Kit Kat

Elaine (shouting): ‘Do you want Kit Kat? I’ve got a lot in my fridge.’
Gwen (shouting): ‘Okay! Bring more!’

Elaine went back to her room with 4 packets of kit kats and handed two to her sister, before going back to her bed opposite hers to continue with her show. Gwen was on her bed as well, facing Elaine so she wouldn’t notice the gay video playing on her screen. The two sisters ate the chocolate and Gwen’s panties was getting wetter as the men started doing each other.

Covering her legs with her blanket, she started masturbating herself discreetly, while Elaine typed away on her computer. Taking breaks in between, Gwen accidentally touched on the second packet of Kit Kat on her bed, and a temptation to ‘use’ it came to her. She unwrapped it casually and dropped one under her legs, while quickly finishing the other piece.

Back under her thighs, the cold chocolate was making its way into her pussy and Gwen’s body reacted weirdly.

Elaine: ‘Are you okay? Why are you shivering?’
Gwen: ‘Just a bit cold.’

As Gwen moved the chocolate faster, some of it melted and formed a gooey warm lubricant that emitted a strong chocolatey smell. Suddenly, more shivers came and her face went red with a little shortness of breath.

Seeing that her sister got so tired all of a sudden, Elaine went over to her sister’s bed when her eyes were closed and saw the wrapped all over the blanket, with two men engaging in some dirty acts on her monitor.

Although the blanket was covering Gwen’s lap, a tiny gap at her feet was all Elaine needed to peer into it and saw the mess between her legs. Elaine then lifted up the area around her feet up to her knees, giving Gwen a shock.

Gwen: ‘Oh my god! What are you doing?’
Elaine: ‘Just having a better view? You’re such a dirty girl! Why did you use the Kit Kat?!’
Gwen: ‘I was just.. you already knew what I did! Why still ask?’

The small talk went away and Elaine helped her get her laptop off, and exposed her chocolate-covered pussy so Gwen would not dirty the sheets.

Elaine: ‘It’s quite interesting to use Kit Kat bars eh. I’ve never thought of it.’
Gwen: ‘It’s just an accident.’
Elaine: ‘Yeah right.’

Gwen held the wet tissues in her hand, and prepared to wipe the mess up, but Elaine had stopped her before she did it.

Gwen: ‘Why? What’s wrong?’
Elaine: ‘I’ll help you. I can see better from here.’

Elaine sat on the floor between Gwen’s legs and used her fingers to reveal more of the chocolate stuck under the clit, intentionally turning her innocent younger sister on even more. Elaine swiped her fingers up and down her slit to wet her before pulling the rest of the wafer out, putting it into her own mouth to finish it.

Gwen was surprised at what her sister just did, and was wondering if she was turned on too. What Elaine did next gave her the answer, as she licked the chocolate at her clit with her tongue. Gwen was immediately thrown back to the wall next to her bed while her pussy was being stimulated by the hungry licking of her sister. The strokes around her labia was carefully directed to gather the gooey chocolate before a suck came forth to clean it up.

After some time of enjoying the cunnilingus, Gwen’s hands disappeared up her braless shirt and played with her own nipples. The sisters were having fun with each other and things were only about to get hotter.

Elaine finally cleaned most of the mess between her sister’s pink lips up and she went to her drawers, taking out a L shaped dildo. Without a word exchanged, the shorter end of the dildo went into her sister and Elaine climbed onto the bed, going over her sister’s feet and lowering herself down the longer end.

Elaine’s wet pussy made it easy to ride the stick and Gwen was getting hotter by the minute movements as her sister positioned herself on top. Once the toy found its way into the girls, not one inch of the dildo was left uncovered. Elaine then started moving her hips to thrust the toy into her sister and their faces rested on each others’ shoulders while soft moans were escaping their mouths.

Elaine (whispering): ‘I’ve long wished to use it with someone.’
Gwen (whispering): ‘I like how deep you are inside me.’

They continued the missionary style without much trouble and the younger sister (Gwen’s) mind was slowly going blank from the orgasm that was building up. Slowly but surely, the toy rammed harder into her and Elaine whispered to her that she was cumming soon. In a rhythmic manner, the toy slurped in and out of them until Gwen’s hands suddenly grabbed Elaine’s boobs, squeezing them so hard as a wave of orgasm flooded her mind. At the same time, Gwen’s pussy tightened so hard that the toy missed its chance to slip out, secured firmly instead inside her while her hips thrust so hard that the tempo went messy.

The girls paused on top of each other panting, feeling their pussies working on the lifeless solid dildo.

Gwen: ‘Jie, can I try doing it in doggie?’
Elaine: ‘Yupp. Let’s change positions.’

Elaine pulled the toy out of her and went into doggie, awaiting her sister who was still fiddling with the dildo. Gwen had took the short break to change her shorter end with the longer one, and masturbated herself for a while before switching it back.

Elaine: ‘You don’t want the longer end?’
Gwen: ‘It’s too much for me, I don’t think I can move properly with it. I’ll just stick to the short one.’

The dildo extended out of Gwen’s legs like a penis and she guided it right into her sister’s pussy, delivering the full package in one stroke. A loud scream broke the silence as Elaine almost came from that one single thrust. That would be the result of a penis replacement as Gwen could not feel how dry or unprepared her sister was.

Anyway, since it was already in, Gwen wasted no time and began pounding her sister, making her scream in pleasure as the rod stretched her vagina deeper. The movements of the toy in Gwen was pushing against her g-spot as well and the incoming orgasm made her thrust even harder at her sister, hoping to cum together.

Five minutes passed and Gwen came right when Elaine went silent from the torturing speed she went at, moving so fast that it overwhelmed her pussy to a numbness. A gush of juices hit Elaine’s anus as Gwen held firmly onto her waist, trying to recompose herself. The fight with her squirting moment was a tough one and Elaine was helplessly teased by the random probing of the toy inside her.

Elaine: ‘I am going to cum. Sit down on the bed with the dildo inside. Guide me k?’

Gwen carefully sat herself on the bed and kept the connection stable, letting her sister adjust herself to ride in reverse cowgirl. Kneeling towards the front, Elaine started riding and made sure their pussies swallowed the dildo whole, giving her sister no chance to recover. The urgency to satisfy herself was overpowering and there was no time to waste.

With Gwen’s hips slapping hard against Elaine’s butt, the synchronised orgasm was coming quickly, giving Gwen the energy to ram upwards too. The two girls groaned and moaned like a slaughter house for a good five minutes, before a sudden slam onto Gwen’s groin ended the ride. A few motionless seconds lasted like hours as their pussies were inclining towards climax. The first domino fell and the Elaine jerked backwards, lying on her sister’s body as the dildo did a final rub on her g-spot.

Gwen hugged her sister tightly as their bodies started shaking, gradually intensifying from a small tremble to a convulsion. Possessed and exhausted, they allowed themselves to flip everywhere their minds wanted and squirted like an unmanned machine gun, spraying all over the bed. Their sanity managed to keep their hands together, but the mind blowing orgasms had already put them in a trance without hope of undoing what they had just experienced.

Slowly, the girls recovered their composure but was already too worn out to properly get dressed and sleep in their own bed. Dozing off in the messy bed, the dildo was in one corner while the sisters slept holding each others’ hands, too tired to say anything besides smiling in satisfaction.

So, this is how much pleasure a Kit Kat can give to a pair of sisters. ;)

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