Aphrodisiac-ted Panties

Seeing his Chinese-Sweden girlfriend, Leanna, putting on that aphrodisiac lined panties, Ryan’s mind was already drifting to what that innocent girl would do when the effects kicked in. He had surprised her at her place early in the morning with breakfast, and gifted her the black lacy panties for her to wear out. Without suspecting anything, she threw a dress over her slim figure and skipped merrily to the impatient boy.

‘Are we really going to do the long bus ride thingy today?’

‘Yeah. We’re taking bus 13, from outside your place to Bedok. About an hour plus. Brought your jacket?’

‘Yupp! Let’s go!’

The excited girl was skipping ahead of him to the bus stop with a box of sushi hidden in her bag and they waited for close to 30 minutes before the double decker one came. They found their spot at the upper deck, all the way to the back and got comfortable next to each other with her jacket over their arms.

The whole journey started off well with the two of them catching up after a week of not seeing each other, until she went quiet, skin turning reddish and warm.

‘Hun, I don’t know why but I’m getting wet.’

‘What? Right now?’

‘Yeah.. my panties.. isn’t it weird?’

He moved his hand over her legs under the jacket and felt her legs part, giving him access to her panties that was completely soaked. Ryan could only imagine how soon the ‘magic’ powder worked, since she didn’t tell him when it started.

Leanna let him pulled her panties off under her dress and watched him kept it in his bag, wild thoughts overwhelming her head slowly. When he returned his fingers to her pussy, she was so glad he was giving her the relief on her clit, that was throbbing so hard in her groin.

‘Put your fingers in?’

He turned her body towards the window and wrapped one hand around her back, going between her legs again. Like a couple looking out of the window in his arms, no one suspected that he was actually fingering her behind the seat. She had both hands free and one of them was going over his pants.

‘Let me sit properly. I want to help you too.’

The clueless girl went along with his little ‘game’ and shifted her body towards the front again. Her knees went up against the backrest and she fingered herself until he was done opening his fly to whip his cock out.

‘Okay. Your hand?’

Their arms crossed paths over their bodies and the mutual masturbation resumed, moaning softly to each other. It took him a few more ‘stops’ to set her first orgasm in motion, making her shiver and bite on his shoulders while she came.

Ryan was completely floored by her daringness to climax in public, grateful for the drug he spent so much money on. When there were less people on their level, she did not hesitate to go down on him, despite having to stop after her neck began to hurt in the awkward position.

The whole discreet handjob-blowjob-fingering stunt repeated and lasted for a whole forty-five minutes until the top deck was empty.

‘Can I cum in your mouth?’

‘Yes. Just for today.’

He moved further away from her so she could bend to his groin, taking that over-hardened dick into her mouth for her to perform what she had learnt from watching his porn collection. Her tongue worked harder than usual and there was no shortage of strong, deep strokes that got him trembling. The ten minutes of interruption-free oral sex finally got his urge fixed when he creamed into her mouth, and was sucked till he was thoroughly dried.

After she was done ‘cleaning’ his tool with her tongue, the horniness in her was fading away and the two of them wore their clothes back. They alighted the bus only to wait for the same bus back home, and had their sushi on the return trip. Leanna sucked him off at the earlier part of the trip before more passengers boarded, and the rest of the journey back home was filled with orgasms from Ryan’s tireless fingers.

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