Slowly into Place

‘You wanna sit down for a while?’

The dinner date at the mall came and past quickly, basking in the company of a new friend and non-stop complaining about the two ‘most’ tiring industries in the world, medical and F&B. We both had passion in what we do and there was nothing more comforting than seeing how motivated she was with her own reasons.

The random idea to get a beer for the road home was surprisingly well received by her. Just as we were nearing her block, our cans were almost empty. Soon, it had reached the part that we both know the night was coming to an end, the unwillingness to part ways was almost too obvious not for us to notice.

Seated side by side, our eyes were on each other’s face, as if we were waiting for the answer to a telepathic question. To think she raised her hand to my cheek first, I decided to man up and snatch the hint, pulling her face into mine for a kiss.

For the first three seconds, we didn’t dare to breath until the fourth, inhaling our scents deeply through the nose with trembling eyelids. It was so refreshing to have her so close, yet safe from the person I really was. My uncontrollable hand was sliding up her leg under her dress as she turned towards me, moving to her panties where she held me down.


The sudden reach to my shorts came as a shock when she leaned closer, sticking her hand through my thigh until her fingertip touched the warm rod. My fingers reached over her underwear and tugged it down with the back of my hand, going straight for her pussy that was already slightly moist. When she knew where my fingers went, she shoved deeper and wrapped those slender, long fingers I had been eyeing, around my shaft.

I was rubbing her wet clit while she adjusted her handjob to my speed, causing us to make little pleasure noises in the bench that no one walked past.

‘Fuck me.. ‘

Those words came with a groan after I wriggled two fingers into her vagina, holding my position inside and wriggling. A small gush of liquid ran into my upward-facing palm and spilled onto her thighs. I didn’t spend too much time exercising my tired fingers after she climbed over my legs and straddled on top.

‘Just rub the outside, don’t put your fingers in and tempt me.’

I knew where she was coming from and it wasn’t our intention to go that far on the first date. So I went back to her clit and she sat near my knees, still jerking me off in our vocal exchanges.

‘I’m coming!’

‘Me too.. ‘

As how Mother Nature intended, we were on our way to climax at the same time, in the perfect display of affection for each other. She cupped the other hand over her tired one and pumped hard, trying to get me to reveal my softest side before she did. For my fingers, I was actually pressing lighter and faster, surprising her with a tight frown about how I figured her out. Her body straightened into my face and out came a stream of juice into my hand, which she grew weak to quickly and sat back down.

Just in time for my orgasm, both of her hands caught my load without missing a drop. We were in that weird position where she was kneeling over my legs, and I was sitting very upright against her chest. Seeing how she was still trembling and not going to move any time soon, I gave her bra a hard bite that got her squirming and dodging me.

She got down on her feet after that little play, flinging the sticky cum in her hands at the bushes. The clean-up was somewhat successful to the bottle of water she carried, and also the alcohol that got us a little crazy in the park.

‘Are you free tomorrow?’

‘Only after 8pm.’

We planned our second date at the same mall, with another type of cuisine to in mind. Perhaps a beer to end that night again?

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