A Kit in MInd

Being an avid user of toys (alone and with my partners), dildos, vibrators, male-masturbators, light bondage equipments, I have an idea to create something like a package for both males and females to enjoy. Although the items in any packages might make them seem expensive, I am sourcing for cheaper but high quality versions of them.

As of now, here are the two kits that might work, one for the guys, and one for the ladies.

Man-Up: Tenga 2G, USB heating rod, lubricant and a small bottle of Talcum powder.

There is no recommendation needed for Tenga products. Known as the most forward brand to pleasure giving, their standards for quality and hygiene makes some of their products a luxury to have. As I am not looking to impose any long-running costs, the reusable Tenga Flip 2G is an ideal choice for men within the general length of men in our area.

No secrets withheld, I am no longer than 6.5 inches, and that very 2G fit my size really well. I assure you guys that a review for that particular masturbator will come soon.

Armed with next-gen pussy-in-a-tube, there is nothing worse than sticking your manhood into a cold toy, making you feel somewhat like a necrophiliac. Here, the USB heating rod slips neatly into the hole to warm it up, till you found your potential video clip to get off to.

If you have seen the video guide on Tenga 2G, you will know how to apply the lube. But heck, I have a better method to get things started faster.

Once it’s warm and wet, dive into it and knock yourselves out with a trick or two I have discovered while using that toy. You guys know the occasional ejaculation that really calms your mind? As opposed to ‘what the hell am I doing with my life’ kind of mood? Tenga delivers the former more frequently. Trust me.

Once your weak legs recovered, flowing water will take care of the clean up without much effort. You will be grateful after you are done washing and the only worry would be where to set it up to dry.

After drying for a day, the last step which is also the most important one, is to sprinkle some baby powder where the silicon are, to keep them healthy and fresh for your next use.

Silent Drift (ladies’ turn): Bullet vibrator, lubricant, dildo, batteries.

While the boys seem easy to please, ladies seek different things during their personal time. The LED on the vibrator’s control box provide a gentle nightlight as the bullet end buzzed discreetly, barely audible in silence.

Soon, your body built up to yet another climax, and something in you woke up, begging to extend the comforting mood with something longer. Out comes the 6 inch dildo that is comfortable to hold, without a single bit of worry about stretching yourself too much for your man. The mid-length rubber dildo will do a perfect job of satisfying you on your G-spot, never going too deep unless you don’t mind getting your nails wet.

No matter how soaked you are, more lubrication never hurts and will only speed things up to your next orgasm, hopefully not knocking you out too hard to hide your toys before day break.

Apart from these two packages, another two sets I have came up with are light BDSM kits for guys to drive their women wild and ladies to make their boys beg to stop.

Right now, I am in the planning stage for inventory tracking, on the hunt for a breathable bag to keep those gears, as well as fund raising. Samples are on their way to me for quality checks and a short period of use to see which one will hold out. What hurts pocket most will be the Tenga 2G, which I am ready to spend on given its durability and quality.

If any of you have suggestions to the above ideas, please feel free to email me or leave a comment. And if, by luck or by trust, there is anybody willing to invest, please please please, send me an email and we will be talking very soon.

After all these teasing, there could be a chance that it might not take off (if I am doing this alone). But having done the preparation, it wouldn’t take long to kickstart this small entrepreneurial dream of mine.

For interested investors, the initial capital is in the four-digit range. Profits and dividends and returns aside, I am looking at this opportunity to work for myself. If you are sponsoring a sum to fulfill my dream, rest assure that every cent will go into this idea.

Now for the boring stuff that is related but probably not important.

Since the beginning, you guys have never a need to pay for any of my stories. And for those who spent on something, your money has benefited the couple of models that appeared. Somehow, never hearing from them is a good thing, since it meant they have made it through whatever they needed the money for in the first place. For the few who bought my stories, I hope you guys liked it. You have helped this site to last for another year.

All the funds I need to keep this site clean and running comes mostly from my jobs, which I have switched a few times like any other lower-income family. Finding a place to settle for is definitely tough, but not impossible.

Before Phantacee.com, there was nothing like this. Now unrelated to what happens here. It was my first attempt to sell sex toys among other handful of blogshops, which met with a fateful end when some guys from GST called. Though I have continued selling the toys here, the focus has greatly shifted to entertainment.

Pages after pages of stories. Monetary reward wasn’t even on my mind. My idea of ‘returns’ came in the form of education (self-taught sexual psychology and website management), accounting (to tide my models over their darker days), laws (on not breaking anything while I sought contents), marketing (to get awareness for anything at all), English (improving so damn slowly).

I work (on my day job) to get more than the salary, completing my otherwise mundane life with writing stories for you guys, learning so much more by putting in just a few hours here.

Never having hopes of breaking out of this vicious cycle of life which many low-income families are in, the only saving grace is knowing that people from all walks of life visit ‘me’ regularly. No matter if you are rich, or living on the streets, we are all equal here.

Knowing one or two (or more) of you have the ability to help, leveraging on your wealth would be the last thing to do. I trust that we are all doing our best in life, some giving up on their aging selves as they succumb to their fate.

This is the one shot that I need.

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