vacuum and a blowjob picking up in speed. It was just a lollipop sized dick she was sucking and I could feel that there was no mercy given. I had to force stop her by stepping away and she was in grins when I did that.

Michelle: ‘Too much for you?’

Me: ‘Yeah! I have a sensitive body.’

We went back to the curb and she wore her jeans back, without her panties cause it was a little sore under. With my dick cleaned, I put on what I removed and we sat there chatting for a while more. It was almost a year since she last had a dick inside, making her ex-boyfriend the last. From then, she visited the bar frequent at the end of my shift and we found a new place for our thrice-a-week sexercise – her place.

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