Sticky Wet Panties

Grace woke up in the empty classroom after falling asleep during her remedial lesson. She picked herself up drowsily from the table and sat with her head spinning from the hot and humid weather. Something didn’t feel right as she squirmed on the chair, feeling some sticky fluids leaking out of her vagina. Was it just the usual discharge she experienced from day-to-day? She raised her green school skirt and tugged her panties open, only to see a huge load of white liquid gathering at her pussy.

The confused girl did not think much about the empty plastic cup on her table, but her phone which was kept in her pocket, appeared in the corner of the desk. She woke her phone up and saw that the opened photo app, with a new video of her in the sleeping position on the table. Frightened, she tapped on the thumbnail and the clip started playing.

Someone had held the phone at her and a lot of noises were heard in the background. She was then carried and placed chest down on the desk, while a pair of hands raised her skirt to her waist. The pink FBT shorts she wore was removed to her feet and her panties was lowered as well. The camera angle pretty much remained in the same frame, but the guy that stood behind her started to unzip his pants, taking out his dick and stroking it to get it hard.

Grace was lifeless throughout most of the action, but the desire to know what happened kept her watching the rape that happened on her. Moments after his rod was hardened, his hands went between her butt and rubbed on her pussy, until those clear juices caught on his fingers, even showing it to the camera. After that, his dick was stuck into her and the monotonous thrusting began, with loud cheers and even more guys stroking their dicks on screen.

The guy went on and on until he came and basically just came inside her, before giving the camera man a high five. The next guy came and turned her over onto her back, unbuttoning her blouse to reveal the orange coloured bra under the white top. More hands came into the picture and molested her breasts like savagers. Her nipples were pinched to redness and grew so large that she did not realise it was possible. A few heads went to kiss on her lips and continued to abuse the unconscious girl while her body was still being jerked up and down from the guy who was fucking her in missionary on the table.

Within a minute, he groaned loudly and his head fell on her breasts, sucking on a nipple until the next guy asked for his turn. This time, she was kept in the same position but was adjusted till her neck fell over the edge of the desk. A dick sticking out of a pants went up to her face and was shoved into her mouth. The guys in the double entry pose did a synchronised job of mouth-fucking and pussy-raping, going as long as three minutes until her pussy was filled up again. The oral guy took over her pussy and rammed a few times, before creaming inside her as well.

Flashes from cameras appeared throughout the session and a few phones were seen going up close to her pussy, snapping at the overfilled hole. The next guy went up to her and held her thighs together, plunging his dick into the small slit and groaning in satisfaction. He pounded her much harder than the rest and probably took a longer time, that the clip was cut off and started again in a new file.

Right then, Grace saw on screen that he had pulled out and took the camera from the ‘crew’, aiming it at her pussy. The strong jets covered her groin with cum and it was thick to a point it stuck onto her skin. She scrolled through the seekbar until a scene where the guys joined another table to support her head. She watched in silence as the guys cleaned her up, checking and double checking on her face, boobs. Helping her to wear her panties back in a hurry to contain the overflowing pussy, and finally pulling up her FBTs to the original position.

She watched herself being placed on the chair and returned to her sleeping position, listening to the sounds of the guys packing up and leaving one by one. Finally, the clip went quiet, and the guy who was filming, showed a piece of paper in front of the camera for a few seconds.

We couldn’t help ourselves to the most slutty girl in class, and we have made many videos just from what just happened. If you report this, some of us will get into trouble, but the person who will suffer is you. Because your face is in it.

Thereafter, about five iPhones without casings were flashed in front of her phone, playing the little piece of action simultaneously. The camera went dark towards the table and finally ended the visual torture.

Shivering from what she just watched, Grace felt dirty from the gangbang. Something in her had woken up to their doings, and a little thought in her to be owned came into her mind. Part of it wished she was awake when it happened, because she would still feign asleep, just to enjoy the gang rape of her nicer schooling state of mind.

That particular night, she played the clip over and over again, masturbating with that soiled panties. Her pussy was still leaking cum, and she got herself off countless times until she fell asleep.

Do you think she had any wet dreams that night?

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