Missing His Touch

Lin’s mind was filled with scenes of her 21st birthday night where Andy, one of her classmates who stayed over at the hotel, had touched her while she was asleep. Although it was purely an accident, she couldn’t forget the gentle touches across her groin by the sleeping guy. His hand had unintentionally landed on her body and moved itself across her chest, where her unpadded bra amplified his contact.

Picking up her phone, she texted him again and asked him out for supper, citing that she was near his place although she wasn’t. The bored guy accepted her invitation and went down his block to the kopitiam that was about to close. Lin appeared shortly after in a short velvet red dress, attracting the attention of the folks drinking beside them.

After just one mug of beer, Lin made an excuse about her discomfort getting high among the uncles and wanted to go to his place to finish their drinks. Andy bought two more bottles of beer and went up to his place, into his room as it was already air-conditioned. He had no thoughts of getting laid that night, at least not from the girl whom he respected as a good friend. But little did he know she was getting wetter by the minute being in full privacy of his room.

As they sat on his bed watching an old movie she chose, the beers were kicking in and the drunk girl was falling onto him. Out of convenience, he tucked her under his blanket and positioned the bolster behind them so she could watch the show from his laptop in comfort. Soon, Andy was feeling cold himself and Lin opened the sides of the blanket for him. He joined her under the sheets and felt her legs on his, moving ‘by accident’ to brush her waxed legs against him.

Slowly, Lin moved her hand under the blanket and abruptly went to his groin, over his shorts. The surprised man remained motionless as she cuddled into his arms, hand still rubbing over his dick. As the tent was set up, she began to recount that night when he had turned her on so much that she had to ‘ease’ herself in the loo. Andy remembered nothing from that night but couldn’t help getting horny from her advances.

She had already went up his shorts and holding the underwear-clad rod, stroking it playfully to see how big it could get. Her middle finger and thumb soon could not touch each other from the growing rod, and a little regret mixed into the excitement building up. He had indeed gotten to a size that it scared her, yet thrilled her senses with fantasies of it pumping hard into her pussy.

Lin: ‘Shall we stop the video here?’

Andy said nothing and paused the clip, before placing the laptop under his bed. His free hand went behind Lin to send the zipper down, and her dress came easily off her shoulders, and she asked him to get his bottom naked as well. The hyped up guy took his pants off and laid obediently beside her, awaiting his chance.

Andy: ‘Umm.. do we need a condom?’
Lin (laughing): ‘Later perhaps?’

He shyly covered his face with the blanket and Lin’s hand continued jerking him. Pre-cum was already flowing out of his tip like a broken pen and it was assisting with the handjob. After some time, Lin got tired and slipped under the sheets, forming a huge tent over his hips. Andy couldn’t be more lucky to have this high-class friend going down on him. She was determined in pleasing him so he could return the favour later.

Pumping his rod by the base and sucking the top few inches continuously, the helpless boy was groaning as she randomise her speed and suction. He was thrusting his hips at her face instinctively and Lin took it well down her throat. At the last part of the blowjob, her lips kept themselves sealed around his hood and her tongue flicked mercilessly around his pee hole, driving him insane with the overwhelming sensitivity.

Andy had to push her away once he felt numb down there and Lin appeared from the blanket licking her lips.

Lin: ‘Nice?’
Andy: ‘Best.’

Her braless boobs were blushing and those nipples were hardened to redness. He patted on the empty space next to him and got her to lie down, while he disappeared under. Lin felt a couple of hot breaths on her nipples, before a warm, wet mouth went over it and began flicking it. The occasional bites sent the pleasure-mixed-pain across her spine and she just shivered in ecstasy, almost getting to the point she could orgasm with just her nipples being teased.

Actually, that was what happened. Andy changed to her other boob and took a bite, pushing her body into climax and further extended it by nibbling on her nipple. That particular side was more sensitive and she learnt that fact that night. A total of two orgasms were given just from her nipples, and instead of feeling worn out, Lin’s body was begging for more – like an orgasm from sex AND nipple tuning.

She patted on the bed and he laid himself flat. The decent looking girl stripped her panties off and climbed on top of him, swallowing saliva while anticipation built up for the both of them.

Lin: ‘Is it your first time?’
Andy: ‘Yeah. Yours too?’
Lin: ‘Nope. But it’s the first time for your size.’

He aimed his dick upwards and she sat on his abs, before gliding her pussy to his rod. The shocked girl bit her lips hard as his tip forced her pussy to stretch, thereafter prying her unused pussy open as it closely pressed against her vaginal walls. By the time she fully sat down on him, tears had swelled up in her eyes from the slight pain. Still spurred by his size, the enjoyment to follow was the main course of that night.

Rocking her body back and forth, his dick completely sealed her pussy and her g-spot was screaming in desperation with its constant contact. The poor girl lost most of her strength from the pleasure and Andy took over once she fell on his chest. He flipped her over and placed her calves on his shoulders, holding them still while he thrust his hips. As that dick filled her hole over and over again, her legs that was together, went through a tough fight to spread themselves.

That tightest of her own pussy was sending her in and out of consciousness, especially when an orgasm was coming and he picked that signal up, kneading and fondling her breasts to heighten the climax. Once Lin was begging him to let her legs go, he knew her body was at its limit and so, he let her place her legs around him.

Shifting his body into a plank shape, he rammed his dick deep into her and Lin just moaned like crazy at the depth he reached. Out of the five minutes he was pounding her, at least two was in a state of unconsciousness, only to be awakened by the next oncoming orgasm. Lin was totally drained by then and her body was drifting in and out of a trance. Part of her wanted his dick to be inside her forever, and another wanted a break.

Andy held her hips firmly over his dick and asked her to turn around, which she did exhausted. As soon as her knees were bent, he pulled her down at his rod and pierced so ever deeply that Titanic might have been seen. Her mind was blank, and body was covered in sweat, both from sex and pain. The futile attempts to massage her clit was useless against the hard pounding at her rear. That Andy, couldn’t get enough of her tight pussy and was not giving up until he came.

Grabbing her shoulders, he made sure to ram her so hard that she made no more sounds, only hearing the squishy noise from their connected genitals. As he slipped his dick in and out faster at the hopeless girl, he felt his urge built up like a bomb going off. Picking up his speed, his hands kept her body still while his dick thrust to her core. Right before he exploded, he turned her around frantically and placed his dick above her pussy, stroking himself along her slit.

At last, the detonation covered her belly button in cum and the long streaks of creamy thick gel shot over and over again at her clit. The warmth from his cum soothed her pain and she rubbed her pussy to ease it further, spreading his cum around like moisturiser. Once Andy had expended his rounds, he collapsed beside her and it was her turn to hold him in her arms.

Lin: ‘It was the wildest sex I’ve ever had.’
Andy: ‘I don’t know if I will be able to settle for anything less that what we did just now.’

In the end, the condom was left untouched and the both of them skipped the rest of the movie. Lin had her pussy covered in his cum and his dick was coated with her juices, left to dry to a powdery state.

He suckled on her nipple like a baby and she let him finger her until the pain was gone. That night, the two of them slept soundly and Lin woke up the next morning, with his hand on her chest, moving down her bare body to her pussy. Well, breakfast for them was each others’ juices served directly into their mouths, coincidentally at the same time. I will leave you guys to imagine what position they were in when they ate each other out.

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