Nice Aunt

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‘We’re going to wake him up!’

‘No it won’t. He’s asleep!’

The door creaked opened slowly and the newly-wed stepped into the guest room where their nephew was crashing for two nights, while his parents were in Malaysia to visit some relatives. At midnight, it was almost three hours since he reached home, showered and stayed in his room until the lights went out.

After they closed the door without shutting it, Ruiqi was positioned by the bed, standing upright in the direction where Shane was facing on his side. As expected or unexpected, Shane was woken up by the presence of extra people in the room, and the ruffling of clothes they tried not to wake him up with. In the dark and at the mercy of his weary eyes, he watched on as a pair of hands pulled up the white, flowing nightgown of the only lady in the house – his aunt.

Wait, is she, in the room with uncle? His breaths were kept as ‘normal’ as he could when the white thong was pulled down her legs, and then left behind the door. The next thing was her, turning to his uncle and then kneeling at his feet. The shorts came off like her undies and Shane’s eyes went up to his head where a waving hand caught his attention.

When a thumbs-up cast a shadow on the wardrobe, Shane returned the same gesture with his hand lying motionless on the sheets, acknowledging his awakeness. Whatever was happening under his uncle’s waist came back to his attention when her head was moving at his groin, soft sucking noises creating the perfect scene for him to fap to – next time.

‘Keep going’

He whispered to his loving hot wife and let her work her lips on his shaft, gasping loudly to signal the awesomeness of the one-sided, same-room sex. After a few minutes, he helped her up and turned her towards Shane, who shut his eyes enough to leave a gap to continue watching.

‘Kneel by the bed.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes. Just do it. The mattress is sturdy enough.’

The unsuspecting wife went on her knees and bent over the edge of the bed, perching her braless breasts right in front of Shane. His uncle took his position behind her and then did his thing, causing Ruiqi to widen her mouth in a soundless scream. A little more fidgeting behind her placed her in the ideal angle and her body started jerking back and forth, nudging the bed so gently that his uncle needed to keep reassuring her that it wasn’t going to wait Shane up.

Watching that gorgeous aunt getting fuck on the bed he was sleeping on, was beyond his wildest fantasy. The unsupported breasts were jiggling freely for him, to the same force her pussy was getting pounded. As the silent by intense sex carried on into the night, her fingers were slowly clenching into a fist.

All of a sudden, she swung her arm back to signal her orgasm and the thrusts got even harder, shifting the bed at least a centimetre from its position.


She buried her face into the sheets for a loud groan and another voice joined her in a muffled tone. His uncle half-squatted on his feet and was unleashing the last bits of his energy at her, long, delayed strokes represented the waves of cum he was depositing in her.

He picked her up after he was done and walked her out in a limp, showing Shane another thumbs-up on the hand behind her back. So, that was what he (his uncle) was into.

Part 1 | Part 2

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