Naked Help

Girl: ‘Excuse me sir, do you have thirty dollars to spare? I need to get home.’

Jim tried to shake the teenage girl off by walking faster on the pavement along the road to his house, only to have her pulling on his arms and stopping him.

Jim: ‘I don’t have money.’

Girl: ‘Please? Just twenty?’

Jim turned into a smaller alley where the back doors of private estates were, afraid to be spotted with such a young girl in his area. He sat down on the curb with her holding his elbow and took out a stick of cigarette, even offering one to her which she took gratefully.

Jim: ‘Where do you stay?’

Girl: ‘Umm.. Bishan.’

Jim: ‘Avenue?’

Girl: ‘Can I don’t say? I just want to run away from my abusive family.’

He felt a sense of pity for her as he scanned her body, noticing the bruises along her arms. Her thin legs had no injuries but the vigilant girl knew she needed to convince him. So, she lifted her black skirt and showed him the bruises at her inner thighs.

Jim: ‘So where will you be sleeping tonight?’

Girl: ‘Maybe at a void deck? I haven’t eaten for the whole day, that’s why I had to ask for some money.’

He stuck his cigarette butt into the ground and prepared to leave. He gave her instructions to go to the police station and report the incident, but she saw some hope in him that he would do more than just that.

Girl: ‘I’m willing to do anything for you. Just help me a little?’

Jim turned and took another long look at her, before grabbing her wrist and bringing her to his place.

Jim: ‘Mummy, I’m home. My friend is spending the night at our place.’

His mum saw her and warmly invited her in, before they disappeared into his bedroom.

Jim: ‘How do I address you?’

Girl: ‘Wendy?’

Jim: ‘Okay Wendy, I’m going to cook something for you. Take a shower first or something. I’ll take a while.’

The elated girl started unbuttoning her top before he even got out, giving him a glimpse of the cross back bra straps. He went and made her a small meal, going back into the room and finding her singing in his bathroom.

Jim (shouting): ‘Your supper is ready!’

Wendy (shouting): ‘Coming!’

The shower went off and she appeared with his small bath towel wrapped over her chest. It was obviously too short to cover her shaved pussy and Jim was totally surprised at her carelessness. She did not bother covering up and just gouged on the plate of noodles, smiling at him as she ate.

Jim took off his shirt and packed his bag for work the next day, taking his time so she could bring the dishes out to wash, and give him some privacy to shower.

Instead, she placed the plate on his study and went to him, tidying his bag for him. After he zipped it close, she turned him to face her and started unbuckling his belt. Wendy did a great job in stripping him down and brought him into the shower, getting naked for her second bath.

Jim: ‘I’m not asking anything from you cause I’m only keeping you here for a night.’

Wendy: ‘That’s good enough.’

She squeezed some shampoo over his hair and he scrubbed his scalp, while she lathered his body. Her tiny hands roamed everywhere to thoroughly clean him up and the soap that got into his eyes did not help.

Still working on his head, Jim let her did what she wanted. Wendy rinsed the soap off his body and continued touching him, wandering her hands to his dick that was upright.

Jim stretched his hands over to the shower head and cleaned his hands so he could make out what was she doing. When he could finally see proper, the small girl was already on her knees, facing his dick with her mouth opened.

Jim: ‘You don’t look like someone mature enough to know how to do it.’

Wendy: ‘Thanks to my useless ex-boyfriends that taught me.’

Her oral skills took his breath away as her lips slid easily up and down his cleaned rod, sucking and teasing him with her restless tongue. The steam from the bathroom threw him off balance as his senses tingled with the fondling of her sweet mouth. Wendy did not make any big moves or even thrusts her head, the tongue action was simply enough to make Jim so high he had to stop her before he came.

Jim: ‘Wendy.. stop stop. I’m going to shoot.’

Wendy: ‘So fast?’

Jim: ‘You’re too good at it.’

Wendy (giggling): ‘So we go to the bed now?’

Jim nodded and dried themselves, going to the bed in their bathing suit. Wendy crawled onto the bed and remained in the doggie pose, and Jim parked himself behind.

Jim: ‘You did it before?’

Wendy: ‘Yeah. By my latest ex-boyfriend.’

Jim: ‘Huh?! Means you just lost your virginity?’

Wendy: ‘Some time ago to him.’

Well, at least she was not a virgin. He let himself into Wendy carefully and she moaned in a cutesy voice. That skinny girl felt so tight that Jim had to take it very slow. Only after his full length was gone, her pussy relaxed to let him start thrusting.

Of course, Jim did not disappoint and pounded her hard, responding to her requests to go faster and deeper. His dick was thrown into hell as it fought hard with the sudden contractions of her vagina. Every squeeze would be a tight grasp that suffocated his dick. In return, he had gone faster to help her calm down and thus, freeing his stick from pain.

The big built guy rammed his hips on the small girl, making the whole session felt like underage sex. She loved how fast he went, rubbing so furiously against her walls, and sinking so deep that it stretched her pussy to its limit.

They fucked each other for about an hour, zoning in and out of consciousness. When Jim was dead exhausted, Wendy rode on top and woke him up, stopping just before he cummed. After that happening hour, Wendy’s pussy could no long take anymore of his rampage and Jim was about to be done too.

Wendy: ‘Don’t cum inside me k?’

Jim gave his last few thrusts and pulled his dripping dick out of her hole, leaving a small long strand of juice onto his bed. She flipped onto her back and made him kneel over her waist.

Wendy: ‘On my body can?’

Jim: ‘Yupp.’

She clasped her hands together over his dick and jerked him off, thumb pressed on his penis head and rolling. Jim groaned loudly to her handjob and took him less than a minute before his balls charged up.

The unexpected jets of strong cum sprayed onto her face and the quick response to aim it downwards gathered the rest on her breasts, flowing down to her naval. Jim let her pump him dry before getting off, and laying by her side while she wiped his semen away.

Jim: ‘Since you don’t have a place to stay, want to stay with me and help around the house?’

She nodded excitedly and her hands went over to his tired little one. The small, gentle strokes woke his devil up.

Jim: ‘Again?’

Wendy: ‘Can I?’

Jim: ‘Anytime for you.’

And the two of them went at it again, only now, she belonged to him and only him.

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