Jen’s Sixteenth

This entry is written as a birthday present for a female reader of Phantacee. Happy Birthday Jen.

*Knock knock*

Jen drowsily got out from her bed after checking her clock that showed 9am. Wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of white boyshorts underneath, she grouchily walked to the door, about to curse at whichever parent forgetting their keys.

Jen: ‘Who the.. Terrence?!’
Terrence: ‘Happy birthday Jen! Finally sixteen!’

Her mood lightened up upon seeing her good friend, one whom had gone silent after they met a week ago. In his hand was a purple coloured bag with a pink ribbon on the hanging loop, seemingly heavy on his arm. She opened the door for him and he made his way to her bedroom, standing at the door hugging her present dearly.

Jen: ‘What did you bring for me? Is this mine?’
Terrence: ‘Yupp. But there’s more stuff inside. I’ll show you!’

She jumped happily in glee and sat on the bed facing him, legs crossed and showing a tad too much of her inner thighs. With a mysterious stance, he parked her bag by his side and pulled out a packet wrapped in brown paper. Upon receiving her first gift, she ripped the packaging apart and flung the piece of clothes, a pair of skirt falling out of it at the same time.

Terrence: ‘Put it on for me?’
Jen: ‘Now?’
Terrence: ‘Then?’

She laid the black cross back bralet on her lap and pulled her long shirt off, braless in the eyes of a normal male. Quickly, she slipped her arms in and zipped the back. Following that, she got on the floor and pulled the red flare skirt up her legs, caught in surprise when Terrence tried to remove her boyshorts off.

Jen: ‘Hey.. you want me to take it off?’
Terrence: ‘Not like I have never seen it before right?’

He gave a wink and she wriggled her underpants down to her feet, dragged by the arm onto the bed. In a swift motion, a metal cuff went around her wrist and the other snapped on instantenously, giving her no chance to resist. Terrence pinned her on the bed and raised her arms above her head, which Rachel did not put up a fight at all.

The barely legal school girl only took in deep breaths as that happened, somewhat willing to accommodate his ‘decoration’ on her body. So, what’s next? From the bag, he took out a 5 inch beige dildo and glide it along her legs, spreading them open automatically as the tip reached under her skirt.

Rachel (whispering): ‘This will be your belated birthday present too hor?’

He dropped the toy and ran his fingers along her slit, spreading those moist lips apart and rubbed her clit. Within seconds, she was all wet and moaning, arms twisting helplessly to his teasing. Seeing him cover her boobs with his mouth, her nipples erect easily to his tongue movements, wetting the chest area while teeth tried to nibble on those peaks.

Jen (shyly): ‘Hey.. be gentle. They just woke up.’

As he sucked through the clothes, the bralet was unzipped from behind. Soon, she was at a new high from the flicking of his tongue attacking both boobs continously, sending echoes through the walls of her tiny bedroom. Since he was lying beside her, the erection he was rubbing on her thighs were hard to ignore. Whatever he did, something bigger was waiting for her.

The tip of the dildo poked into her pussy as slurping sounds lasted, raising her hips as inches sank past her sensitive clit. Rachel could feel every bumps and kinks on the toy, prying her sleepy vaginal walls apart. The erotic breaths she took was as deep as taking fresh air in a forest, stirring her body hotter as it reached her depth.

As the squishy sounds came, her mind was blacking out to the pleasure shooting through the dildo into her body. Each stroke simply made her louder and wetter, drenching his hand working the toy. As expected from this sensual morning treat, Jen could not hold back from the violent orgasm that almost knocked her out, screaming his name as her abs contracted.

Terrence: ‘You like it?’
Jen: ‘Humph! It’s my turn now!’

He let go of her cuffed hands and helped her upright, taking her place on the bed once she got out of the way. With her restrained limbs, they managed to strip his shorts off and unbuttoned his shirt, sight of washboard abs turning her on even more.

In a kneeling position, her back bent easily downwards and stuff his dick into her mouth in one move. Holding the base firmly with both hands, her head bounced desperately up and down to vacuum his hard cock. Whatever training she had from her ex-es, he was receiving all of it at one go. In an instant, his legs were shaking as she sucked on his meat straw, focusing all her strength at the tip.

Upon seeing him beg for mercy, the naturally red lips slid down his shaft and relieved the ache from the agonising torture. The scene where he caught a glimpse of his manhood was unforgettable. It was the first time he had seen such thick veins covering his penis with a breathtaking view of his manhood.

Terrence (desperately): ‘Stop Jen.. stop.. ‘

Her head took off from his groin and gasped a few times for air. His body knew that the foreplay was more than enough to get him going – which he acted on. Energetically hopping up from the mattress, he dragged her to lie down and split her knees apart. Going raw, the momentary resistance of her thighs was defeated by his raging urge.

A long, deep groan was given off as he pierced his thick cock in, tearing her pussy sideways as he dived right in. In a single stroke, his rod brushed against her g-spot and dipped right to her ends. The light-headed girl laid weak on the bed while he thrust his hips, jerking her boobs up and down as her senses recovered.

Gasps and moans soon filled the room once again as the creaking sounds of her bed signified the violent pounding. In and out his dick went, ramming between the soft vaginal muscles of the sexily slim secondary four girl. Her hands could not do anything except to hold onto his wrists pushing onto her abs, holding on for her dear life.

About five minutes later, her eyes widened with the increasing tightness of her pussy, making Terrence fuck her even harder. Weirdly, he did not feel the urge as early as before and got even stiffer, granting him the ability to hammer the breaths out of her body.

‘Fuckkk ahhh!’, a violent orgasm shook her while he was still inside, body weight holding down the thrashing body, gasping mouth. With the newfound cosiness inside her pussy, Terrence shut her knees together and turned her to the side, lifting her hips off the bed into doggie style.

Plunging his dick right back into her, Jen’s head flung backwards to the intense pleasure that spread her legs a little. Two loud thuds landed his hands on her waist and she felt her body pulled back towards an orgasm-giving spear. At first the penetration was deep, but as he increased his tempo, it was the quick, shallow thrusts that made her arms weak.

Her face slammed into the pillow once he found the right speed, impaling her repeatedly at the deadliest angle. He grabbed her flowing long hair and yanked them back, returning her to a proper doggy style to be fucked.

Terrence (shouting): ‘I’m going to cum!’

The face, cringing girl was fully sober by then and made a little squeeze of her pussy, driving him faster to the impending ejaculation. This little act of hers drove her into insanity as her senses were shut down, leaving only her sensitive pussy to take all the beatings.

Just as an orgasm arrived, a strong thrust ejected his dick and she was dragged by her hair to the floor, painless but under control of his holding hand. He dangled his feet over the side of her bed and she sat legs crossed between them. At the same time her face was stuffed with his cock again, she continued fingering her wet love hole, easing the slight choke with pleasurable masturbation.

Her eyes could only see light and dark as he shoved her head in his groin, forcing his meat stick down her throat as she gagged.

Terrence (groaning): ‘I’m cumming!’

He let go off her hair suddenly and fell back on the bed. Jen then took control of the exhausted boy in her pace (or mouth) and continued the finale. Ramming her lips down his stick, the first load pumped hard into her mouth and she stopped mouth-fucking immediately, holding only the tip in her lips while the rest of it stringed out.

As her boy was groaning uncontrollably, a gentle and soothing orgasm flooded her mind as she stuck her fingers deep into her pussy. Coupled with the warm cum swirling around her tongue, the small shiver she expressed couldn’t be cuter in his weary eyes.

Once the ‘climax’ of their birthday celebration was over, he helped her to the bed and watched her swallow his load, removing her handcuffs right after. The couple cuddled naked for the next hour fully awake, refreshed and satisfied with their ‘gift’ exchange.

After a much needed rest, their playful hands got each other hard and wet again, sparking a kiss that turned more passionate as they masturbated for each other.

Jen (whispering): ‘Another round?’
Terrence (whispering): ‘The answer is in your hand.’

The rock hard, throbbing cock answer couldn’t be any clearer under the glowing sunlight on her curtains. Air con in full blast over their heated bodies, what less can we expect from these two.. fuck buddies?

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