Abused Love

‘Hey hey! Not yet!’

The moment Charlie pulled his girl’s hair to redirect their path, XueQi knew that the ‘perfect boyfriend’ had disappeared when they left her group of friends who wanted to go on a triple date. He was walking her back home when he stopped her from entering the lift, dragged by her hair up the stairs where no one use them anymore.

‘Can’t you just let this night end normally?’

‘You know what I’ll tell them if I didn’t control myself right?’

Her body was kept within his arm’s reach to her hurting scalp, while zipper noises warned her of what was about to come. XueQi couldn’t resist him with her hair in his fingers, and the whole down-on-knees thing happened too quickly and sent sharp pain to her knees.

‘Start sucking.’

His dick was rubbed in her face until she opened her mouth, poking so deep down her throat at the first thrust that disgusted her to the core. A bit of gagging later, she was working her lips up and down his shaft like usual, forced into pleasing the man that didn’t appreciate her anymore than a sex-slave.

When he slipped his hand into her shirt to feel her breasts, her mood got even worse, feeling nothing more than a toy for him to ‘use’. But when he began to pay extra attention to her sensitive nipples, her obedience finally got the better of her and the blowjob turned into a more sensual one, with lots of slurping sounds and polite gags.

‘Do you wanna get fucked?’

‘Do I have a choice?’

That very staircase was their frequented spot for times like that, and the motion sensor had long gotten used to their little public sex. She stayed on the lowest step as she went on her knees, kneeling with her body bent over the concrete steps. As per routine, he pulled her bottom to her feet, a pair of tight shorts in this case, and the panties was left dangling at her knees.

‘Is it a safe day today?’

‘No it’s not.’

Her quickness to answer was slightly suspicious, but he wouldn’t dare to try otherwise. The half-minute he spent wearing that condom killed some of the ‘festive’ mood, but it all came back when he pushed that smooth, rubber-coated cock through her slightly moist pussy. XueQi wasn’t exactly ‘there’ with him after how he treated her.

Still, his thrusts got her moaning and it was her pussy that was dying for this moment to come. Stretched thin and wide, his dick was satisfying every inch inside her. The thin juices began leaking over his balls to even louder moans as he pounded faster, enjoying the uncontrollable spasms in her vagina. The poor, abused girl was beyond her own understanding when she asked him to go deeper, landing her breasts on her stairs with his harsher thrusts.

‘I’m gonna cum babe!’

She was still counting down to her own orgasm despite his predictable tempo, only to have her own fun interrupted by his unmistakable groan of relief. Strong, long strokes and a ballooning condom filled her vagina a few more times, before he fell backwards and stood on his feet.

XueQi didn’t say anything else and wore her shorts back, hurrying up four storey away from him, and back to her house. In the shower she couldn’t wait to get into, she was finally getting her orgasms that needed to please no one else but herself. Three times.

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