Chocolate Cake

‘Hey Mandy!’, I called out to my poly classmate whom I had not seen but remained in contact with. The blue blouse, green chiffon skirt girl turned to see me in jeans and a backpack, carrying a small cake box with a cute ribbon on the top. ‘What are you doing here?’, I could almost […]

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Sweet Sweet Love

Part 1 | Part 2 Rick (whispering): ‘Lift your leg up.’ Samantha pushed her skirt between her legs and perched one of her feet on the velvety plastic seat of the bus, peering out of the window to take her attention away from what her boyfriend was about to do. He shifted closer to her […]

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Second Date

On the bus to Vivocity, my hand was interlocked with Jaq’s resting on her thighs, where she played with my fingers. Through the ride, we had been exchanging kisses on each other’s cheeks, with my eyes constantly looking down into her shirt. The plain thin bra was the usual one she wore and her small […]

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Timid Timmy

Guy (shouting): ‘Oi! The guy in front!’ Timmy looked around him and saw no one else, turning to the back where the two couples chattered noisily for most of the journey. Guy (shouting): ‘Come here lah!’ Fearing they might do something to him, he packed his stuff and moved to the back, sitting between the […]

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Lucky Strike

Halfway into a game of Plants Vs Zombies, a cute young girl walked up the stairs of a speeding bus and the gorgeous sight of her long curly hair and tight spaghetti top attracted me for a second. Bearing no thoughts of hooking girls in such a situation, I returned to my game and saw […]

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