Second Date

On the bus to Vivocity, my hand was interlocked with Jaq’s resting on her thighs, where she played with my fingers. Through the ride, we had been exchanging kisses on each other’s cheeks, with my eyes constantly looking down into her shirt.

The plain thin bra was the usual one she wore and her small boobs just hung loosely between the cups. ‘What are you looking at huh?!’, she glared at me in that cute but stern face, already knowing what I was peeping at. I waved my hand at her and repeated my ‘no’ but she wasn’t taking it.

I pulled her by the arm closer and leaned her head on my shoulder, patting her legs to soother her feelings. The love between us could be little, but it was growing stronger as we spent more time together.

As though the bus wasn’t cold enough, the overhead vents suddenly blew strong air and she wriggled her hand over my groin, kneading on my unsuspecting crotch. I had to ask her what she was doing as there were passengers in front and behind us, all of sight from where we were.

‘That’s the warmest part right? I’m cold luh.’ Her hand kept playing with me till it was big, and she pushed her way up the opening of my shorts from my legs. The thick cotton pants had an inner lining for my balls and it was as good as going commando. Her icy cold fingers jolted me in a surprise and I was warming her up gradually.

She let of a ‘tsk’ when her thumb accidentally touched the tip, smearing pre-cum over my dick head when she fondled with it too much.

I had to ask her not to tease me anymore and she listened, instead jerking me off in discreet motion. She wore a jeans then and I couldn’t do anything to her, except to indulge in the public handjob she was giving.

That calming, relaxed mood made the rest of the journey enjoyable without much passengers walking past us. When the upper deck was cleared, she whipped out my cock and stroked it mercilessly, spending my last five minutes in agony as she squeezed real hard when I almost came.

Like any guys, I had a limit and at last begged her to let me cum, with a promise to return the favour when we reach the mall. She kept pumping me till I whispered the golden question into her ear, ‘where do I cum?’ She looked at me without stopping her hand and just watched my confused expression till I signalled her.

She paused for a moment and tucked her hair behind her ears, going down on me and resuming her handjob. Coupled with the tongue action over my rod, I lasted only ten seconds before I blew my load, puffing her cheeks fast as it squirted without an end in sight.

Only after fifteen seconds, I was dead tired and empty, did she lift her head away and took her water bottle out. My cum went down her throat with that water and she was nice to keep my rod back into my shorts.

Upon reaching the mall, we went straight for the highest level where the exit of the cinema was. I had been there once with one of my ex and the tiny utility room was available. In there, I lowered her jeans to her ankles and made her sit on my lap. The broken theatre seat had no legs and we were on the floor, but on top of the red cushions.

Her legs opened wide and my fingers got to work, attacking her clit and poking into her pussy when she got too horny. Actually, it was her who pushed my fingers in. Yes, two fingers. Her moans echoed freely in the noisy room and I was too focused on getting her off. Without a hardon, I sank my fingers as deep as I could till her body started shaking in my arms, trembling so violently as juices poured out of her love hole.

Right after she came, she jumped up and wore her jeans back, as though her six sense had alarmed her. Nothing went wrong that few minutes and we made our way out, into the quiet corridor.

Following that double event of a quick masturbation, we went for our dinner and spent the rest of the day strolling in Hort Park, where a public toilet tempted us once again.

Timid Timmy

Guy (shouting): ‘Oi! The guy in front!’

Timmy looked around him and saw no one else, turning to the back where the two couples chattered noisily for most of the journey.

Guy (shouting): ‘Come here lah!’

Fearing they might do something to him, he packed his stuff and moved to the back, sitting between the two girls facing their guys in the opposite seats. They took his belongings and placed them on the floor, before pinning his shoulders with their elbows. Looking confused, he was too frightened to ask them what they wanted, giving himself up to whatever was about to happen.

On his left side, the girl was wearing a black maxi tube dress that covered her legs and on his other side, she wore a spaghetti top with a pair of black denim skirt. Both looking sexy and lian-ish, he knew what were they capable of and let them do what they wanted. For this encounter, I will simply label the girls L and R, being the girls on the left and right side of him.

L did not think twice about the dares that their boys gave and slipped her hand under his shirt, pinching his nipples while R unbuttoned his jeans, lowering them to his mid-thighs and stroking the outside of his underwear. The two guys were just cheering them on as they saw his hard on, growing bigger to the seductive touches of R. Slowly, he found himself in a submissive state and no longer tried to think of excuses, letting them ravage his body to their wishes.

Once R was done playing with his underwear, she pulled them down and a huge tool measuring 8 inches flicked out into the air, surprising the guys opposite who were feeling inferior upon seeing his size.

L: ‘Wow! It’s so big! Bigger than yours hor?’

One of the guys ranted some vulgarities at his slutty girl and L’s hand dived for that long piece of cock, jerking it for a while before R’s hand joined hers.

R: ‘The dare was to blow him right?’

A word ‘fuck’ came from the other quieter guy and the girls adjusted their bodies to bend over to Timmy’s groin. They took a little sniff and realised that it actually smelled good, urging them to make their men jealous as they stuck their tongues out.

Guy2: ‘Eh, don’t you dare cum in my girlfriend’s mouth k? If not I’ll make sure you can’t walk again.’

The two tongues were licking his rod up and down by then, taking turns to suck his tip while letting their saliva lubricate that tool of his. Balls being fondled and lips stroking along his shaft, it did not take long for him to start groaning and the girls took each of his hands to their privates. Flipping and rolling up their bottoms, his fingers were guided to their shaved pussies and made to work, rubbing their clits as they sucked him off.

As they got wetter, he slipped his fingers inside them and made them squeal to the long bones of his middle fingers, reaching deep while they dived deeper on his cock.

L: ‘Later you two alight first. This guy is so much better than you two combined. Useless assholes.’

The guys immediately stood up and rushed to Timmy, but R (in skirt) quickly sat over his lap to prevent them from laying a finger on this prized find in a public transport.

R: ‘Don’t be sore losers leh. Fuck off lah! If not we will alight.’

One of the guys calmed the other one down and they took their belongings, continuously pressing the bell till the bus stopped at the next alighting area. Now, R was still on his lap and could feel his dick poking uncomfortably at her panties. Raising her hips a little, she pulled her undies to a side and sat down over his dick, sending him into a groan as it slid easily into her tight, wet hole.

L: ‘Eh! Who says you can go first. Next is me ah!’

R took her time to grind that shy boy who had his hands on her waist, slamming her down whenever she raised her butt. In less than two minutes, R was moaning louder and an overwhelming tightness greeted his dick, with a generous amount of juices flowing down his balls onto the floor.

L: ‘My turn. Move move.’

L got into doggie by leaning over to the last row of seats and wriggled her butt at him. Kneeling on one knee and standing with his other feet, he shoved his cock into her and thrust mercilessly, slurping hungrily with juices splashing over the floor. Pounding for a good few minutes, L’s voice got too dangerously loud but he did not take long to give her an orgasm as well.

Panting and covered in sweat, he was made to sit down between them again, and their hands went to his dick to resume the handjob.

R: ‘You know, I think I will rather have you as my boyfriend then them. They are so controlling and possessive.’
L: ‘Yeah! I know right? I also don’t mind having you.’

L’s head went to his dick after finishing what she wanted to say and went all out to deep throat him, throwing him into a little convulsion as his cockhead touched her contracting throat. R was just massaging his balls while saliva covered her hand, clearly enjoying the pleasurable expression of the little boy they picked up.

R (whispering): ‘Cumming?’
Timmy: ‘Yeah. A while more.’

R got up from her seat and snapped a picture of him receiving a blowjob, unaware to Timmy as he had his eyes closed. After two minutes of choking deep throat, his hands went over L’s head and pushed her deeper, while jerking his hips upwards. An extended groan signalled his final moments and L was moaning as well, at the same time his cock squirted the thick, creamy cum right down her throat.

She just kept swallowing as he came, without any strength to lift her head away from the pressure of his hands. Only after he was done, did he allow her to rest, and L squatted down to attack that sensitive little head of his. Struggling and pleading, R continued sucking while L pinned her elbow against his neck.

L: ‘Force fuck my mouth right? My sister will torture you for a while more.’

Timmy used one hand to reduce the choke hold and the other went to R’s head, shoving her as deeply and forcefully as her good ‘sister’ took it earlier. L saw how pitiful her friend got and tried to pull his hand away, but he was stronger and managed to keep her at an arm’s length. Gagging painfully, she had no choice but to let him use her mouth to fuck his dick until he relaxed his grip, but only letting her mouth stop at his mid-shaft height.

Unloading the second time, he filled her mouth up quickly, puffing her cheeks as he gave her as much as L got. When he was finally done after the three minutes of mouth-fuck, she fell backwards on her butt and stared at him fearfully, as she had never expected that from him.

R: ‘Jie, let him go. I’m alright. And slightly turned on by his violence.. ‘

She threw herself into his arms and spoke in the sweetest voice L had ever heard. Her eyes just glanced into his eyes so lovingly that he himself couldn’t understood what he did that changed her mood so suddenly.

R: ‘Can you be my boyfriend? I’ll do anything for you.. Please?’
L: ‘I want you too. I will listen to everything you want me to do. We will share you.’

He patted on both their heads and let them dress him up, before following one of them home for the night. Sisters for life, they found an 8 inch gem and indulged in the most intense sex they couldn’t break free from. Timid Timmy had unknowingly changed the lives of two girls gone awry.

Lucky Strike

Halfway into a game of Plants Vs Zombies, a cute young girl walked up the stairs of a speeding bus and the gorgeous sight of her long curly hair and tight spaghetti top attracted me for a second. Bearing no thoughts of hooking girls in such a situation, I returned to my game and saw her sitting in front of me, body slanted to rest her legs on the seat.

From time to time, I would catch her stealing glances at me but I only smiled when she looked long enough.

Girl: Whispering..

I took out my earpiece and asked her what was her question, and a jovial tone brightened my day.

Me: ‘Games. Where are you going?’
Girl: ‘Nowhere. Just wanted to be alone today.’
Me: ‘Ah. I see. I do that sometimes too.’
Girl: ‘Really! Haha. What’s your name?’
Me: ‘I’m J. You?’
Girl: ‘Ling. Can sit with you?’

She picked up her bag and I cleared the empty seat beside me, but it wasn’t next to me that she wanted to sit. Walking towards the back of the bus, I followed her and packed my iPad to focus my attention to her. It wasn’t everyday someone would make a friend and there was no reason to disappoint her either.

Ling: ‘Got a girlfriend?’
Me: ‘Nope. Single for now.’
Ling: ‘Me too. Sometimes it feels lonely right?’

I nodded with a smile and she opened her legs to put her bag between them. The skirt she was wearing wasn’t too short and it exposed just enough of her legs to show off those fair skin. It wasn’t too nice to stare and I did not do anything, till she leaned closer to me into the window.

Ling: ‘Umm.. do you want to have some fun here?’
Me: ‘Huh? Fun?’
Ling: ‘Yeah.’

She shifted her butt forward and let her skirt get tugged higher, till some of her translucent panties was showing. We were near to the rear of the bus where no one would disturb us, but it was the randomness of such ‘lucky’ events that bothered me. Was she for real? Or just some kind of a joke?

I did not really have a plan that day, just to visit a shop down west to check out some camera stuff, so there was no hurry to get things done.

Seeing how confused I was, Ling took my hand and placed it on her thighs, before reaching for my shorts and lifting my shirt up to reveal the waistband.

Ling: ‘Don’t be shy k? I’m kind of horny now.. ‘

My hands continued stroking along her thighs, occasionally brushing across her panties. Her hand had disappeared into my shorts then and was pumping that limp rod, growing in her cold palm.

Ling: ‘Want me to take it off?’
Me: ‘Can?’

She stood up slightly and let me pull those g-strings off, before keeping it into her bag for me. Now, my fingers were rubbing her clit and the mutual masturbating act carried on at a faster pace.

From her handjob, I knew it would not be easy to make me cum. But for Ling, the moans and body twitches was enough to tell me she was feeling it. Slowly, my finger poked into her pussy and the juices lubricated the constant thrusting.

Ling (whispering): ‘Have you ever had sex on a bus?’
Me: ‘Of course not. It’s so dangerous.’
Ling (whispering): ‘Got a condom?’
Me: ‘Are you serious?’
Ling: ‘Yeah. Take it out.’

As though all guys carry a condom all the time, she was right this time. The condom I carried for my ex, Baby, was unused and it came handy at this time. She took it from my hand and did the honour of capping me on, before moving herself between my legs.

Ling (whispering): ‘Hold it up.’

I awkwardly dived below her butt to point my dick upwards and she lowered herself slowly, warming my rod with her wet pussy. As my dick entered, she gasped deeply to the pleasure filling her up.

Ling (whispering): ‘Don’t move k? Let me do the work.’

With that, her skilful ass bounced on my lap, up and down without going too slow. All I could do was to hold her waist and help her move easier. Now fixed in that position, we fucked as discreetly as possible, making small movements in that tiny space.

Her feet was closed together as she grinded me, squeezing me in an overwhelming tightness I had never felt before.

Me: ‘Ling, stand up. I’ll move a little too.’

We stood up in the tight leg space and I rammed her hard and fast in standing doggie, where her body shivered to an uncontrollable state.

Ling: ‘I’m cumming J! Keep going.’

The bus was reaching a stop with passengers flagging, and I increased my speed to make sure she come before me. Just as the bus stopped, her pussy suddenly went super tight and forced me out, pushing me back on the seat while she stumbled onto her side of the chair.

Ling: ‘Sorry. Sorry. It feels too good.’

The two passengers came up to the second deck and sat in front. My dick, still throbbing in the condom, was coated with her juices and she was just massaging her clit to ease the heat from the high speed sex earlier.

Ling: ‘I’ll help you now.’

I moved myself as close to the window I could get and watched her removed the condom. Like a gymnast, she bent all the way down and took my dick into her mouth, sucking forcefully while her head bobbed in my groin.

It was a sudden relaxation I felt going up my spine as her mouth was as warm and wet as her pussy, suction controlling the tightness and deep throat to use her tongue to recreate the deep pounding.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t hold it in with that non-stop face fuck and tapped on her shoulders to let her know I was cumming. Ling did not stop even for a second and kept going, till I had to cup my mouth to hide the moan of pleasure.

The powerful jets of my cum could be felt shooting into her mouth and she was still sucking. In that five plus waves of ejaculation, none of my sperm leaked out and she ended the blowjob with a graceful suck on the way up.

Smiling at me, her throat moved and I knew my load just went into her stomach.

Ling: ‘Is it good?’
Me: ‘The best I’ve felt.’

We returned to our positions and adjusted our clothes back, before she handed me her phone.

Ling: ‘Your number?’

I typed my contact number in and she gave me a miss call immediately.

Ling: ‘Oh, where are you alighting?’
Me: ‘I think I’ll just spend today with you. Can?’
Ling: ‘Really? Yupp!’

She hit the bell immediately and I alighted in yet another confused state.

Ling: ‘Let’s go to my place. There’s no one home now.’

Wow, do such things really happen so easily? We spent the next few hours on her bed, fucking each others’ minds out without protection, since I had used the only one on the bus. Cumming inside her was the best sensation I had felt, and it was the first time I did it too.

When we left, I still did not know her real age, but the sex we had, I could only say that she is experienced.

Slutty Love Story

Jovie: ‘There’s no one here now. Take it out.’
Eric: ‘Huh? Can wait till we reach my place?’
Jovie: ‘No. Quick.’

The brown haired girl had her hand under his shirt while passengers alighted one by one before the bus entered the industrial park. She was the typical ‘ah lian’ who fancied this studious boy whom did not mind her character since she was becoming more of a woman after they got together.

In the short sundress, she only wore a g-string without bra, but that did not inspire Eric to get touchy with her. He was after all a guy with self-control and did not take advantage of his girlfriend. He let her unzip his jeans and play with him till he was big, long enough for her to jerk him off.

After a few pumps, she tucked her fringe over her ears and promptly went down on the worried boy, sucking him all the way to the balls. The gagging sounds came from the deep throat but she was holding up fine, without choking on his long erection. As she was bobbing her head up and down, her fingers had disappeared under her dress to finger herself while she got this lovely boyfriend off.

Eric (whispering): ‘Hey, I think you should stop now.’
Jovie: ‘Why? Don’t like it?’
Eric: ‘No. I’m going to shoot if you continue.’
Jovie: ‘Oops. Then let’s not waste it.’

Seeing that there was no cameras on the older bus, she turned her back towards him and laid sideways on the narrow seats. Her chest was on her thighs and she kept her body low enough not to be seen by the mirror of the driver’s seat.

Jovie: ‘Quick. Put it in.’
Eric: ‘Don’t be so crazy can?’
Jovie: ‘We will rest when we reach your place k? I’m horny right now.’

Seeing his girl’s butt stick out from under her dress, he had no choice but to give in to her request. Kneeling on one side, he held her ass higher before dipping his cock into her pussy. Pushing in one inch at a time, her toned body was in total contrast to the small, tight pussy she had.

As his dick brushed along her vagina to the depth, she groaned without restraint and felt his heartbeat through his rod. In this kind of places, there was no time to waste and he carried on to pound her as quietly as possible.

The pressure around his dick was increasing as he went faster, moans coming from his girl did not help him to cum any sooner either. He was just built to last, and that was one thing that she was addicted to.

Suddenly, footsteps were heard coming up the steps at one of the stops and she sat upright, accidentally forcing his dick out while he got pushed against the window.

Eric (whispering): ‘Shit.’

She covered his exposed dick with her cardigan and straightened her dress. Until the man sat down at the front row, did she bend over to his dick again and take his rod into her mouth.

Eric (whispering): ‘Still want to continue?’

A nod from her signalled him not to stop her and she continued slurping silently on his manhood, taking it all the way down her throat with ease. After a few minutes, she felt his hands went over her head and kept her mouth glued to his base, while feeling his hips tremble.

The first wave of cum shocked her by the amount but she swallowed while he ejaculated, leaving not one drop wasted. Once he was exhausted from her continuous sucking after he came, she perched one of her knees against the backrest and guided his fingers between.

Taking things into her own ‘hands’, she stuck his middle finger into her pussy and used him to masturbate herself. Feeling satisfied and less horny, he thrust wildly into her to get her cumming in mere minutes and her body kept jerking to the orgasms shooting through her.

Their stop came about ten minutes later and they alighted as normally as possible, walking in a hurried pace to his house. Right before they entered, she pulled him into the stairwell and made out with him, or rather, forced herself on him.

Jovie: ‘Don’t stop me now. I want you so badly.’
Eric: ‘But.. ‘

Just a flight of steps away from his door, his jeans unzipped before he could complete his sentence. Her hand dug violently into his underwear and she squatted down as soon as it was out in the air. Shoving her face in his groin, his dick grew instantly with little effort. She was mouth-fucking him and his weakening legs made it hard to stop her.

Once she was breathless from the deep throat, she led him to sit at the step and pulled her dress up, climbing over him while hanging around his neck for support. He need not do anything as her pussy slid down his dick easily, still wet from the bus ride.

In no time, their privates were slapping loudly at the stairs while she kept her hands on his cheeks, faced at her come-fuck-me expression. Although he was in doubt about being able to satisfy this horny girlfriend, what she did was totally acceptable to his male form.

Body shaking from her hard slams, his hips grew sore soon and he held her waist down after she came once.

Eric: ‘Let me do some work too. Stand at the window.’

Excited, she went over to the railing and stood with her legs apart. His dick pierced into her in one stroke and the forceful thrusts kept her body jerking at whoever was looking. The overwhelming pleasure was driving her body wetter and he wasn’t slowing down.

The deeper he went, the more she wanted. Giving her pussy a little squeeze, an increase in speed made her regret her actions immediately. The size had grew in her and the length.. was really pushing all her buttons. Lasting for ten minutes, her clit was super sensitive from the ball slaps as he rammed her doggie style.

She had already lost count of the climaxes she received from just this one session.

Eric: ‘Baby, I’m cumming. Safe?’
Jovie: ‘Oh yes. I still have lots of morning-after pills. Just shoot it all inside me.’

Knowing how much his girl loved to be creampied, he was smart to have stocked up on the morning-after for such occasions. Burning his last bit of sanity, his love transformed into pure energy as he rammed into her deepest end, pulling out as she was closing in.

Eric’s chest collapsed onto her back as the first shot went, whispering ‘shooting, shooting’ at her ear while his dick emptied the remaining rounds. She was backing their bodies towards the steps where he helped himself to sit down, while still shooting the last few drops.

Instead of standing up, she placed her feet together and made him lie against the stair. Hopping up and down, his dick totally went insane as she fucked a few more seconds out of him. As soon as her body suddenly orgasmed, his dick shrank to the choking pressure, while a stream of clear liquid poured over his little head.

Jovie: ‘Let’s go inside now.’
Eric: ‘Wait wait.. ‘
Jovie: ‘Don’t wear it back lah. You can take it off in the house.’

She held her dress above her waist to keep them clean and they entered the house in record time. Stripping naked at the doorstep, they went into the shower for more loving time and she spent the rest of the day sucking him dry.

Second Anniversary

Claire: ‘What’s this?’
Jayson: ‘Open it and you’ll know.’

She unwrapped the little rectangular gift box and an exquisite flip top case was revealed underneath. She popped the cover opened and saw a little metal ball, welded to a string of crystals. Having never seen anything like it, she did not know what was it used for.

Claire: ‘What is it for?’

He only gave her smile when he took the gift, leaning towards her and making her lie on the bed.

Jayson: ‘It’s for you to keep it inside when you go out pantyless.’

Never had she gone pantyless before but the present looked too pretty to be unused. It was after all from her boyfriend. She relaxed her head on the pillow and let him spread her legs, rubbing the sphere up and down her clit to get her wet. After a minute of teasing, she felt the ball enter her pussy and the chain dangled freely between her legs.

Jayson: ‘Let’s go for dinner now.’

A nod from her made him helped her up and she picked a lovely yellow dress, decently length to hide the crystals sticking out of her pussy. Walking with the toy inside felt a little weird at first, but she quickly got used to it since it did not require too much effort to hold it in place. Boarding the bus, she was ushered to the upper deck with her boyfriend behind, heading to the secluded seats at the back.

Jayson: ‘Lift up your dress a bit.’

She pulled the centre up till her pussy was exposed and let him used her fingers on her clit. Rubbing gently, Claire held his forearms tightly as passengers came up and took their seats in front. It only took him a few minutes to get her to climax and the innocent girl shivering to his touches made him hard.

As pleasure filled her mind in a dreamy state, she knew what her boyfriend was looking forward to and slipped her hand into his jeans, heading in from his waist. Her fingers wrapped around his dick and toyed with it while he unzipped his pants to take his dick out.

Jayson (whispering): ‘Can you give it a suck?’

Saying nothing, she bent her back and let her mouth take the tip in, sucking while moving her lips across his shaft. Going deeper as her saliva lubricated his rod, he made sure to look as normal as possible while containing his excitement from the sensual blowjob his girl was doing for him. She had been working her wet tongue quietly behind the seats covering every corner of his dick to try and make him lose control.

Jayson (whispering): ‘Dear.. I can’t take it anymore. Let’s alight at the next stop.’

She stopped what she was doing and wiped her mouth clean, tucking his dick into his pants while her dress got straightened. They alighted the bus in the industrial area before they reached the interchange and walked aimlessly for a place to get their urges relieved. Finally, a metal gate left opened became their destination for the night and they went up the building to search for a quiet corner.

They found a corridor along the backdoors of the rows of offices and a small worn out sofa became their ‘bed’. Sitting with her legs apart, Jayson took his toy out of her and went on to give her pussy a lick, except that his tongue kept flicking and sliding up and down her slit to make her moan freely. Her hands were over his head and guiding him to where it felt best and he did his job by keeping her wet and hornier than before.

For the first time, she asked him to put it in as she couldn’t take it anymore, turning him on to the max from her first step to demanding sex. His pants quickly fell to the floor and she gave him a blowjob while he fished a condom out of his wallet. Giving it to her, she rolled it down for him and the smooth looking rubbery dick couldn’t seemed anymore tempting to be inside her.

She adjusted her position to lie on the sofa while he laid in missionary over her. Jus as he placed his tip at her opening, she whispered for him to be gentle. The first inch entered and her hands went to his waist to pull him right in. Unlike usual, she did not feel any discomfort and really wanted him inside as soon as she could.

The vigorous pounding began after he secured his knees and her jerking breasts were grabbed while her pussy was fucked to orgasms. His thumb went to her clit and tortured it mercilessly against her pleas not to, driving her insane as the double pleasure overwhelmed her mind. Her legs suddenly closed on him and her body went into a violent fit, squirting a strong jet of cum into his groin and wetting the couch.

Luckily, her dress was all the way to her chest and his jeans were removed. The sight of Claire squirting was the first for him and he couldn’t stop pumping, triggering her body to continue shooting while her pussy tightened to a level he couldn’t move due to the heightened sensitivity.

They took a break after she lost consciousness but he didn’t just let her lie still. Using his strength, he turned her over and rested her bum on her feet – in doggie style. Piercing his dick right back in, he woke her up and the following thrusts recharged her instantly. Her body was up almost touching him and he placed his arms around her, kneading those wonderful pair of breasts as his hips slammed against her butt.

He was so deep inside her he could feel himself stretching her pussy to a new depth. That constricted end really drove him crazy, forcing him to ram her even harder.

Jayson: ‘I’m going to cum!’
Claire (whispering): ‘Baby, wanna shoot inside my mouth?’

Another first for the day. She waited for his legs to open wider before sitting upright, with her head resting on the armrest. He kneeled over her chest and let her mouth take his dick before thrusting shallowly, feeling all of her tongue stroking the bottom of his dick. Coupled with her hand at the long shaft, the hand-blowjob quickly pushed him to his limit and the strong jet fired into her lips. Her mouth kept sucking as he came till the last drop was emptied, still pulsating blanks as she moved her mouth under his hood.

Jayson: ‘Stop baby stop. It’s too sensitive!’

A pop sound came when she released her bite and he stepped away to prevent her from torturing him any further. Wearing their clothes back, she was allowed to keep the toy in her bag but she surprised him by putting it back to where it should be – inside her body.

Claire: ‘I think we missed the showtime. Shall we go to your place now?’

Excited, he grabbed their belongings and went to flag a cab, heading for his place to get more intimate sessions with his loved one. I do hope the driver didn’t head the slopping sounds coming from between her legs as he fingered her for the whole twenty minutes journey, keeping her horny for what was about to come.

One Fifty

Girl: ‘Thanks for your help earlier. I don’t normally go out to places with a lot of people. So it was really scary when I feel how many eyes were looking at me.’
Me: ‘It’s okay. I have too many coins anyway.’

She was stuck at the entrance of the bus for a few long seconds trying to find some coins in her bag. After seeing how frantic she was, I handed her S$1.50 and she dropped it into the coin box, surrounded with impatient eyes that were waiting for the bus to move.

I had gone up to the upper deck of the bus 166 towards Vivocity and she followed, sitting herself right next to me. As usual, I wore a t-shirt and pants and was not bothered by the fact I was going to a crowded mall at all. That was who I am. But for the short haired girl, she wore a body hugging spaghetti top and a pair of shorts that left much of her thighs exposed. That was how girls in this age dress to kill right?

Not wanted to be bothered at first, she introduced herself as Nicole and went on about how she seldom went out, contrary to the clothes she wore that misled me.

Nicole: ‘You’re going there alone?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Feel like spending some time to myself.’
Nicole: ‘Sorry. Am I too talkative?’

I couldn’t tell her otherwise after she leaned herself closer to keep her legs out of the aisle. The lavender fragrance emitting from her body was soothing my tensed mood trying to get some peace.

Nicole: ‘I’m going out alone too. Maybe I can accompany you? Oh ya! The money.’

She took her wallet out and handed me the only note she had – a piece of two dollars. I nudged her hand away and told her it was okay, since I was working and she did not seemed like she had any income. A sweet word of thanks came out of her thin pink lips and her arm just went under mine, like I was her boyfriend.

Sitting myself upright so she could rest her head comfortably, I could peek into the cleavage she made with both her arms squeezing them together.

Nicole: ‘Can put your bag down?’

I dropped my sling bag between my legs and kept it away, letting her turn to me and lie on my chest. Wow, who is this girl exactly? She was doing things I wouldn’t expect to feel as a stranger. Was she carrying any viruses that she had given up hope looking for love?

After a few stops, I felt my shirt getting wet and a few soft sniffs came from her. I picked her chin up and she was in tears, biting her lips to hide her sobs from me.

Me: ‘What’s wrong?’
Nicole: ‘I.. I feel so useless.’
Me: ‘Why? Did something happen?’
Nicole: ‘My boyfriend don’t even let me hold him like this. All he wanted was sex.’
Me: ‘Oh.. That’s the thing bothering you.’
Nicole: ‘He.. *sobs* just find every chance to get me wet and turns me on so I would return the favour. I don’t want that kind of relationship anymore.’

Okay, I was getting into some kind of trouble I did not want and she was sticking to me like super glue. Surely such things don’t happen just like that right? I patted her leg to calm her down and she wiped her tears away after some sweet talk.

Just as I was about to place my head on the headrest to catch some rest, she brought her lips to my ears and breathed hot air into me.

Me: ‘Eh. Don’t do this. I’m not your boyfriend.’
Nicole: ‘Can you be mine just for today?’
Me: ‘I don’t know. I’m not single.’
Nicole (whispering): ‘Shhh.. ‘

What was I thinking? My reply did not even bother her since, well, she wasn’t single too.

Nicole (whispering): ‘I’m wet.’
Me: ‘Don’t tell me that. I am not going to do anything to you.’

What she told me about her boyfriend was more than enough to gain all of my sympathy. With such a troublesome guy in her life, there wasn’t a need to add to her sense of helplessness by taking advantage of her – even if she was throwing herself at me.

She placed her hand gently on mine and lifted it to her legs, pushing my finger into her shorts that was just loose enough to fit two or three fingers. The hems of her shorts was moist then and I knew she was not joking.

Me: ‘Why are you wet?’
Nicole (whispering): ‘Cause his fingers are always in me when we are on a bus.’

After I moved my fingers to rub against her panties, she went to my shorts and pulled the waistband down to expose my dick. For the longest time, this pair of shorts was my favourite because of the netting in it, allowing me to skip wearing a pair of underwear. Not because I expected random girls to want to stick their hands into my shorts, but it didn’t seemed like the case that day.

Within seconds, her head was on my lap and taking my dick into her mouth, semi-erect at first, then growing to its full size in her working tongue. The long trips from her tongue was driving my head numb and she was going all out despite me not fingering her from the awkward angle.

All she did was to push against my chest to make me lie comfortable and kept sucking to really drain my energy. After one passenger came up to sit at the front seat, did she stop and kiss my cheeks, asking me how was it.

Me: ‘I think I am getting addicted to your mouth.’

She cheekily stuck her tongue out with a smile and reached behind to unhook her bra. Those brown nipples were obvious from under her thin pink top but she wasn’t too concerned about it. I guessed going braless was one of her boyfriend’s request since she was so alright with it.

The passenger in front kept turning his head to see what we were doing but she did not give him too much attention either.

Nicole: ‘Let’s go to the back. The seats facing each other.’

She stood up hand-in-hand and led me to the back where three to four chairs were joined. Lying on her sides, she hid herself using the seats in front and I was some distance behind her. Tugging her shorts down to reveal her g-string, she pulled them to a side and waited.

Nicole (whispering): ‘Put it in.’

Quickly, I took my key purse out and rolled the condom on. Having one when not needed is better than not having any when this kind of situations arise right? She curled her body up and kept her pussy towards me. Wasting no seconds, I delivered the fatal blow into her and she rolled herself even tighter together, almost into a ball. Looking at the passenger in front, I thrust swiftly without making any huge movements.

That was all I could afford without risking being noticed. Her body was tight beyond my imagination and my dick was gasping desperately not to cum in that virgin-like hole. Was that why her boyfriend could not stop fucking her? The answer is right over my dick.

Picking the pace carefully, only my hips were moving and she cupped her mouth to prevent any moans from escaping. Doing it in such a modern bus had its danger too, from the CCTV.. shit. Realising the foolishness of my actions, I pounded her harder and deeper, driving my dick all the way in till she began shivering.

Her fingers were at her nipples pinching them real hard but I had pulled out before she stopped climaxing.

Nicole: ‘Why take out?’
Me: ‘CCTV.’
Nicole: ‘Huh? My boyfriend says it’s fake.’

Yeah right. The poor girl did not notice the monitor above the driver’s head all these while. I wore my shorts back and went back to our seats, where she followed after seeing how urgent I was.

Nicole: ‘I can’t just let you keep everything inside. Blowjob can?’
Me: ‘Okay. But don’t slurp too loud k? Got people in front.’

Nicole swept her hair behind her ears and went down on me again. This time shoving her head deeper and at a much quicker pace. My hands went automatically over her head to make sure she deep throat me and there was no gagging from her as I forced her lower.

Feeling my dick harden to an impossible state, I knew I was about to cum and told her the good news. She made me crazy by keeping her mouth at the base of my dick and used her throat to milk me for the next few seconds.

With a powerful jerk, my dick fired into her mouth mercilessly and her lips just adjusted itself to make sure she was still keeping my dick in her mouth. None of my cum was wasted as she pulled away, leaving my throbbing dick that was still twitching in her hand.

Suddenly, the girl whom I had pity for looked so gorgeous, swallowing without a flinch. Spotting the droplet of cum forming on my pee hole, she lapped it up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Like a hungry wolf satiated, she wore my pants back as the bus made a turn at the port.

Nicole: ‘Boyfriend of the day, like it?’
Me: ‘I love it.’
Nicole: ‘I can do it for you anytime k? Let’s go walk walk first.’

Although she wanted to withdraw some cash before we went around, I did not let her and paid for lunch. Eyes were on her braless chest but she stayed close to me, knowing I would be the only person who can touch her – at least for that day.

After buying a dress she fancied and a small stop at Starbucks, we exchanged numbers and made our way home on the bus we took to get there. An intense round of blowjob and fingering ended our day together, leaving fantasies unused with my balls emptied.

Nicole (WhatsApp): ‘I broke up with my boyfriend. I think I know how it feels to be love properly. Thank you.’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Take care of yourself k? Don’t lose out to just any horny guys.’
Nicole (WhatsApp): ‘Let’s go to Vivo again tomorrow?’

Could I say no? Our fling is still going on in secret after she found herself a guy who loved her more than himself. Now with more money in her wallet, we upgraded our ‘gathering’ to hotels that gave her all the privacy for a good fuck we both were looking forward to.

Despite how horny I was, she was someone whom touched me deep down but maintained a distance due to our status. Will she be featured on my blog? Let time tell. Now, the tired me finally could get the blowjob I wanted after pleasing her with an intense round of doggie she demanded from me.

Fire in the hole!

Tricked for Treats

As the bus got crowded, my sister and I was squeezed into the corner of the standing platform. We had just done our shopping at the OG in Chinatown and I let her stand near the windows, with the shopping bags behind her feet. The few guys around us were seen looking down my sister’s camisole top at the small cleavage but I did not say anything, since she chose to wear this out.

Another guy had stood next to my sister and the girl with him was in front of me, hips almost touching my groin.

Sister (whispering): ‘Kor, I think he is touching my butt.’

I stared at the guy who merely gave me a smile and I told my sister to stay still. After a while, her grip on my hand tightened and I knew she was being molested. The front of her wine red flare skirt was lifted and the stranger’s hand was going under the skirt.

Suddenly, the man told his girl something, and my dick was suffocated with her body leaning onto me.

Guy: ‘Jie, move inside a bit.’

My hand covered my groin to give it a little space but she did not stop shifting in the constricted corner.

Me: ‘Mei, turn around and face the window.’

She did as I asked and the guy smiled to himself, as though he knew we were making a little exchange. I moved my hand to the girl’s butt that was pasted on my sister and gave her a little squeeze. The next thing she did was to turn around as well, facing the back of my sister.

Wearing a short spaghetti dress, it was easy to go under and fondle her panties, made with those thin netting that allowed me to feel her cameltoe. Soon, my sister was wriggling at the window and the guy’s sister was doing the same. My finger then dug into her panties and landed on her clit, where she leaned forward to push my hand against my sister’s butt.

The four of us had engaged in a mini masturbathon to please the girls and we (the guys) were doing a great job. When the bus finally got less crowded, the guy stopped what he was doing and tapped on his sister’s shoulders.

Guy: ‘Next stop. Want to alight with us?’

A slanted nod of my head spurred my sister to pick up the shopping bags and we alighted, walking behind them while she spoke softly to me about how he fingered her in her panties.

Upon reaching their place, we dropped our purchases and my sister was led to a bedroom, while the guy’s sister pulled the shoulder straps off and let her dress fall to the floor. We made our way to the couch where she climbed over my legs and proceeded to yank my shorts down. She gave my dick a few jerks before peeling her panties to the side and sat down over my rod, unstoppable till it was fully embedded inside.

A moan from the room signalled to me that my sister was doing about the same thing and the swing with an unlikely partner started. Grinding her body on top, my dick was stroking the underside of her pussy that made her groan in ecstasy. It was a royal treat for me without having to do anything, and simply letting her ride me to her heart’s content.

As the two of us changed into doggie over the coffee table, my sister came out of the room and climbed next to my sex machine.

Me: ‘Done?’
Sister: ‘Yeah. He didn’t last too long.’

I plugged my fingers into my sister’s pussy and continued pounding the other girl, driving her crazy with my 7 inches. The brother appeared after a while and stood next to me, before I pulled out of his sister when I had enough of her.

Sidestepping to my sister, I sent my dick into her at the same time as the guy fucking his sister. Thrusting at the same pace, the two girls moaned wildly as the dicks ploughed into them, both at high speed.

Guy: ‘Oh ya. Just want to let you know, she’s not my sister. She’s my girlfriend.’

I paused in my tracks as soon as I learnt we were tricked, but it was too late to stop now. Bringing my sister to kneel on the floor between the couch and table, I sat at the edge of the sofa and jerked my hips in hypersonic speed, mercilessly fucking the brains out of her.

Girlfriend: ‘How come you shoot so fast with her?’
Guy: ‘She is too tight.’

He followed what I did to my sister and we continued pounding the lives out of our partners. Stopping before I did, he grunted loudly as he fired his second load into his girlfriend, who was showing a disappointed face at his lack of stamina.

Me: ‘Mei, where did he shoot just now?’
Sister: ‘In my mouth? He put it in once we went into the room but he asked me to do a blowjob after going a few times. Then he shoot in my mouth.’
Girlfriend: ‘Sister, can you let your brother fuck me? I didn’t get my orgasm.’
Sister: ‘Yeah sure.’

I changed places once again and rammed my solid dick into her, giving off a scream as I sank my meat into her pussy. Her boyfriend went to her mouth in an attempt to get her to suck but she did not want to play with him anymore.

Putting all my energy into her, I made sure she came before I did and did not stay any longer inside. I wanted to please my sister rather than the girlfriend of the lousy guy. Little did I know my sister wanted me as badly too. She sat on top facing me and bounced freely on my lap, sending my dick into her time after time. Her nipples were handled by the girlfriend who envied how long I could last but I did not belong to her.

After going non-stop for five minutes, I was finally at my wits end and I told the two girls. My sister climbed off me and whispered something to the girlfriend, who then went down on her knees to work her mouth. Slurping hungrily at the throbbing red stick, my mind went blank to the vicious mouth working flawlessly with her agile tongue to make me go berserk.

Me: ‘I’m about to shoot. Keep going.’

Her lips then went down seamlessly all the way to the base, and her throat took over making small squeezes on my dick head. My cum erupted into her mouth and she swallowed as it came, further overwhelming the already sensitive dick head.

The whole ejaculation lasted for a minute before she pulled her mouth away, licking my dick like a lollipop to get the last drop. My sister and I then wore our clothes back and the girlfriend sent us to the door in the warmest farewell.

For the guy, he was in the kitchen, acting busy while regretting how bad he was in bed. After we got home from the fruitful day of shopping and love making, my sister stripped naked in my room and pushed me onto the bed.

Me (whispering): ‘Eh! Mummy and Daddy is outside!’
Sister (whispering): ‘I don’t care. I can’t take it anymore.’

I let her pull my shorts down and her mouth went over the sticky dick, devouring it without giving me even a minute to get my underwear out of the way. That evening, I had a sensual blowjob from her before our parents went for work, and thereafter were rounds after rounds of wild incestuous sex on her bed.