One of Few

As one of the few guys in the office, I was needed most of the time to carry files and doing some of the troubleshooting tasks that the ladies faced. Slowly, a cliche was formed with a few ladies having me as their ‘favourite’ guy to help them out. This group had ladies from their 20s, to 30s, since the older ones would prefer to interact with their age range. Lucky or not, I wasn’t sure, because my group was also the most hardworking and driven.

As time passed, two of the girls were showing more concerned for me, and we ended up being good friends that spurred each other on to stay back after office hours to rush our work so we could be the top performing. Those countless hours of overtime actually made us closer and we spoke about any topics under the sun just to keep ourselves entertained.

Slowly, one of the girls, Amy, got too close to me and we used those private moments during OT to tease and make fun of one and other, finally laying my hands on the petite 24 year old. We were next to each other in the meeting room, comparing some data when she decided to run her barefeet up and down my legs. Naturally, I was turned on and stopped work altogether so I could return the favour. I rolled my office chair behind her and reached down her skirt, pulling it high enough for me to put my hands under. Her panties was a little wet then, so I helped her out by sticking my fingers into her panties and rubbing her off to an orgasm.

After just one climax, Amy propped me on the long table and undid my pants with a CFM face. When she saw my cute 6 inches, her mouth went over it and sucked on it till it became 7 inches. It was that sore and strong. Once she got that ‘desired’ size, she climbed on top of the table in the most unglamorous way, spreading her legs so wide she appeared so rough. As soon as we were comfortable, she sat on top of me and slid her pussy down my body, pushing my dick into her open-crotch stockings with her panties to the side.

Such office bonks had their level of insecurity, but the digital locks in our office worked simple. After hours, there will be no entry unless authorised by our bosses, meaning that once you exit, there would be no way you can enter again.

Amy rode me like a graceful princess and she remained quiet throughout. On the other hand, I was trying so hard to focus just so I could last longer. The sight of an office lady wearing a decent sleeveless top and a short skirt, fucking me so gently yet deeply, exposed her playful side behind the obedient look she had. After some time, I sat up and carried her off the table, going over to the staff lounge where a sofa bed was.

I placed her down gently in a seated position and let my head rest on her shoulders. My straightened legs took over the action and thrust fast into her pussy. Amy turned her face towards me and kissed me in pecks, with a little tongue action every now and then. It just took her five minutes before she wanted me to stop, so that she could get into doggie.

Putting her knees at the edge of the sofa, I yanked her butt down on my dick and rammed really hard into her. She wasn’t as tight as I expected (explaining how frequently she had sex?), but it still felt great nonetheless. The low pitched moans that would go high whenever I went really deep, was one sign I went for. A few strong thrusts later, she was screaming in high pitch and I went even deeper to leave a ‘deep’ impression.

Just as I was about to cum, I told her about it and she asked me to keep going. So I did. Fucking her with all my energy, I made sure to pull out to my tip and ram her to my balls. The long strokes finally snapped her and my cream filled her pie hole while she came hard, losing her balance and collapsing on the sofa. Well, what would happen when she disconnect without fully shutting down my dick? The last few squirts of cum fell into her mouth which she placed in front of my rod, collecting her daily intake of proteins.

I did not spend any time to rest since we were still in a compromising position if anyone walked in on us. I helped her put on her clothes proper and we packed our tables before leaving for home. On the way to the train station, Amy told me that her good friend (the other girl), Min, liked me too, going on and on about how she would love to lay her hands on me. But I guessed that was just girls’ talk between them, like a jealousy challenge.

The next day was a weekend where no one would work. But I had intended to finish some work so I could knock off early the next week. When I arrived in the late afternoon, Min and Amy was already there, waving my work at me. They had finished it for me before I came since the morning and I did not really have any more work to do.

I walked to my desk and saw a cake box on it, making me wonder if there was anything to celebrate for.

Me: ‘What’s this for?’
Min: ‘For the three of us!’

I did not understand what she meant, but she still went to the cake before me and opened it, displaying 6 cupcakes with generous whip topping. Amy went next to her and tugged on the ribbon behind her dress, changing it into a robe in the shortest time.

Amy: ‘Min says she will have you tonight for dinner.’

Min turned around and pushed me onto the chair, causing me to roll backwards to a wall. Amy went to my side and held me arms in a lock, while Min went down on her knees to unbuckle my pants.

Amy knew how to restrain me and I did not resist, cause it did really hurt. As soon as my underwear was down, Min sucked me off even before I was hard. She worked her tongue on it until it grew to its full size in her mouth, and gave me a high speed deepthroat treatment I fell weak to. Seeing that I was enjoying the blowjob, Amy let go of me and kneeled behind Min, reaching under her robe and playing with her tits and pussy. The two girls were so engrossed that I could even take my phone out and set it into video mode, filming their daring advances at me.

Once my dick was ripened with her saliva, she helped me up and went over to my desk, bending over like a slut asking to be fucked. Amy followed closely behind me and held my dick as I stood in front of Min’s ass, guiding me into her unbelievably tight cunt. Instinctively, I grabbed her waist and began shaking the row of tables, driving my rod all the way till she moaned.

For a 24 year old, she had D cups mounted on her small frame and it jiggled violently as I banged her hard. Amy’s hand was at my balls, stimulating me to get even bigger inside of her good friend. I could only indulge myself in the soft threesome as my dick urged me for more sex.

Me: ‘Min, get on the floor.’

We adjusted our positions until she was on her fours, while I did a half squat behind her pussy, still ramming strongly at her.

Me: ‘Amy, get on the table and spread your legs.’

She climbed above Min and opened her legs, showing me that pantyless state she was in. My mouth went to work on her pussy while my dick pleasured the other girl. Loud moans and screams echoed in the open office as the girls drifted in and out of their trance-like state from orgasms.

Amy: ‘I want you inside as well.’
Me: ‘Let’s go to the lounge then.’

The girls took off before me and turned the sofa into a bed. Min laid on the bed while Amy went on top of her, both spreading their legs wide for me. Facing my palm up, I shoved two fingers into Amy and used my abdomen to push my fingers. I was pounding at Min while fingering Amy at the same time. Of course, I switched between the two of them until the whole office turned dark from the coming of dusk.

The girls made out as I satisfied their urges, and the alternating pussies were simply too much for one man to bear.

Me: ‘I am cumming soon.’

Amy pushed herself up and I let the girls did whatever they wanted. They sat on the sofa while I stood on the carpeted floor. Their mouths came to me and took turns to suck me off, while still fingering each others’ pussy. This three way masturbation class went on for a long time, since they could take shifts to fuck me with their mouths.

Me: ‘Here it comes.’

The girls opened their mouths and had one hand each on my rod, pumping me furiously until the powerful handgun fired the rounds onto their lips. They ‘fought’ to see who could get more of my cum, and I had to admit it felt good to see them fight over me. The girls took turns once again to suck me clean and kept their hands working while they kissed to exchange my cum in their mouths.

After splitting their shares in equal portions, they kissed the sides of my shaft and let me slide my dick off their lips, until they kissed and a gulp emptied their mouths.

Min: ‘We were supposed to use the cakes!’
Amy: ‘Don’t waste it. It’s not cheap! We can all eat it together.’
Min: ‘Don’t want. I want to use at least one on him. I can lick it off for you.’

The girls got busy with the cupcakes and Min brought one to me, applying some of the cream on my rod before licking up. It was lucky of me to have such fun colleagues, plus, my office job wouldn’t be as boring as before anymore.

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