Taught Not To

‘See! I told you you won’t be the only one dressed like this.’

Jamie, another teacher from my school had dragged me to the annual dinner and dance I was going to miss. Without any clothes to match the ’80s’ theme, she convinced me that the standard Men-in-Black attire won’t be too ‘far away’, and I turned up for the event in a embarrassed mood. She had waited for me at the reception and couldn’t looked more impressed when I appeared in the custom-made blazer I never found an occasion to wear.

‘I’ll be with you all night k? Chill!’

We signed on the guest book and went in to meet the rest of the staff, most of them I recognised but not yet remembered their names. All of them were especially hospitable to me, since I was a newcomer to their institute. The rest of the night was pretty crazy, almost everyone drank and it was easy to listen in on all the gossips, photo moments hardly interrupting the smooth sailing night.

Jamie kept to her word and stayed by my side throughout, even taking a few drinks on my behalf. Before we knew it, the lucky draw was over and the place needed to be vacated.

‘J! You’re J right? Do you drive?’

‘No. I’ll be taking a cab home I think.’

‘Okay! Find someone to share! See you on Monday!’

One of the male P.E. teacher was speaking to me in a tipsy mode, while a few others helped him out of the lobby.

‘Do you want to crash here tonight? We can split the cost.’

That idea from Jamie didn’t sound too bad since I would rather rest and not risk getting lost on my way home. We went to the front desk with five other teachers and got ourselves a room without any nosey-pokers.

Tired and drowsy, we skipped the lights and I collapsed on the bed. Jamie threw her purse on my side and wobbled to the bathroom, stripping in front of the light unobstructed by the opened door. I couldn’t resist forcing my eyes open to watch the pink, strapless evening dress slip off her shapely figure, followed by the most lazy strip of her lingerie.

‘Don’t you wish you can join me?’

She spun around into the bathroom and closed the door, leaving a gap that hinted at so much possibilities. My spinning head kept me from falling asleep and I didn’t noticed she was done until she fell next to me.

‘My turn now.’

Not knowing what she was wearing, I didn’t think of anything else but to straighten my thoughts in the shower. Suddenly, she grabbed my collar and threw me back onto the bed, before starting to unbutton my shirt. It was still at a stage we didn’t do anything wrong yet, except for checking into a room together, so I didn’t exactly stop her.

Once my shirt was gone, Jamie crawled over my chest and let her nipples dragged across my body. By then, I was fully aware of her state of undress and she just got my belt and pants loosened.

‘Don’t go yet. You’re not naked.’

‘I can get it inside. You should rest!’

Her knees went over my face to pin my upper body down, pussy smelling strongly of the shower foam she just used. When cold air hit the hard on that she created, I could tell shit had already hit the fan. There was little I could do when her mouth went over my cock, sucking the dry rod until her saliva had lubricated it.

My mind was in a state I could never find the words for, spinning higher and higher as she slurped deeper and deeper. Who would have imagined that the disciplinary teacher was so wild behind the doors, especially to a fresh-grad that just joined her school?

She stopped blowing me after the lack of air almost caused her to vomit, and she returned to the side breathing deeply at the ceiling.

‘Get your shower now.’

I couldn’t wish for less and jumped straight into the bathroom, rinsing all the dizziness and drunkenness away. I didn’t know how long the shower was, but when I walked in on her, she was lying proper on the pillow, snoring softly and had the blanket over only her boobs.

Refreshed and energetic, I went up to her and pulled the covers off, stirring her awake in the most sensual manner.


‘Not even close.’

I was on my knees on top of her, kissing and then sucking on her nipples that were asleep. It didn’t take her too long to start caressing my head onto her chest, guiding me to both sides where they needed my attention. One of her hand reached below my waist to make sure I was still naked, and gave me a handjob to get me to the right size.

The rest of it was pretty much ‘history’, as I brought my hips to her groin that she raised her legs for. Slowly, my dick slid into her wet cunt and it sparked an intense race for pleasure, dipping so rapidly for our hips to touch.

Her moans and screams filled up the entire room without restraints, bringing the ambience up a few notches at once. We were going at it like bunnies despite her exhaustion, unable to pick herself up for any other positions. I was fucked her in missionary until one of the orgasms knocked her out, and left me a few strokes away from mine.

I took the chance and finished myself off with her undying ‘help’, and sprayed my man seeds over her belly. Without her consciousness to admire the beautiful display of fireworks, I was pretty much left to clean her up for the night.

When she woke up, she didn’t hesitate to use my morning wood as my alarm. The second, or first ‘sober’ sex happened in the morning, with her riding me till I came over myself.

‘This will be our secret k? You’re so going to be my apprentice in school.’

I didn’t know what to make out of her compliment, or threat, and washed up before we head down for the complimentary breakfast. What happened that night was never spoken about, like how the other teachers treated the D&D that never happened.

I guess we weren’t the only ones who got a little educated that night.

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