Intoxicated Impulses

Her three friends did not come back for her when Anna suddenly pushed me against a wall, and forced her kisses on me. They knew what was going down that night and I wasn’t someone they couldn’t trust either. To them, I was their ‘boss’ and proved more than capable to lead them. So when she decided to spend ‘more time’ with me, they understood her then-mood and left.

We went back into the bar that I was supposed to lock after they were gone, leading me to the corner where we knew the CCTVs couldn’t see. Standing in front of a wall, we were making out as we stripped our tops off, leaving her in a pair of tight shorts that brought out the curves of her hips. Throughout the whole time, our hands were all over each other and I was getting ahead of myself then.

In a swift move, I spun her into my corner and held her wrists above her head, kissing my way down her neck, and then over her breasts once I flipped her bralet over her chest. Those hard nipples got all my attention and she was moaning so loudly as I sucked on them, occasionally nibbling till she had to press my head down so I could use my tongue instead.

After a while, I continued pecking downwards and pulled her shorts off, to which she helped me up and exchanged places with me again. It was her turn to hold my shoulders against the wall and kissed her way down to my navel, undoing my belt and jeans to access that painful hard on.

‘I haven’t done this before. Let me try.’

Her tongue licked around the shaft until it was dripping wet, and then her mouth went over the tip for a suck, one so hard that I almost fainted from the high. She had heard my groans and took it as a sign of ‘good job’, devouring my cock in an in-out motion along her lips. For a first timer, she had got my acknowledgement that she was a natural at that.

I didn’t let her continue too long and picked her up, carrying her to the table nearby with a risk of getting spotted. I raised her feet onto the table and sat under her pussy, all wet and horny when I checked her for readiness.

Without a word, my head disappeared between her thighs and I began licking her, flicking my tongue so rapidly, to make her moan so sexually for the first time. It didn’t take her long before she couldn’t take any more and jumped onto my lap, caressing my face so lovingly with eyes on me. Just inches away from my cock, it was still a safe distance from the unthinkable.

‘I’m.. I’m sorry.’

‘Don’t be. We didn’t come this far for that.’

I lifted her up again and placed her on the table, standing between her opened legs and running my fingers all over her pussy again.

‘You know it wouldn’t happen right?’

‘Yes I know.’

The kiss that followed was the softest I have ever felt, along with the moans that vibrated her lips on mine. She was edging towards the orgasm we had done so much for, and it was coming. My dick was receiving his fair share of handjob from the drunk girl, getting harder to a meaningless end.

Two or so minutes into our passionate make out, the moment she grabbed my neck onto her face was when she came, dripping all over the floor as her legs shut around my butt. We disengaged our closeness after exchanging the longest kiss, along with a tight hug that we each needed too much.

That night, we slept in each other’s arms on a couch and went home on the first buses, leaving what happened in the bar, in the bar.

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