The Usual Surprise

‘Is the door locked?’

‘Yupp. Double checked.’

Baby joined me in the bedroom after I hid under the blanket, stripping herself naked before getting in. Our relationship was pretty normal on the outside, but in bed, she preferred to be the ‘man’, controlling yet not dominating our gender roles.

‘Why is your underwear still on?’

She threw the blanket open and pulled my boxers off, till my rock hard erection was staring her right in the face. I could never get enough of her hand when she wrapped those slim fingers around, teasing me while watching me try to silence my groans in her occupied house. I was never allowed to do anything to her until she wanted it, and we would always started with her sensual handjob.

‘Lie in the middle.’

I shifted my body to the centre and let her climb over my face, bending over my belly for my dick. In 69, I ran my tongue up and down her dry pussy, till she was dripping into my mouth. How could I not love this girl who could get THAT wet right? Besides my mouth working hard on that shaved slit, she was keeping me up with her long strokes along my shaft, trying to fit more into her mouth each time.

My mind lit up with little explosions every time she deep throat me till she gagged, and then give my little head a really hard suck. My legs would be shaking throughout her torturous blowjob, making me satisfy her in desperation to match her effort.

After she got a climax out of my tired mouth, her ass rose away from me but continued sucking for a while more.

‘Missionary today?’

‘Sure. You look tired today. Busy day?’

‘Yeah. Let me lie down first.’

We exchanged positions and I went on top of her, wearing a condom like we always do it with, and lubricant to smoothen the ride. I entered her easily and felt her tightness around my shaft, as if resisting my entry but accidentally made it more rewarding to. The sex went normally from there on, creating sexy moans from her and agonising moans me. Our bodies couldn’t get enough of each other when she rocked herself against me during each pause, not wanting me to hold myself back from my climax.

Never did she asked for an all-nighter session nor long-lasting sex, in a way understanding my need to cum whenever it – comes. The last burst of energy got her almost screaming when I hammered her flat, ripping her pussy repeatedly till her tightness got too overpowering.

‘I’m cumming!’

I pulled out of her on the last stroke and she perched herself against the headboard, letting me kneel over her chest while she bundled her hair to a side. It was always a gorgeous sight when her mouth went down my erupting cock, taking all of my love so willingly down her throat in loud gulps. The tingle came when she slid her tongue against my pee hole, catching every drop before letting me slip out.

We spent the rest of the night cuddling and falling asleep like that, with a bit more touching to sooth our exhausted parts. The next time I woke up, it was three in the morning, and Baby suggested we do an outdoor quickie just for memory’s sake.

Could I say no?

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