Unconventional Colleagues

Kalyn: ‘Hi, so early?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Finish work early and go home early too.’

Kalyn (laughing): ‘Oh okay. Same same.’

The small office was designed to only hold three staff and served as an information database centre. Although it was simple data-entry job, the confidentiality of the data we came across daily was for a secret project from the government, specifically, the U.S. government.

Kalyn had joined the company at the same time as me and we had been working for a year now. While I was the ‘oldest’ staff at my age of 26, she was the youngest, freshly recruited out of secondary school when she was 16 (she’s 17 now). That casual Monday, she wore a low cut singlet with a lacy tube bra, with a pair of small shorts that barely covered her butt cheeks. There was no dress code since the office had no surveillance, and we only use 56k modems to handle the one-way incoming data.

After we automated the reading and categorisation of an online ‘survey’ form, most of the work was done and the pizza we ordered came in time too. We sat at the sofa in the narrow room and ate our lunch, making small talks after we were done.

For a few months, we had gotten closer in the privacy of our office as there was no one else to talk to. And under the the contract, we were not allowed to have more than three social networking accounts for our own use. So, we ‘had’ to be best friends.

Once the pizza boxes were cleared, I joined her on the couch and sat especially near her. There was something I had to ask, still feeling a little shy despite the emptiness of the office.

Me: ‘Lyn, do you have any feelings for me?’

Kalyn: ‘Huh! Shouldn’t you tell me how you feel before asking me?’

Me: ‘Haha. Oh yeah. Well.. I do like you.. I mean.. we’ve been working together for so long and you are like the only best friend I had.’

Kalyn: ‘Me too. You’re so nice to me and always takes care of me. Why? You want to be my boyfriend?’

Me: ‘Nooo.. Am just asking.’

The cute girl giggled and I pulled her in for a hug. For someone her age, most of her peers would not expect a lot from her, but the company we worked for paid us big salaries, just to keep us loyal. After the hug, I relaxed my arm to let her fall back, but still within ‘kissing’ range.

Me (whispering): ‘Can I kiss you?’

Kalyn (shyly): ‘Then you will be having my first kiss.’

She closed her eyelids gently and I planted a soft kiss, sensing her taking a huge breath as my lips pressed onto her. I separated my lips and her mouth opened, engaging my poking tongue with a playful tease. Our tongues slid wetly against each other and her hands went to my face to hold me in place. We were making out in the comfort of our office and the little slut in her was appearing for the first time.

Kalyn: ‘Is it suppose to feel this good?’

Me: ‘Of course, if not why would so many couples like making out?’

Kalyn: ‘True.’

Me: ‘Cause it usually leads to more than just kissing.’

She gave a huh! and was silenced by yet another kiss, this time, with my hands roaming around her waist. My hands went under her singlet and went north until I reached her bra, kneading lightly on the small boobs while feeling her nipples hardened. I carefully peeled her tube bra down to her stomach and continued fondling her chest. The confused looking girl did not know how to react and just kissed me harder, somewhat raping my mouth while I was distracted.

Me: ‘You like it?’

Kalyn (whispering): ‘Yeah. Don’t stop.’

I kept working my hands on her boobs until her nipples were sore, and she got a little tired from making out as well.

Me: ‘Can you remove your shorts?’

Kalyn: ‘You take yours off too?’

Me: ‘Deal.’

We took a pause to strip our bottoms off and she had gone panty-less. It was a little surprising, but I wouldn’t ask why. This time, I made her sit comfortably and placed one arm on the back of the sofa for her head to rest on. My other hand went to her legs and trailed my nails along her inner thighs. Automatically, she opened her legs and I got to work, pushing hard against her clit and moving in circles.

Kalyn began moaning and asking me to keep going. Well, why would I stop? As soon as she felt my fingers getting wet from her pussy fluid, she spread her legs wider for me to enter. My fingers disappeared slowly into her and her waist arched forward in response.

Kalyn (shyly): ‘You want me to help you too?’

I took her hand and placed it on my dick, letting her stroke it while I continued fingering her. The cold room kept us cooled while our bodies heated up. I could tell the small figured girl was wanting more from the frequent serious stares while she orgasmed from my fingers. The trembling eyelids was so innocent yet hiding a wild side of her.

Me: ‘You want to have sex?’

Kalyn: ‘Yeah. But will it hurt?’

Me: ‘Do you finger yourself?’

Kalyn: ‘Yes.’

Me: ‘How many fingers?’

Kalyn: ‘Usually two. Sometimes three.’

Me: ‘Then it won’t be too painful. I am not as big as those caucasians.’

She gave a slight smile and I got up, changing our positions to lie on the sofa. With one leg on the headrest, her other feet was on the ground. I leaned on top of her and delicately pushed my dick towards her pussy, with one of her hands on my dick, guiding me in. The tip went in and her leg on the floor went behind my back. The virgin had shifted her legs wider for me and I took my time to pop her cherry.

Finally after a minute, I was fully inside of her and she kept her heels on my butt, holding me still to catch her breath. Once I saw her readied, I began pumping my rod into her and she relaxed her legs. The petite girl moaned and groaned as my shaft stimulated the entire length of her vagina. It was unbelievable when I felt how wet she was. Can you imagine a 17 year old, wearing just a loose singlet, trying to contain her juices gushing out with her hands between her legs? That was what she did.

Although we were on the sofa, both her hands was at her pussy, trying to contain her embarrassment from how wet she was. The whole session was a little unfair as I felt like a red riding monster claiming a small cute wolf cub. Nonetheless, she kept me focused with the little pecks she stole while my hips was pounding her hard.

Just after the first vaginal orgasm, she almost lost consciousness but the thrusting rod was keeping her awake.

Kalyn: ‘J, I can’t take it anymore. I need to rest. It’s too much.’

Me: ‘After I cum?’

Kalyn: ‘Okay.’

I sat myself upright and held her feet in midair. I rammed my hips against her thighs violently in long, quick thrusts while her face changed expressions multiple times. It was clear that she had never felt so ‘confused’ and high during her masturbation. The urge came after a few minutes and Kalyn had long been expecting it.

Me: ‘Lyn, I’m cumming.’

She wrapped her legs around my waist and I asked if she wanted me to cum inside. The excited girl nodded and frowned right after that, sending a tight contraction around my dick. Just as I thought a virgin couldn’t be any tighter, she showed me otherwise and I was glad my climax was building up nicely.

A few more thrusts ended the game and I sank my dick into her as I creamed. Forcing most of my cum deep inside her, her feet was still knocking against me to keep going. I gave in to her and pumped a few more times into her, while my white soldiers poured into her. We laid in that position and made out, kissing passionately from her first sexual intercourse.

The exit from her pussy was another surprise from her, as none of my sperms came out of her tiny slit. She had kept it all in and I sucked on her sore nipples to get a taste of her. The sweet scent from her body almost turned me on again, but I know she needed rest. We could always do it the next day right?

She cuddled in my arms after sex and my fingers were kept busy massaging her pussy. I had taken Kalyn’s virginity and she knew she was mine for as long as we will be colleagues. After that day, you would find the most hardworking duo reaching the unmarked office with high tech biometric scanners early, and then a round or a few rounds of vigorous exercise between the staff.

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