‘You’re not bad at this huh?’

The pretty, wavy haired girl pulled me to the dance floor as soon as a jazz piece came on, swaying alongside other couples who were drunkenly in love. She had approached me as a dare from her friends whom had a date, and I was picked from the sea of tables in a bar filled with chatter.

A few stumbles later got my clumsy feet moving at her pace, as well as a little alcohol to help me out. The alluring perfume she wore made her extremely mesmerising, and even complimented the music full of soul. Locking our eyes together, there was something we saw in each other, but beyond what alcohol usually cloud our heads with.

This phrase, ‘she is a pretty woman, and I am a sporting guy (having not rejected her on her first try)’, pretty much summed up the hints of our admiring gaze. In the most absurd way to make an aquaintance, we had something growing inside us that we couldn’t stop.

When she tiptoed with a gentle close of her eyes, the ‘intent’ was sealed with a kiss, that brought her arms around my back, and my hands to her neck. Breaths after breaths of each other, the urge to want more finally got us to her table, where no one was there to bide her farewell. Still, she managed to pass the message to her friend before we made our way out, to the strangely empty main road for a cab.

On the ride to a nearby hotel, she suddenly turned into a little lamb, sitting composed until I pulled her face to mine, making out for the rest of the journey. The shyness disappeared immediately and it was when we reached our destination did she stop me. As quickly as we could, we went to the assigned room with me holding her hand in front, making it looked as if I was ‘cheating’ a girl to bed.

Through the door we went, and she was back to the crazy, wild side, stripping me as I did the same for her towards the bed. Falling onto her back in front of me, I had the first turn to land kisses down her body, giving her erected nipples some love before she opened her legs for me.

It wasn’t unlike any encounters I’ve had, she was the one guiding me during the whole eating-her-out game. My tongue had never felt so much energy to flick a clit so tirelessly, trying to lick her ‘dry’ non-stop. Her body started shivering after a while and the partial murmur didn’t matter when she squirted forcefully into my face. For one, that happened to fast for me to get everything down my throat.

Before I could get back into bed after wiping up, she jumped up and pushed me against the table, below the TV. Her knees dropped to the ground and it was her turn to play, sucking my uncut dick to her heart’s content. My mind was in half-disbelief and half-enjoyment to have her work every inch skilfully, gagging so happily when I groaned at her deep throat. I could feel myself getting bigger as blood rushed to the tip, trying to even out the violent suction when she focused at the pee hole.

When she finally got up on her feet, I carried her behind her back to the bed, dropping her on her sore knees first for relief. She instinctively fell onto her hands and stayed still for me. We didn’t let any worldly fears stop us and let my cock wriggle between her thighs, sliding into her pussy that was still dripping for me.

My hands couldn’t break free from her sexy waist that made my palms looked so big. My hips kept thrusting to savour the mini-orgasms repeatedly over my dick, unable to get enough of her moans and gasps. Still slightly tipsy from earlier, my mind wasn’t exactly thinking of making this last as long, but a good thing when my end was delayed.

Going all out for another minute, a loud splash hit the bed as she climaxed, limbs giving way to let her body down flat on the soaked blanket. I continued pounding her despite that and unleashed everything, till my internal alarms went off.

Having no other choice, I pulled out and she jolted upright immediately, shaking violently while trying to reach for my cock. I went over her belly and let her jerk me off, for a couple of minutes before I came all over her chest and neck. We stayed in that position for a while to summarise our night with a long tongue fight, though gentle and calming to make up for our impulsive act.

At the end of it, I gathered my last bit of strength and cleaned her up before I tucked her in, sleeping in a spooning position behind the sweet smelling girl. The midnight erection got us perspiring in the wee hours as we went at it again. A ride on top of me to start things off, then good ole’ missionary to complete the cycle before I came in her mouth for a snack.

The next time we woke up, it was by a call from the reception, for you-know-what. At the lobby where we parted ways, did we exchange names. Alicia, she was called.

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