Shared Computer

Kaylie was home alone, with her laptop broken down in the middle of class, she had no choice but to use the common desktop in her house. Placing her bags down in her room, she went for a quick shower before going into her brother’s room, that was left opened for whoever wanted to use the computer. Once it started into the home screen, a folder with her brother’s name was in the corner. Curiosity got the best of her and she clicked on it, bringing her inside with more folders with the appropriately named documents and more folders.

One read ‘Personal’ and the urge got even stronger to find out the life of her quiet older brother who spent most of the time at home playing WOW in his book out days. Tiny thumbnails of girls in awkward positions appeared and she scrolled through quickly, before an image caught her eyes. It was a screenshot of a dick with the unnamed guy’s hand on it. It was large, firm and light pink in colour. The next icon was a video, and clicking on it brought her to the background of his brother’s room, bedsheets and wallpaper all familiar to her.

It was a video of her brother stroking him large dong and the clarity and freshness of it was so tempting. Kaylie opened another video playing regular porn on a separate player and she watched both the clips alternatively. Subtly, she found her own body getting warmer and the towel she wrapped herself with, dropped onto her lap while she played with her pair of 36B breasts. The nipples were erected without contact and she had to toy with them, rolling them around her fingers. Her brother’s dick was so huge that she wondered how it would feel inside her.

The towel dropped onto the floor and her legs found their way to the sides of the computer desk, spread wide apart for her own hand to reach between and began masturbating herself. Her eyes shut themselves to visualise herself as the lead in the porno flick but the dick she imagined inside was her brother’s.

Unnoticed, her brother had returned home to find the main door unlocked and managed to go all the way to his room, dumbfounded by what was happening in front of his computer. He gently placed his belongings to the ground and removed his clothes in the kitchen, too far to be heard by his sister. As he returned to his room, his dick was rising to his sister’s sweet moans and he stood behind her for some time, admiring her body and how it reacted to her touches.

He reached for her shoulders and massaged it in light movements, before reaching down her chest to the pair of buns, kneading them to firmness. Kaylie was shocked at her brother’s courage but it was too late to salvage herself. Keeping her eyes closed, she let his hands did what they wanted and went to pleasure her pussy. As time passed, her brother’s hands had reached further down and replaced her own hands to finger her wet abyss. He lifted her up under her arms and she stood in front of the monitor, still watching the pornographic video that was playing.

Her brother reached for the mouse and opened up another video, with the lady being fucked in doggie. Of course, there was no need to guess what was about to come. He pulled her a few steps back and bent her body forward on the desk, before sinking his huge dick inside her tight pussy, filling her up with life and excitement. The sheer size of it split the forgotten vagina walls apart and easily reached into the deepest spot, brushing pass her G-spot along the way.

Adjusting his height, he began pounding her sister and brought the long strokes to her mind, stimulating all the sensitive areas she could not reach with her fingers. The only session she had was with her ex-boyfriend, who wasn’t as big, and definitely did not last as long, since he only managed to last as far as a few minutes. Her brother was different. He knew how to pleasure and his dick was in the perfect angle, poking at her G-spot non-stop.

Within minutes, Kaylie’s body trembled and fell backwards onto him as the orgasm shot through her pussy, to her mind that went blank with the intensity. Thankfully, he was strong and held on to her, while continuing the incestuous sex. Suddenly, groans were heard from him and he went faster, sinking his long meat into her, driving her as wild and wet, struggling to cope with the on-going orgasms.

Kaylie wasn’t going to let him just cum like that. He had been doing all the work and she had just been on the receiving end. What if she changed it around? She pushed him away and led him to her room, locking it before jumping on top of him. He wasn’t going to let her do that too, since he believed that a girl should always be treated like a princess and not given any work to do. He fought for his freedom but could not overpower her bite on his neck.

He decided to let her have her way and when it was time, he would regain control. So, Kaylie slipped her pussy over his dick and began riding him like a cowgirl, slamming onto his thighs with force, but also squeezing her own pussy tight. Although it was a little painful on his legs, the pleasure from the ride made it more bearable. As she reached another climax, he pushed her off and flipped her around, forcing his dick into her in missionary position. Without warning, he pumped fast and furious between her legs. Pinning her hands above her head, there was no way she could resist, with her senses and strength all weakened by his ferociousness. Going faster and faster, her legs also went higher and wider.

At last, he fell onto her and only moving his hips, his dick shot into her for the last time and the cum began pouring into her like a petrol pump, never stopping until she was full. It took him a few seconds to empty himself into her, but it was all worth it. Her pussy could not hold the load and immediately burst the pure white liquid onto her bed once he pulled out of her. Like a dam, it dwindled to just a stream but the amount that had escaped was almost a handful.

With his knees on the bed, he went to her mouth and she licked her personal sex machine clean, tube cleared of the yummy sperms and he then left her after pulling a blanket over. Feeling her sore pussy under the sheets, she massaged her clit to let some of the pain go away with pleasure. It was so unexpected, wild and wrong, yet it felt beyond great. Perhaps it was the sex, perhaps it was her brother doing it with her.

That night, she snuck into his room and sucked on his dick, till it reached full length before asking her brother for it again.

Kaylie (whispering): ‘I want rough sex.’

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