Extra Ticket

‘Umm.. excuse me.’


‘I have an extra ticket for a movie, do you want to watch it?’

‘Oh no, I’m just seeing if there’s any good movie. Thanks though.’

‘Umm.. what I meant was, do you want to join me?’

I stared at the two tickets she held out but was more distracted with her outfit, a tight-fitting round neck tee with a high waist plaid skirt that left most of her thighs exposed.

‘Are you sure I can?’

‘Yeah. My date bailed on me after his crush asked him out.’

The smile that appeared relieved me a little when I took her offer, leading her to the counter again for some snacks I wanted to pay for. After we got everything, we went into the theatre for our ‘blind date’, sitting side by side right smack in the middle.

Before the show started, we were gossiping about the guy that flew her aeroplane, and how lucky she was to bump into a single (which was kind of sad) who didn’t seemed too creepy to ask along. Soon, the lights went down and we looked around to see if there was something wrong with the empty seats in front of us. To our surprise, there was only two couples, at the two columns left and right of us.

‘I guess we’re alone in here.’

She raised the armrest between us and sat closer, wrapping her arms around mine like a girlfriend. Honestly, I didn’t want to ‘find’ a girlfriend from such a random encounter, but didn’t have the heart to disappoint her too.

‘One day girlfriend?’

‘One day boyfriend.’

The way she fed me popcorn and drinks, it was all perfect until the box was empty. We spent the next few minutes cuddling until she pulled my ear to her lips.

‘Boyfie, I think I’m wet there.’

‘What? You’re taking it that far?’

‘What far? Shouldn’t a boyfriend fix that for his girlfriend?’

She snatched my further arm and slipped it under her skirt, moving it so deep I could feel the contrasting warmth to the cold air. One of her legs folded onto the empty seat next to her and it made space for me to give her a clit rub, spreading her liquid love over my fingers as she leaned onto my shoulder.

‘Can I help my boyfie too? I believe he is hard.’

I never gave her a reply when she slapped her hand on my groin, shocking that bulge that was pressing against my shorts. She was so casual about unzipping me and taking that salty hell of a cock into her hand, jerking me off as fast as she was breathing to my vibrating fingers.

We stayed in that discreet position until she shoved my hand away, and reached into her bag for a gold sachet.


‘What?! No!’

She easily ripped the wrapper with her teeth and rolled it over my erection, which seemed too happy about all that was happening. The wet stains had dried to a powdery texture but she was already folding her skirt up her legs.

‘How are we even going to do it here?’

‘You just sit normally.’

The crazy girl turned towards me and climbed over my legs, face in my neck to avoid any eye contact with the other two couples behind us. In no time, her hips were rocking at me and I have to admit she was tight even with her thighs over mine. We took turns doing the work until she came and it was her move next, riding me in a squatting posture oblivious to the eyes that were definitely watching us.

‘I’m gonna cum!’

‘Just shoot it all!’

Her whisper went right into my ears and she moaned louder for me, finishing me off with an intense delivery into her pussy, thankfully protected by the condom. We returned to our seats as soon as we were done and she helped me remove the condom, tying and dropping it into the popcorn box.

We watched whatever that was left of the movie and left ahead of everyone before any awkwardness hindered our adventurous display of horniness. Thinking that the ‘date’ was over, I offered to walk her home when I found out she lived in the condo next to the mall. Well, let’s just say the day only ended next morning, when she dragged me into her house where there was no one else.

We started at the door, then the living room couch, over to her balcony, followed by her spacious kitchen. Her bedroom was the last place we finished our all-out sex, four times till 4am with naps and supper in between.

Our one-day relationships carried on whenever we were both available, and it would always start with a movie (though any hanky-panky was subjected to the crowd). And her name was saved as ‘movie girl’ for as long as we lasted.

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