Small World

‘J? Is that you?’

‘Hey! Min!’

The long time friend from secondary school had caught me off guard with her flowing, shoulder-length hair, hanging over the strapless romper that managed to get a little cleavage going. We got our drinks from StarBucks and took a long walk back to her place, stopping at her void deck to finish our conversation. In the past, I had accompanied her walk home before, since I lived another five minutes away. Weirdly, we never saw each other until that evening, bringing all the memories back like it was yesterday we finished school.

Just as we were taking our last sips from the near-empty cups, I was ready to leave the table we sat at for the past ten minutes.

‘I think you should know about this by now. I had a crush on you during those days.’

‘What! No I don’t!’

‘Huh? I thought Lena would have told you!’

‘No she didn’t.’

Her face turned red upon learning that but we didn’t let that stop us. I kept asking her about her feelings until she told me that she was still stalking me on Instagram.

‘So do you still like me?’

I playfully asked that question despite knowing she was attached, to leave her with something to think about for old time’s sake.

‘Yes. I never stopped thinking about you.’

‘Haha. Okay luh. You have someone now! I’m just teasing you. Have a good rest tonight.’

‘Wait! .. Do you like me too?’

‘I did like you before. But that was so long ago!’

She grabbed my empty cup and threw it hard into the bin, catching my hand and pulling me up three flights of stairs. I had no idea what got into her when she snatched my bag to put it on the ground. Before I could make any sense, her body was up against mine, lips forcefully pressing onto mine.

‘We’re both adults now. So let’s not be shy.’

My hands holding her away on her shoulders were slapped away as she gave me a terrifying glare, probably about what I just confessed to her. The stretchy band above her bust went down to her feet and she stripped her romper off.

‘I have long wanted to be yours.’

As things were becoming clearer, I took over her job of undoing my belt, lowering my jeans enough to whip my cock out. She didn’t say a word and went down on me, performing the sexiest blowjob I had ever seen under the light. Her tongue worked along the shaft countless times before she took it in her mouth, sucking it vigorously while three fingers wrapped around the base.

My mind was falling in and out of a daze as she teased the sweet spots lining my rod, paying so much attention to suckle at the tip. All wet and slippery with her saliva, her lips were glistering with that impromptu lubricant she produced.

Her phone display lit up that moment and she went to it after wiping her hand, typing at such a speed I could tell she was furious.

‘I just broke up with my boyfriend. He has been abusing me for too long.’

‘What? No!’

‘By the way, this blowjob, is what he forced me to do for him.’

We continued making out in that secluded stairwell until she brought my hand between her thighs, showing me how wet she was for me. Still against me on the wall, she turned her back to me and guided my cock into her pussy, without any protection between us.

‘You are going to be ahead of him to do it raw with me.’


That word meant less of a shock and more of pleasure when she sank herself over my shaft, engulfing me in a mix of confusion and bliss of all that had happened in under ten minutes. Our bodies remained upright as I jerked my hips at her, thrusting at her deepest spot while listening to her sensual moans.

It was hard to believe that Min, once a curvy girl had turned to someone so slim, waist barely 24″ in my big hands. Our hips never stopped hitting each other as an orgasm caused her to tremble violently. With her tightening vagina, I was so close to my climax.

‘I’m going to cum!’

‘Inside me please!’

She bent forward and caught the railing in front of her, jerking her own body backwards to complete the ‘reminiscing’ journey. I lost control that instant and grabbed her waist to create a seal for my eruption. The milking motion of her walls sucked everything out of me in another orgasm and I was slightly suffocated from what she just did.

Only after a minute, did she pull herself away from my wasted cock and let what I just gave her drip onto the hard concrete floor. She adjusted her panties to trap the rest of it and wore her romper back, backless (silicon) bra shifted a little out of place.

‘You’re mine now!’

‘Same goes for you! Tomorrow night, see you at the void deck again.’


She couldn’t get her hands off me on the way to her doorstep, almost wanting to introduce me to her family if I had not asked her to wait till later. It was difficult to imagine that she made an impulsive choice, but the days (and counting) following that night was filled with intense, passionate sex both outdoor and indoor told me she was serious.

Whatever her ex-boyfriend had unleashed, I became the one worthy of it all.

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