Nice Aunt 2

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(text) ‘Can you come into my room now?’

Shane got up from his bed after the shower, and put on a shirt ready to see what help his uncle needed. After what happened the previous night, he was certain that that was as far as such a random occurrence would happen, and couldn’t bring himself to masturbate to his aunt either.


‘Shhh.. ‘

Only light coming from the bedside lamp next to his uncle, Shane was admiring the sleeping aunt in a red nightie, legs raised too high on the bolster that exposed her bare ass. His uncle got out of bed and pointed at the space for Shane to sit, which he did with much confusion. Lying down on the warm side, he watched him lie behind his wife and gently lifted her wrist up.

Placing it on Shane’s thigh, she started moving upwards on her own without opening her eyes. A flick of a switch brought the room to complete darkness and the hand made its way up his shorts where there was no underwear to hinder her urges.

‘Not big yet huh?’

His erection was still growing and it was quickened by her lazy stroking hand. She poked the hard on out of his waistband and held it upright through the thigh gap, mouth sliding tiredly over to his nicely washed cock. Ruiqi was going down on her dear nephew’s cock without knowing and she was getting excited about how thick it was, a size even Shane had never seen before.

Feeling her tongue lick everywhere, it was hard for him not to reach for her boobs to get a feel of those soft cups, so much like water balloons. When he played with her nipples, she went down deeper and held her mouth at the base till she gagged. There was no telling how sensational it was for him to get his first deep throat with a woman that would never know she did.

‘Do you want to put it in? It’s so big now.’

His uncle ushered him away and handed him a condom, which he ripped and put on in record time. Ruiqi turned to bury her face in the pillow, still unaware of who was behind her. As her ass rose into the air, her knees were tightly kept together, making Shane wonder if it was the right position.

‘Are you going to make me beg?’


His uncle interrupted to keep her mood up, and the long wait was caused by her momentary drift to sleep. Either way, when he signalled another thumbs-up to Shane, the agenda was pretty much straightforward. He stuck his cock head into the entrance and slowly penetrated his aunt, to a moan so sexy he would never forget. Her pussy was tight to a point Shane couldn’t move, for a good reason too.

‘Please fuck me like your dirty slut, please.. ‘

She jerked her ass at him and Shane immediately slapped her ass to prevent her from making him cum too soon. It had coincidentally tamed her and the slutty wife no longer moved. Shane then began to make slow and long strokes into her pussy, changing the mood from a sexually deprived one to a romantic one.

Swift and seamless, his hips thrust forcefully but gracefully as well. The curvature of his penis was digging her in a way that got her crying all of a sudden, whispering words the two guys didn’t know what to make out of.

‘It’s so beautiful.. oh my god. It feels so good.. ‘

The gentle strokes got faster in time and they were back at the relentless hard thrusts she was dying for. For a fifteen year old, he had lasted longer than he should. Shane stopped moving before she climaxed and Ruiqi wasn’t going to just end it like that. She brought one of her feet out from under his knees and massaged her own clit, leaking thick juices onto the sheets to Shane’s surprise.

He grabbed her waist again and went all out on her, ramming that now-relaxed cunt so hard until he came. He couldn’t stop himself during the ejaculation and released everything into the condom, satisfying Ruiqi with an orgasm that came just before he pulled out.

The wife was so relieved that she fell forward onto the mattress again, freeing Shane’s cock when she did just that. The nicest uncle then raised his hand for a fist-bump and spooned his wife from behind, kissing her neck and hugging her to sleep.

‘Goodnight love.’

‘You’ll get it when I wake up tomorrow.’

The sensual response from his aunt summarised the event that would start Eugene’s day, and also for Shane to excuse himself while she give her crazy husband what he deserved. The second night ended with that incident none of them ever talked about again, staying alive only in Shane’s mind whenever he jerked off out of boredom.

Part 1 | Part 2

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