Tireless Passion

The stiff neck that she gazed upon,
was throbbing with an ache under the skin.
A body strong and tall,
worn to a point of exhaustion no one knew.

Steady strides hide the pain,
brisk wide strokes to reduce the drag.
A little heart with strong beats,
overworked beyond its wits.

Seamless flow in his work,
graceful as fast as he needs.
Hot water flows across and down,
the surprisingly soft and smooth skin.

Small and shallow cuts all over,
appearing like a ghost knife splice.
Salt and lime,
finds and refresh the undying pain,

As time ticked and tocked,
bits and pieces of him drip away.
The disconnection of the world and him,
widens between an invisible glass.

‘Excuse me’,
the two words that jolts him midsleep.
No one will ever see a smile,
on a man interrupted in his trance.

A passion or two that will ignite,
and reignite.
Among friends who believed,
and those in the dark.

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