Spare Room and Guy

A call came into my phone at noon and my younger cousin, Rachel was on the line. She was nearby my place and needed somewhere to rest, specifically a room she could have all to herself. There was a spare room nicely decorated for rent, and it had been empty for some time. So I asked her to go ahead and use it, which she excitedly thanked me for.

The knock came shortly after and I let her in, with a guy that looked younger than her. I brought them to the room and removed the few boxes of stuff I stacked away in the corner. They thanked me in a formal tone and I was ready to go back to bed since work only starts in the late afternoon. Rachel was in poly and we had been quite close since she was a toddler. We met often at our grandparent’s place and by then, she had grown into a fine young lady who knew how to dress well.

A guy and a girl in a room, what more could I expect? The creaking sounds of the bed soon formed the background music along with occasional loud moans. That guy was not very mature too, taking things for granted when a room was provided. In under ten minutes, the room went quiet and the door opened, with the guy embarrassed holding his bag in his arms and leaving the place.

Wow, was he really that bad in bed? Or maybe he did something wrong. At least my cousin wasn’t fucking anymore, and that felt better for a relative in my position.

Me: ‘Rachel, is everything alright?’

I knocked on the door and she asked me to enter. I walked into her with the blanket wrapped around her body and a stench of cigarette filled up my nose. Like how the saying went, if you had time for a smoke after sex, you’re doing it too fast. I sat on the bed and probed further about who the guy was. Listening to her rantings wasn’t easy either, especially when she bared her shoulders and her long gold highlighted hair flowed down onto her chest. It seemed that the ‘ah lian’ life had chosen her.

Seeing how comfortable she was in her own skin, I continued chatting until she felt a little hungry. I excused myself to cook some spaghetti for her and she immediately said she wanted to help out. Even before I could exit the room, she caught hold of my hand and asked if I could wait, like ‘can’t you wait for me to get dressed first?’ In a totally Singaporean accent. I sat still with my head turned away, and she was done in under a minute.

I looked at her and the sight of a slut in just her sports bra and spandex sports shorts created a twitch in my pants.

Me: ‘The oil might splatter onto your body!’
Rachel: ‘I’m just going to watch you cook, and you can shield me right?’

She got off the bed and pulled me up, leading me to the kitchen hungrily. Just like each time I cook, I took my time to prepare all the condiments required and she just sat on the dining table, watching me in awe.

Rachel: ‘I didn’t know you can cook.’
Me: ‘You don’t come by often enough.’
Rachel: ‘I think men who can cook are hot!’

Of course, the stove often makes me sweat. I began cooking and she stood behind me, using me as a shield from the slight splattering of butter. A few times she had hugged me so she could watch the pan while hiding behind me, and her soft boobs just made my hard on more obvious under the thin shorts.

I left her with the plate of pasta and did the dishes. By the time I was done, she was done too. And we returned to the spare room that had its air-con in full blast.

Rachel: ‘You’ve been standing since I only wore my bra and shorts huh?’
Me: ‘Excuse me, I’m a normal guy. I can’t control it too.’
Rachel: ‘Did you fantasise about me?’
Me: ‘Only just now.’

Rachel pulled me down onto the bed with her and climbed on top of me like a wild cat. She pressed her hands on my chest and grind her pelvic over my bulge naughtily, tempting me to lose control.

Rachel: ‘I’ve read a lot of stories about cousins doing it. And I really wanted to give it a try too.’
Me: ‘C’mon, don’t play anymore. I still need to work.’

She pulled her bra off and threw it at my face, giving me an overload of her floral scented body. With my eyes covered, she grabbed my hands and placed it on her breasts, helping my fingers knead them before I took over and automated the process. I could tell how turned on she was from the erection of her nipples, and it was just so inviting to feast on them.

I sat up and let the bra fall to the side, planting my mouth over her boobs and letting her pressed my head on where she preferred to be sucked. I went on working my tongue all over her chest until she was almost blurted for me to fuck her.

After the non-stop sucking, she had to push me down on the bed to stop me and took another few seconds to remove her shorts, leaving her bare pussy in full view of me. The smooth skin over her pussy was in the same fair complexion as the rest of her body, and it was definitely the most alluring part I had seen in all the girls. The tiny peeking of her clit, well hidden labia, with a little glimmer from her juices.

She sat back on top and tugged my shorts down, exposing my underwear-less dick. A few strokes with her hands got the pre-cum flowing and Rachel laid on top of me, looking upwards into my eyes.

Rachel: ‘I really want it. Can give it to me?’
Me: ‘Lie on the bed.’

I already lost myself the moment I had her breasts in my mouth, and since we’re already going to hell, might as well stay there right? We flipped over and I pressed her knees onto the bed, spreading her like an overturned frog. My dick docked into her hangar in autopilot mode and I penetrated her in a steady pace, giving her no chance to take any breaks in between the whole trip.

My little cousin was in all smiles with her eyes shut, feeling every bit of my rod warming her meat tunnel. I couldn’t help but let off a manly groan when I was fully parked in her, when her pulse was beating right onto my shaft. I bet she could feel my heart beating fast too. We wasted no time in enjoying the motionless state and I began ramming my rod into her, sending her into wails and slutty comments like ‘faster, deeper’. I was in total control and I had no intention of ending it fast.

I made sure to do her so slowly that she had no choice but to struggle with me for control. The weak attempts was negated by keeping her legs opened and speeding up when she tried to break free. I guessed getting on top of me would give her the pleasure she wanted, but no, I wasn’t there to just please her. I had wanted to impress her.

Pounding our hips together hard, I made long fast strokes in and slow strokes out. It was sexy to see how badly she wanted it.

Rachel: ‘Can you let me get on top now? I am dying to climax. Please let me cum.’
Me: ‘Alright. One time before you ride me.’

I straightened my legs and fucked her faster, until she grabbed my wrists and opened her mouth in a silent scream. Her hips went jerking uncontrollably, and it took over my thrusts. It was just fucking my rod unintentionally. The huge orgasm weakened her for a while and I just kept still while inside. Once she reached her hands out to me, I knew she was ready to ride the bull.

I picked her up and we did a few times seated. Thereafter, I laid on my back and she placed her knees by my hips, grinding back and forth to her liking. Unknown to her, this position wasn’t that stimulating but it had an opposite effect on her. The girl was holding her long hair over her head as she rode me, squeezing her own breasts while ignoring my feelings.

In just under three minutes, the same jerking motion came and a small stream of cum flowed down my abs to the sides. She then collapsed on my body and asked me to take over. We spent a long time changing to doggie in her exhausted state and I was given full authority for the last lap.

Rachel: ‘Did you feel good when I ride you?’
Me: ‘I’m fine with it. Why do you ask?’
Rachel: ‘Most guys couldn’t take it and just shoot halfway. I seldom reached the doggie style.’
Me: ‘Shoot inside you?’
Rachel: ‘No! I’m not that slutty yet. Inside condom.’
Me: ‘And me?’
Rachel: ‘You’re the first to do it raw with me.’

Well, fuck. What was I expecting when she initiated the sex? I pushed those thoughts aside and pulled her hips down on my shaft, shocking her by the depth I could reach in this position. ‘Oh my god! It’s so deep in me’, she moaned when I started thrusting in short strokes. It was getting harder to hold myself back and I decided to just go all the way, until ‘that’ moment.

She kept herself motionless while I banged her, keeping me turned on with her moans and dirty comments. The small body was in constant trembles as I fucked her silly, sending her body into overdrive with the non-stop orgasms. My dick was being squeezed with an overpowering tightness and the small bumps in her pussy sent me groaning louder.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m cumming Rachel, I’m cumming!’

I pulled out of her with a few seconds grace and she jumped to turn herself around. Her mouth went down my shaft and she forced her face into my groin, making long, fast thrusts. I let her continue as I knew the tightness and wetness would keep my timer ticking. After about five minutes of mindless mouth-fuck, I held her head down and jerked my hips upwards a few times, triggering my load to fire into her mouth.

Instead of just keeping still, she took things into her own hands and continued to fuck me with her mouth, going all the way down to a painful sounding deep throat. As soon as I was done, I released my grip on her head and she let my dick out, till only my tip was left on her pouted lips. She took some time to recover from the choking and then made another few strokes down my rod.

Only after I was emptied and shivering from the hypersensitive dick, she let me off and sat demurely on her calves. Her opened mouth and swirling tongue played with my cum for a while before she swallowed it whole, and cleaned her mouth with the blankets.

I went back to the pillows and rested, waiting for her to crawl into my arms and getting close to me. We cuddled for a bit without kissing and the tired girl was still smiling from the sex earlier.

Rachel: ‘You’re good in bed.’
Me: ‘How many guys did you have before me?’
Rachel: ‘Three?’
Me: ‘And they shoot in your mouth?’

Rachel: ‘Eh! No! Always in condoms. You’re the first to unload in my mouth.’

That many ‘firsts’ scared me as such things were usually reserved for boyfriend, or husband. She fell asleep after a while and I let her have the whole bed. I went for a shower and left for work, leaving her a message to text me if she needed anything and not know where to find it.

Upon reaching home that night, I prepared dinner for the still-asleep girl. A delicious smelling dinner would be the most ideal way to wake up to, and she did, naked, pussy already wet.

Rachel: ‘Can I stay over at your place tonight? I’ll let my mum know.’
Me: ‘Yeah. You can.’
Rachel: ‘And you’ll do it all night long with me?’
Me: ‘Yes, that too if you want.’

Now I have a closer cousin, filled with benefits we knew no one must ever find out. That night, we took turns to ‘wake’ each other up after every round and we had the most intense sex ever, even after I was firing blanks. We just could not get enough of each other, till this day.

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