Review – Tenga Flip (Lite 2G)

It has been a long time since I owned this much-acclaimed toy, and my perspective of it has changed quite a bit. Does it mean that the problems have worked itself out?

Not exactly.

But after multiple, somewhat-successful attempts at using it, I am now in a better position to give a more in-depth breakdown of the earlier (like years ago) hiccups.

  1. Price

    No matter if you already own this toy, or am planning to own one, this is an investment. ~S$100 isn’t a large sum, but not too small either to put it in the bin if it disappointed you (not even failed to meet your expectations). Do your research across websites, compare prices, keep a look out for promotions.

  2. Suitability

    Before we move on, I would like to apologise for an erroneous report made in the previous version of the review (which you can find below).

    It is, actually the girth of your penis that will determine if the lite version is suitable for you. As for how you would find out if you are thick (or thin) enough, I will just vaguely ask you to apply my ‘OK’ method. If your thumb can’t touch the index finger (on the same hand!) when wrapped around your cock, it’s safer to get the standard version.

  3. Noise

    This baby can get a little noisy if you are a really tight fit for it. In my case, no matter if I press the vacuum/ vacuum-release button, wet, loud, slurping noises can still be heard trying to get me busted. My solution? Remove the cap and open the toy up to relief some tension. Sigh.

  4. Maintenance

    Although I am not very sure of the exact procedure to maintain this seemingly-futuristic toy, these are the steps I take, in sequence.

  • Open device and rinse under running water
  • Air-dry device by standing it upright like an open book, on the O-shape base of lock-lid
  • Dab baby powder across silicone surface before storing it closed

It is a small hassle at the baby-powder part, a step usually reserved for long-term storage. Without a fap/ no-fap schedule, I treat every use as an impromptu occasion.


Priced well for a high-quality product with attention to details. Great sensation delivered by the texture of the silicone insert, excellent design for ease of cleaning. I can only imagine the success stories of this toy if I had gotten the right size.


A little of a hassle for maintenance, but reasonable given its price and next-gen material of silicone insert. Drying process can be risky, especially when left in windy areas for anyone to question. Otherwise, it will take longer to dry in more discreet corners. Dire circumstances call for dire solutions, I hope you don’t have to split the toy open to get one off.

**Beyond the line break is the very first review, which is outdated and written with premature exposure to said product.

Having owned this futuristic, male-pleasure toy for some time now, I think I am in a better position to give a more in-depth review. Many months, or should I say, a year ago, I have bought this masturbator with the juvenile fantasy like any boy out there.

Yes, I have used the word ‘boy’ because this object is now sitting in my cupboard without so much a notice from anyone, not even me.

At first, it was all fun to explore how to use this next-gen shit. Slide the lid out, pour some lube in the middle, shut it, lock it, pillage it. That 5-step process may sound simple, but what got me was the last part.

I, an owner of a 5.5 – 6 inch cock, cannot get it in comfortably. While it is not impossible, the discomfort came after using it for a while. The problem? It’s too ‘tight’. I have so humbly thought that ‘okay, maybe the lite verios is more suitable for Asians. I wouldn’t want to be fucking a tunnel as wide as a toilet roll centre’ right?

Turns out, whoever came up with the dimensions, has imparted the wrong impressions that ‘lite’ is tighter, when in fact, it is designed for extremely small penises. In summary, I used it once, refused to believe it, used it another time, admit to fate, deep-storage it. To sum it up, I am going to provide a handy PRO-CON layout.

PROs: Damn high quality product. From its outer shell to inner silicon lining, it’s truly a showcase of good design and workmanship. To make it reusable, Tenga had made everything so easy to rinse. If your tool is less than 5 inches, this will be a good investment.

CONs: For someone with an average (I think) Asian cock size of 5.5 – 6 inches, this product failed miserably to maintain an enjoyable experience. Note that I used the word ‘maintain’ because while it started out nice and tight and cosy, the never-changing, or little-difference-at-max, pressure setting never got to a point I was comfortable fapping to. It was just ‘tight, tight, oh shit, abrasion? Nope, shall keep going. A little more. Nah. I’m done with this thing.’

For S$20 more, get the standard Flip model and appreciate the spaciousness instead of lamenting the tighter one you could have gotten. A little less pleasure is better than pain.

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