Student’s Mess

Christine: ‘Mr. Lee, I wanted to see you cause I think I am in trouble.’
Mr. Lee: ‘What happened? I’ll try to help you out if I can.’
Christine: ‘I.. got intimate with another classmate.. and his sperms were caught on my vagina.’

Mr. Lee understood what she was getting at as he was her class’ biology teacher, and young enough to understand the students. He was the most ideal person to talk to without risking being sent to counselling or some health check up. Plus, his disciplined nature made him well respected, yet friendly when it comes to his students’ problems.

Mr. Lee: ‘Can you tell me in details where his semen went?’
Christine: ‘He pulled out in time, but he shot directly on my outside. Will there be any problems? I really don’t want to get pregnant.’
Mr. Lee: ‘When did this happen?’
Christine: ‘During recess today.’
Mr. Lee: ‘Okay. That will give you some time before the worst can happen.’

He asked her about the cleaning up and scarily, she did not wash it away and even wore her panties back. The puddle of sperms were still in her underwear and Mr. Lee could only asked her to immediately remove it and let him have a look.

She stood up in front of him and pulled her shorts and panties down, before he took it up to give it a closer look.

Mr. Lee: ‘Can I take a look at your groin as well?’

In the enclosed meeting room designated for 1 to 1 counselling, Christine sat herself at the edge of the table and lifted her skirt up. Mr. Lee went over to her legs and pulled a latex glove he carried around all the time with him, over his hands.

Mr. Lee: ‘I’m going to check if any of the sperms got into your system. It will be a little uncomfortable. Bear it with k?’

Christine nodded and he went on to separate the sticky folds of her labia. He got up after seeing some horror and brought the first aid kit to the table, where he wetted a few cotton balls and wiped the whitish fluid away. During the clean up, his fingers had constantly came in contact with her clit and the sensitive opening of her pussy, turning Christine on a little as he continued wiping her focused.

Mr. Lee: ‘Now that the outside is cleaned. I will be putting my finger in to see if any went in.’

He took his pinky and poked into her hole, arching it upwards before scooping out any fluids that might tell him how far they went. A finger of clear juices cleared his suspicion and he repeated the action a few times, moving as gently as he could. That few strokes into her pussy made her moaned a little and Mr. Lee stopped after he picked up her signals.

Mr. Lee: ‘Ok. I did a simple check and I don’t think any sperms had went in. But for pre-caution, I will have to bring you to my doctor so we can get a morning-after.’
Christine: ‘What’s a morning-after?’
Mr. Lee: ‘It’s a medicine to harden your.. egg. So no sperms will make it through and get you pregnant.’
Christine: ‘Is it 100%?’
Mr. Lee: ‘It’s just an emergency medication. After all, prevention is better than abortion right?’

Christine adjusted her skirt and sat beside him on the chair.

Christine: ‘Mr. Lee.. I am really scared.’

He patted on her shoulders and she buried her face into his chest, sobbing from her silly mistake. Facing her was his pants, that had a bulge that looked out of the ordinary. Christine found it weird that she could turn him on and placed her hand over his crotch to give that hard on a squeeze.

Mr. Lee: ‘What are you doing?’
Christine: ‘Checking. Mr. Lee, are you turned on by me? It’s hard.’
Mr. Lee: ‘Well, I am a man. And I can’t help it. So sorry about it. Shall we pack and get your pills?’

Her hand went back to his pants and kept kneading that tip, while Mr. Lee’s grip on her wrist slowly loosened. An inner desire to feel a young body was building up in him since he explored her pussy, and letting her continue would help suppress a little of it.

Mr. Lee: ‘You know we can’t do it right? I’m your teacher.’
Christine: ‘And one that I know I can trust. Unlike that idiot Sean.’
Mr. Lee: ‘He is the one?’
Christine: ‘Yeah. It doesn’t matter anyway. You have found a solution for me.’

It was most wrong of her to think of the morning-after as a solution, but her fingers that began unzipping his pants distracted him from trying to explain it to her. Slowly, her hand disappeared into his pants and massaged over his underwear, before putting in a little effort to bring his raging hormones to light.

After it was out of his pants, she continued giving him a handjob and he got more excited, feeling much better when his dick was in skin contact with his young student.

Mr. Lee: ‘Did you suck him as well?’
Christine: ‘Just a while.’
Mr. Lee: ‘Can you do it for me?’
Christine: ‘But you are so much bigger.’

That little boost of confidence made him pull her head down to his groin and she grabbed the base, placing her lips over his rod. Her tiny mouth went up and down and he could tell she was trying her best to take more than just his tip in. But as we know, a 26 year old man would be too much for a 14 year old girl right?

After a few minutes, he stopped her and picked her up effortlessly, placing her on the table in front of them.

Christine: ‘Are you going to put it inside?’
Mr. Lee: ‘Can I?’
Christine: ‘Go slow k? I’m afraid of pain. But you can shoot inside right? Cause the morning-after will stop your sperms from reaching my egg?’

His mind was already picturing how he would be fucking her, and a nod gave her the assurance there would be no problems. She spread her legs wide and Mr. Lee took a step closer, placing the saliva-coated dick at her pussy.

Mr. Lee: ‘I am going in now. Grab my arms if it hurts k?’

She placed her hands on his strong forearms and frowned as his dick pierced into her inches by inches. Surprisingly, her body did not trigger any pain signals and Christine even felt good as his dick brushed across her sensitive vagina. The quiet girl finally managed to contain his full length and Mr. Lee held her waist firmly against his dick.

The incoming waves of thrusts sent Christine moaning ecstatically with her mind being clouded with pleasure. That huge dick was satisfying her so much that her legs automatically went around his butt and pushed him to go even deeper. True enough, an older guy did have the tools necessary to please girls, and she was experiencing it first hand.

As time past, her body grew accustomed to him and the climax to her first vaginal orgasm was coming. It had taken her some time, but the suspense was already killing her. She had wanted it so much to feel how an orgasm in her pussy was. Mr. Lee kept up with his forceful thrusts until he felt her contractions got more frequent. Thereafter, the table shook like an earthquake as he pumped much faster and deeper, causing Christine to go into a trance and drooling from her mouth.

Christine: ‘Oh no.. I’m cumming Mr. Lee!’

She jolted up and hugged him tightly as her body trembled violently, squishing her soft pussy all over his shaft as juices leaked out of her. His close proximity was sealed with a kiss from his beloved student as energy drained out of her quickly. He carried her up and placed her on the headrest of the sofa, resuming the pounding as he was about to cum too.

Mr. Lee: ‘Your teacher is cumming soon too. Can you go on?’
Christine (semi-conscious): ‘Yes. I want you inside me.’

He jerked his hips back and forth, ramming the small pussy with his oversized rod. The poor girl was drooling all over her shirt and enjoying the forceful pounding at the same time. For one, her orgasm never ended with that non-stop torture of her pussy. Mr. Lee gave her no slack until he felt his dick expand from the cumming sensation.

Mr. Lee: ‘Christine, here it comes.’

He gave his dick a strong shove into her and held her closely, hugging her like before while his semen filled her womb up. The amount was enormous but the warmth that accompanied it made the whole process so soothing. They remained in each others’ embrace until he was done and he carried her to the sink before pulling out. Her small pussy instantly pushed whatever she could not contain onto the sink and it splattered in huge blobs.

Christine: ‘There’s so much.’
Mr. Lee: ‘Yeah. I haven’t unloaded this week. Thanks to the papers I have to mark.’
Christine (giggling): ‘Next time, I help you unload while you mark. Ok?’

He smiled at her and handed her some wet tissues. They cleaned themselves up and he tucked his dick back. Christine packed her shorts and soiled panties with her dirty PE clothes and they made their way to his doctor, who gave them the morning-after without prescription nor asking questions.

Christine: ‘Mr. Lee, you are married right?’
Mr. Lee: ‘Just engaged.’
Christine: ‘So can we do it until you are married?’
Mr. Lee: ‘We can do it as long as you don’t mind sharing me with my fiancee.’
Christine: ‘Good things must share!’

He drove her home and went for another round of mutual masturbation, before she swallowed all of his sperms and him getting her thick juices all over his fingers.

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