Dessert After Dinner

‘Dear, the dinner is great.’

‘You don’t say. Let me get these dishes done first.’

Bunny’s hands were wrapped around my waist and was getting all naughty over the old jersey pants I wore, making me hard before I finished washing. When she stuck her hands into the shorts, I quickened my pace to get everything done, so I could be with this horny wife.

‘Slowly! No rush.’

Her handjob began sensually, stroking my underwearless cock till he was up. Of course, I was far from done but she wasn’t going to wait. Ducking under my soapy hands, she hugged me from the front and disappeared under my waist, pulling the shorts down at the same time. Before I could get back to washing, her lips had gone over the little head and was sucking it, with all the skills I remembered from watching our own clips the night before.

‘Little bunny!’


Her mouth was working non-stop to make me groan as I kept washing, till I heard her own moans and peeped below. She was touching herself with her legs straightened and spread, all the while sucking me off. I was just that close to drop everything and giving her what she wanted, if she had not stopped.

In the tiny space between the sink and I, she stood up with her ass facing me and took over the dishes.

‘Fuck me while I do it for you.’

That sentence got her dress flipped over her waist and my cock forcing its way into her lubricated pussy. Thrusting that wet hole gently, it was her sweet voice that got me all soft and weak behind her. I wouldn’t want her to break anything and hurt herself right?

In that romantic slow ‘dance’, my dick had reached its maximum size and she finally slipped the last plate on the drying rack.

‘You can go as fast as you want now.’

‘First, to the window.’

She gave a little frown to me and we walked in fours to the opened windows, clothes still hanging outside after the rain stopped. In full view of the block opposite us, I took my time and pounded her hard, trying to get her to moan as loud as she could. No matter how fast I went, she could still keep her composure, while admiring the windows in front of us.

When I gave her boobs a squeeze, she finally let herself go and let me fuck those seductive moans into the carpark. All I could remember doing was thrusting her really deep and fast, pausing only for the orgasms that would squeeze my cock out if I had not forced myself to stay in.

The discreet sex lasted for a short ten minutes, before I had to cum from the thrill of having sex for our neighbours. Bunny could totally grasp the signs leading up to my ejaculation, and did not stop me when I told her I was going to cum.

‘Shoot it all inside me! I still have a little space for you.’

We were going like rabbits when my chest fell onto her back, squirting that thick, sticky cum into her while panting away. She had an orgasm there too and proceeded to let her pussy milk everything out of me, until our knees gave way and fell to the floor (behind our window).

‘Thank you Daddy for dinner!’

‘You’re welcome.’

We were giggling and laughing when we got up for a shower, and then went into bed. Well, days that the both of us didn’t have to work were rare, and we hardly spent much time sleeping that night.

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