From Her Ass

Written by Her, for a man whom she thought she knew.

Who are you, when you pushed me against the wall with your mouth locked on mine, ignoring all the shoving I did to get you off me? Those hands that ran up my legs under my skirt, they weren’t yours when you pushed that finger into my pussy, despite knowing that I was all yours to have. You didn’t care about what I have to go through when you bit my neck, aware that it hurt as bad as it could though I didn’t resist.

My legs were in such shock they were cramping to keep your hand from going deeper, and you used my weakened descend to the floor to force your fingers all the way in. My knees couldn’t stay shut since it was so painful, making way in hopes that it would ease your impatience, and you only became gentle when I was under your complete control.

Those hard thrusts of your palm, they were still ringing loudly no matter if you were still here. I could never forget how sore, and good they made me feel, even if you were so violent with me. I never expected you to be such a monster when I teased you on our fifth date, comfortable enough to let you touch me if I could let you know how much you meant to me.

The wetness was literally forced out of me, and it barely soothed the friction of your wrist against my groin. When your zipper came down your jeans, I had long expected it to happen, but somewhat regretted it when I saw how big you were. It was so thick and swollen, that I doubt it could fit anywhere inside me.

Still, you kept fingering me till I was too high to speak properly. I almost thought you didn’t want it. When you pulled the two cum-covered fingers out of me, I was shocked at how wet I was. I just couldn’t start sucking when you wanted me to, cause my head was still floating.

Holding your dick in my hand, I wasn’t thinking about running away. I was swallowing so many times to gather more saliva, and you shoved your cock before I was ready. When the saltiness overwhelmed my sense of taste, I then understood how much I meant to you, that that monster inside me wasn’t alone all the time.

I would never forget your face when I went deep throat on the first try, dis-believing how much I yearn for you. I was trying to suck you out of – you, attacking the sides gently, and over it profusely. The times your knees trembled so close to giving way, I was smiling on the inside.

After a few minutes of my relentless attempts to get you under control, you dragged me up and bent me over the railings. You didn’t let my arrogance play you anymore, and roughly got my hips sticking out at your hips. Before I could spread my legs wide enough, you had already blown my mind away. The first time I got fucked with my knees touching, it was beautifully heart-melting. I was feeling every inch of you against my vagina, and she wanted you to keep pumping forever.

It was like fireworks going off in the little head of mine, and hopefully, that little ‘head’ of yours too. Every deep thrust pushed me over the edge into emptiness, and every withdrawal sucked me back to reality.

I felt complete for the first time, with you inside me.

When you were about to cum, you heartlessly pulled out, leaving me with nothing until I felt your tip at my anus. My breathing suddenly paused longer and I got into the mood that relaxed my asshole, for whatever that was coming out, or going in. In the temporary time-freeze, you poked into that hole and managed to stick it all in before you gripped my waist hard.

Your throbbing cock was thumping so wildly at a spot covered in so much nerves, receiving the abrupt shower of warmth when you came into my ass. My body gave in to your powerful dominance and brought my fingers to relief my clit, still sore from your fingers. It was kind of cute, to have you shrinking out of me, and hearing you pant for me.

I was embarrassed when I insisted on standing, to keep your cum from leaking over my legs. It must have been weird when I asked you for a hug, but you did it for me nonetheless, still subjected to a playful squeeze on the soiled little one you tucked back into your jeans.

I’ll definitely see you again, for the sex, if not for you.

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